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  1. How much of a boost are you looking for? You could wire in a MOSFET. That would offer a boost in ROF and protect the trigger contacts from arcing.
  2. Quick question. Is it wired to front or to back?
  3. I 100% agree. Just keep it simple. A claw mount and a scope would do a G3 well.
  4. That whining is just what happens when you press the trigger on the controller slightly. I would also guess that the start up time is simply a half trigger press. The Velineon brushless motor is really a beast. It would be a different game if brushless motors got specialized for airsoft use.
  5. Wow. I should take the Mamba Max motor out of my E-Revo and throw a pinion on it. Nevertheless that gearbox sounds like a laser.
  6. If you haven't touched the gearboxes then I would take a look at your hop-up unit. You may not be getting a good seal from the hop-up bucking to the barrel.
  7. I have a half compressed M120 spring in my gearbox. The gun refuses to turn over so now I am left with a sticky situation. How should I go about opening my gearbox without killing myself? Or decompressing the spring.
  8. I would like to direct your attention to this Pinned thread. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Aeg-Upgr...ide-t97249.html It has information that will help you.
  9. 9.6v 1700mah Custom. (Self made, Sanyo Cells.)
  10. I am looking to upgrade to those though. I was just wondering if the stock CYMA Motor can handle an M130 or M140 spring with those gears.
  11. Hello everyone. I purchased an M14 from a fellow on the AirsoftForum Classified Section and am more than ready to get to work on it. It is a CM032. My base want/desire for the gun was to get a little taste of the sniper life. My current setup is an ICS MP5A4 with a tight bore run through a mock silencer. Its lovely and all but I am giving this M14 a go. My initial idea is to install a Prometheus 500mm tight bore. Along with an Element 200% Torque Up Gear Set for M14. Element Polycarb piston. Guarder Polycarb piston head. Guarder Ball bearing spring guide. And a M120 spring to top it off. What I am seeking is facilitation is assuring that all of my upgrades are compatible. I just want a decent shooting M14. Thank you for your time.
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