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  1. I have a universal smart charger which I bought from airsoft atlanta and it has always worked fine but I just got a new battery and when I plug it in it acts normall and goes to a solid red light but after a while it starts to blink does anyone know what that is supposed to indicate?
  2. sorry for typo in first post im looking for either a king arms or G&P m14 ris
  3. I'm looking for waither a King arms or G&P rail system that will fit on a tm M14
  4. Im looking for a magwell that will work on a tm hi-capa it needs to be black in color.
  5. will the pgc magwell for wa hicapa fit a stock tm hicapa grip?
  6. It really depends on where you play and if you will dish out the money for good grenades. I wouldnt recomend them if you play in real dense woods they wont be very effective. As far as grenades if you don't plan on buying madbull xm204hp or xm 108hp and a co2 adapter don't waste your money.
  7. Im looking to trade my PSP with accesories. I have the PSP and extra screen protector, some microfiber clothes to cean screen, game case, lots of games 2 sets of headphones ,and a car charger. Im looking for a nice gbb but im willin to listen to other offers. If you want any other information feel free to pm me.
  8. I found my answer sorry about posting this mods please delete.
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