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    Present arsenal -Lewis machine and tools MRP -VFC AIMS -tokyo marui ak47S wood/metal -tokyo marui benelli m3 shotgun -WE 1911 (silverballer) -G&G m14 SOC 16 -kwa mac11 -ics m4a1 carbine
  1. It's been a while, literally years, I'm out of the Army now, and getting back into Airsoft, heres some neato pictures. Dboys AK, Madbull suppressor, and the pistol is a TM/guarder p226 with a safariland 6004 holster mounted on a Blackhawk serpa paddle belt mount.
  2. Ochronic

    temple airsoft getting bigger and better

    saw you guys at the killeen gun show, checkin you out in the future for sure.
  3. will buy the mk18 time now, pm me back
  4. Ochronic

    U.S. Army/First Loadout

    its not as cool as everyone thinks, if your combat arms be prepared to work hard long hours and embrace the suck, and a lot of things that don't make sense
  5. Ochronic

    U.S. Army/First Loadout

    true but all my battles get to lock their m4s up when we go to dfac or mwr and and im stuck carrying mine so yea lol I was gonna get a pimp leather shoulder holster too. obv I cant say exactly what we do for opsec reasons as you know, but each platoon in our company runs different shifts so our route is constantly monitored, we just got "lucky" and where put on night, so its nice not dealing with the heat as much I guess except for on maintenance days or days like today where we get off night mission and are stuck pmcsing caimans and hmvees (FML!) for extra hours, but yea pretty much your almost too afraid to even think about shooting anyone, but my biggest target as a gunner would be those pesky triggermen out in the field, or like a vbid obviously.
  6. Ochronic

    U.S. Army/First Loadout

    I hope they don't so we can get outta here early by december, it blowss! and I got the old ones cuz im a private and a late deployer you know how it is, there wasnt even an m9 for me when I got to my unit, im the only tanker with out one. sucks and yea no more peq15s to hand out, I never even use the nods cuz they suck so hard. the only thing I can be grateful for is I got an acog lol, even if its an older model its better than having a 68. but yea caimans are cool, glad we don't have to drive the big bang bus. and ours has a .50 so I love when they let me gun
  7. Ochronic

    U.S. Army/First Loadout

    heres mine just takin the other day before we rolled out the wire for and giggles
  8. Ochronic

    U.S. Army/First Loadout

    one recomendation, on your left shoulder theres a tab with velcro underneath the pocket, pull it out to cover the black ir patch, and it will make you look a little more us army lol, also for the future, you could consider a replica iotv or an iba, and get a subdued IR flag for your right shoulder instead of the colored, we only wear that in garrison, and it would help camoflauge you a little bit I guess. but I like your starter kit, if you ever need advice on inproving it once you wanna get more gear and make it complete let me know, I'm a 19 kilo active duty currently deployed to iraq (m1 abrams crewman, first cavalry division) theres also a couple things I can aquire.