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  1. Okay, could you link me to the piston head and bushings for the tm m93r?
  2. Okay, I hope you are correct. Do you think it is just a replacement spring or a stronger one? The reason I can't really trust this website is because it hardly gives any info on it. Oh, and I don't think you can get spring guides and gears for the m93r.
  3. I've used this pistol as my primary for CQB and it's a great gun. Accuracy is great. The problem is the fps. It was chronographed at 195 fps :( even though it was said to shoot at 290 fps. So the people who are wearing a lot of armor and protection usually don't feel getting shot. I've researched for a spring upgrade and couldn't find anything other than this: http://www.airsoftrevolution.com/onlinesto...products_id/212 But is this spring the right size? Will it work? Or are there any other spring upgrades I could get that would work? Thanks.
  4. That tightbore sounds nice. I was looking for one like that where I don't need to buy a longer outer barrel, and I think thats the one. Could you give me a link to where you got that tightbore? Because I think I will be buying that one pretty soon. And how does that tightbore perform for you? Thanks.
  5. I got the problem fixed. Thanks guys. The problem was I didn't have my hop-up up. When I did put it up, the problem was gone. And the bbs I were using were the 100 it came with. So my gun is fine. I don't have to return it. edit: I don't know what the weight of the bbs were. My hop-up on my G-Spec is on the left-front side of the stock.
  6. I bought it from www.trinityairsoft.com and I (my parents) payed $234.95. I'm guessing I will have to return it for a new one :( edit: Maybe I don't have to return it :) because I went to the website and I found this: Problem: BB's fall out the end of barrel. Cause: No / insufficient hop-up setting. Cause: Poor quality BB's (may be too small, too light)
  7. I just got my VSR-10 G-Spec for Christmas and I went to shoot it, and after I cocked it, the bb rolled out of the barrel. I was wondering if this was normal, because it said my gun was tested and it was approved. If this is a problem, then I will he returning it for a new one. Did anyone else ever have this problem with their g-spec? Is there anything I can do to fix it? I'm so happy I actually got it; it looks so nice with my scope.
  8. shade

    App. Fps Please

    Well with the VSR Real Shock, they put weights on the piston to give the gun a little recoil to get that "real gun" feel.
  9. Oh, sorry. They worked on my computer and I was using photobucket, but I guess I have to keep the pic in my album to keep them showing up (I deleted them after putting them on my post) But, now do the pictures show up (I uploaded them back up in my album)?
  10. What do you mean they didn't work? They weren't clear enough pictures for you or something?
  11. You're welcome, anytime.
  12. But I've heard from Von Luck that those bb's are made very poorly and are not perfectly round, and with a 6.01 tightbore, wouldn't it rub a lot or get stuck or something?
  13. If you are going to get the zero trigger, I just want to warn you, you cannot use the safety.
  14. Later on, if you want to find the fps of a spring, go here and convert the number of meters into feet and you will get the fps.
  15. here are some Newbie pics of the scope taken by me: Sorry, I couldn't take a very clear picture with 9 times zoom (but it's really crystal clear, and also I'm too lazy to put the batteries in and take a pic with illuminated cross-hairs... maybe later I'll take a pic like that.)
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