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    CYMA cm.027 TM FAMAS BE SL8 CA M15A4 TM M4A1 UTG AK BETA KJW M9 ICS AK-74M TM MP5A4 TM M16A2 TM P90 TR JG MP5SD5 ICS M4 CQB/R w/full stock KWA G18C TM M16A4 TM SIG 552 KWA G17 CA M14 KJW USP P8 G&G UMG AGM M14 CYMA Thompson KWA G19 Completely custom (no base gun) Noveske N4 7" Diplomat etc etc. too long to list now, didn't update it everytime a new one went through my hands and now I don't remember. I've also handled and worked on alot of others.
  1. Tomorrow is the LAST DAY I will have my CAW Grenade launcher up for sale!! Put in your offers, I might just go by best offer by the end of tomorrow or just keep it.
  2. Well, I guess the whole point of an ID Card is to show who you really are. So here guys, if the government accepts this, you should too! P.S. Thanks a bunch drkdrgn for the support!
  3. Alright guys, I wish I had seen this a long time ago when it firsted started, but I am not Sam. I live in Colorado, my name is Kuenning, my home address is 2608 S. Allison St. Lakewood, Co 80227. You can look that all up and you'll see the name matches. If you want to add MY facebook, search Joel Kuenning and you'll find me. As for Reaper1's case, I did do gearbox work for him, I did take a long time but that was because of a heavy work load with college, and he was relatively fine with it the whole time. He obviously did get his stuff back and he told me he liked the work, that was until the mosfet I installed for him blew. And finally HE never ended up paying me what we agreed on...so make what you want out of that. It's pretty low to make someone do work for nothing and then call me the scammer. I have good feedback, I'm not sure how else to prove I'm not him, but at least Reaper1 can tell you that he had to ship to Colorado to get his to get his slave labor done! lol
  4. I'd like something more like $160 shipped. That's a little less than $27 a piece. and as you can see the KA ones with the gold tops are new for $70. Bearings are expensive as well, and that'd be 48 extra bearings. (They ain't cheap, the least I've seen a set of 8 for is $6)
  5. 3 more of the KA red 120 rounders. 3 of this type http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=28979 But I have only one of the display heads for those. (Still perfectly functional) And finally 2 of these 5KU nades. http://www.ebairsoft.com/6mm-bb-gas-cartridge-p-1233.html (They look nicer though because they have a gray base instead of gold)
  6. Bump! 3 KA Red grenades sold! I'm not so frantic anymore, still want to sell some of these though! Take $10 off the M4, M14 and MP5K Prices!! You can't find a Real wood G&G M14 anywhere else for just $250. Shipping included in prices, remember that. I didn't make it CLEAR originally that the M4 does come with the Lipo battery. For nothing extra. I will give the CAW Launcher JUST 5 MORE DAYS before I withdraw it from the sale.
  7. Bump!! All 12 King Arms slug grenades gone. 3 Of the King Arms red grenades are SPF. Jusssss offer...you'd probably be surprised at what I'd accept.
  8. I can indeed! $65 shipped. Do you want any extra bearings? Pm me the answer and I'll tell you my paypal info.
  9. you can always just fill them with less, works for me! Plus it means more power.
  10. $25 shipped each? Or a package deal. But if you're not interested at all that's alright.
  11. 120 rounds. They are King Arms as well. And they work pretty well. Several of the fill valves on those have been replaced with reinforced ones. (I think 4 out of 6, though I'll check for sure.) They retail for $40 each. I'll let em go for $30 shipped each.
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