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  1. thanks guys for your constructive criticism and the compliments. The gun has been SOLD however. MODS can close this. thanks for looking everyone
  2. Hey all! I'm getting out of airsoft and I've decided to let my pride and joy go. What I have for sale is a TM VSR-10 G-spec that is heavily upgraded. There's not much to say about this rifle other than it's reliable, lots of fun, and kicks . Here's what's under the hood: TM VSR-10 G-spec Leapers 3-9x50 illuminated scope Harris shooters ridge 6-9 inch bipod Personal paintjob in woodland color (very nice) Laylax 6.03 match grade tightbore Laylax 150% spring (shoots right around 400 fps with .2's) Laylax Teflon cylinder (super smooth) Laylax metal cylinder head Laylax zero trigger with orange piston Laylax neo piston- red (not installed) Original trigger set (not istalled) There may be even more upgrades that I have forgotten about, but the rifle cost me around $650. My asking price is $520 shipped OBO. I am reasonable so don't be afraid to send me offers; I'm not looking for trades though. Please contact me if you have any questions or need more pictures:jrauch94<AT>gmail.com * only accept money through paypal * ASO listing link: http://www.sportsonlyauction.com/detail.as...7&pic=0#img
  3. Trade for WE SCAR GBB w/ extras? Total is worth more then what you are asking for. Very interested in this.
  4. The picture that Evike is using looks like the prototype that was shown in earlier videos. The final color and finish looks much nicer than the picture. You can see the 'beauty shots' at WE's website. I already pre-ordered one from Evike, and I cant wait till I get it!
  5. What!? You guys already have the SCAR? I just checked out your website, would have ordered one in a heartbeat, but your all out of stock! As soon as its back in stock im all over it.
  6. Yes it may be a different problem. If it does not seem to be your sears, try lubing your piston. A lot of my slam firing issues are due to my Laylax spring guide, which comes unscrewed from its self. I don't know if you have one, but taking a look at your spring guide might be of use. Also, your whole trigger mech itself may no be screwed in enough, or too much. I experienced the same issues as you or a while, even after switching out to new sears. The times I was able to fix it was tightening the spring guide back up, and of course, my zero trigger has completely gotten rid of all cocking issues.
  7. Not sure, ive been a bit busy. But theres one here: http://www.airsoftretreat.com/oldforums/to...-10,disassembly
  8. Yeah, from what I thought a 130 should be around 400, but I looked on AEX and that threw me off. But leave it up to those guys, doing business with them and becoming good friends with the employees, they tend to get some information wrong. Look around else where are you should get a straight answer. A 130 spring should not be very hard at pull, however if you have the money you might as well I like nineball because they are very consistent in performance. It adjusts really well and puts nice hop on the bb. The FF, on the other hand are sometimes not cut or made the same or something and constancy is a bit off. Sometimes there a tad big, sometime there a tad small. When you do get a good one hough, they are said to be very good performers. Just my $0.02
  9. Yes, all parts are compatible. From my understanding, the damper cylinder head should screw right on to the teflon cylinder. Note that the teflon cylinder is not necessary at this time, but if you insist on getting it then go ahead. Same goes for the sear set. They are both 'reliability' parts that will keep your gun holding up with more powerful upgrades. As a stock gun, they are not needed. You will really start needing these when you get stronger springs, pistons, etc. No need to teflon tape anything, however you can if you wish to but I doubt you will really notice any performance boost right away. For your playing site, your upgrades should serve you well. The 130 spring would get you about 370-375 fps with .2's. If you want one in stock here it is: http://www.airsoftextreme.com/store/index....roducts_id=3071 . Once you start getting into 150 springs, however, I do recommend the sear set at this time. As far as hopup buckings, I would recommend to you the nineball soft because you do not need a hard bucking at stock fps level. But if you like FF then go for it. Any lube that is 100% silicon oil should work just fine. I recommend using a light or super light type so things do not clog or attract too much dirt. You can use this anywhere you like, but remember to not over do it, especially in the barrel. While its important, lubing your gun is not something that you really need to stress over. With the teflon cylinder, there is no need to break a pin. Simply hold the cylinder head at the base with a cloth and twist off. Taking apart your gun is actually quite simple. Once you do it you will understand how it works and where your parts go. Search on google for a disassembly guide, there out there. I could explain o you how to do it, but text with no pictures or video is not as helpful. I have a video guide in progress, however I believe there is(or used to be) other videos on this. The cylinder will not come lubricated, but as I said above, you should not worry about it right away. For a bipod, there is a sling swivel on the front part of the stock. Just remove the swivel and then there is a metal 'stub'. The metal stub is used to connect QD bipods such as the one I have here: http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/17036-1.html . If you do not like this style, search for QD bipods, or pivot bipods etc. Hope this helped and let me know if you have anymore questions.
  10. If your looking for accuracy, I would recommend the nineball hopup bucking, the KA's have been said to act funny at times. As far as cutting your airbrake, I do not think it is worth it. A mod like that may give you a few pros, but in the long run it could hurt you. I would focus on getting a nice barrel and hopup bucking to start.
  11. Do you mean that the handle doesnt seem to go all the way down and is sticking out a bit when in its 'rest' position? or do you mean something else? this happened to me, but I put in a laylax zero trigger and it fixed the problem for me. Im not saying you have to get a zero trigger, but this means that it is a issue with your sears/spring guide stopper. Anyways, if the handle is not down all the way, its nothing to be worried about.
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