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  1. I'm 19, I act my age... Most of the time. Haha. Being immature is too much fun.
  2. JG mags are the only ones I know of that has the little key thingy...
  3. AJB32690

    Ugliest Gun

    I went with the Armalite series mostly because I hate how people toss so many things on the rails. Don't get me wrong, I love the M16, without the millions of attachments, just the bare rifle. And the M4, as long as it doesn't have some hideous stock.
  4. That's what I thought. The only thing I'm worried about is if I remove them and I get some ugly outline from where they used to be or something
  5. I know this is kinda controversial, but anyway. Ive got a used set of Woodland BDUs that used to be my friends dads when he was in the service. All the patches have been removed, except for the Master Sargent chevrons. Would people be offended if I left these on, or should I try to remove them? If I should remove them, how would I do that without harming the jacket?
  6. Ive got an ALICE load-out that I purchased from Ebay for $15. It has the belt, y-suspenders, utility pouch, canteen, butt pack and two double mag pouches. Ill snap some pics later if you'd like.
  7. AJB32690


    For those who don't know, that's: "Rage Against the Machine" They're alright, I like a few of their songs. I'd say they fit into the "Hard Rock" genre.
  8. Am I seriously the first person to say it? I guess so... Nut shot. OUCH!
  9. What is it with people sticking drums on everything? I think the RPK looks a lot better with a standard magazine. In this case, a hi-cap, of course.
  10. Ummm... since when? The only power that is lost is due to parasitic loss or heat loss. And your example is because of the battery, not the transformer. Actually, I take back what I said. I didn't think about it, but I just pulled up some schematics for a few different transformers, and I didn't even think about using a FET to bleed off some of the power through the ground. When I get home, I will test my charger to see just how much amperage is bled off. Ummm... He was talking about using the wall charger to plug to his gun. Plugging the gun to the wall itself would not work.
  11. Technically it would work. It is true that the voltage output would be around 8-9volts, however, you don't seem to understand transformers well. A transformer takes the electricity and modifies it to the desired output. In this example, 120v is being 'stepped-down' to 8v. However, there's some electrical law (I forget the name) that basically tells us the same thing Newton tells us. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Thus, while the voltage is decreased, the amperage is increased. In this example, we see quite a significant drop in voltage, which means we will have a significant increase in amperage. I'm too lazy to do the math now, but if you really want, I can tell you exactly how much amperage later. I have hypothesis': 1. The ROF would be so insanely fast, your gears or piston will strip out within minutes. 2. The endcaps on your motor will melt. 3. Your wiring will melt and cause a short-circuit.
  12. I agree. Also it seems much easier to draw from the thigh rather than the hip, but I suppose it all comes down to personal preference.
  13. If I had the money, and played a lot of night ops, I would get one. Load my midcaps with a 1:3 ratio or so. But yeah, I'm poor, and don't play too many night ops...
  14. I agree. Some sort of airsoft calculator would be very useful. Plug in the starter gun, and then add upgrades and it will tell you your estimated fps, rof, range and accuracy. Or some sort of virtual dressing room, where you have a mannequin so you can see how the loadout you want will look on a person. Also, what nobody seems to notice here is the work required to make a video game. All these tiny details just make it even harder to do. RSV2 did a pretty decent job with their stuff, the only gripes I had were the facts that most of the clothing did absolutely nothing and you could only have one attachment per gun.
  15. Ah, another Florida player. Welcome. I would suggest not joining Florida Airsoft, as all Florida Airsoft games are 18+. I believe there is a team in your area called Belcher Boys and I think TCairsoft is up there too. However, I think they are either 16 or 18. Sorry to say, but most airsofters don't take the younger kids seriously, or consider them a liability. Look around, talk to a few people in the area, and see what you can dig up.
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