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  1. Hey Tyler nice to see someone sort of familiar over on here. This is Grimm From The Brigade. On the other notes, I'm considering buying one of those S-System Clones to tinker with and get more familiar with gear boxes and internals. Then when I am comfortable with modding a gun I'll buy an expensive one. Any thoughts on this?
  2. Well I'm new to the sport but I work on cars for a living so I'm sure with some practice and some advice on what I should be looking for/adjusting/learning tolerances in a gear box(like correct shimming) I could figure it out. I just don't want to break a $300+ gun learning. rather buy the $300 gun and a cheap one for tinker with until I am confident on tearing a gearbox down. You cant just buy a G&P and use it stock for awhile? Do they break down that often, is that why?
  3. so I should pretty much just stay away from the G&G M4? I hella dig the forward assist on the ICS which really is probably going to be the deciding factor unless there is a more reliable full metal M4 out there that anyone recommends....
  4. Yeah I looked into CA but just got sidetracked by the G&G and ICS guns. just trying to get something different(as far as M4's are concerned) and as close to as possible to what I am expecting out of a $300+ gun. Xhado thanks for the input, but I was asking about the G&G not the G&P. close though
  5. OK you guys probably remember me asking about the ICS 2006 M4. Now I need to know about the G&G M4. I'm debating which one to get obviously. So, reliability? Performance? Upgrades? Known problems and what to expect? any and all help very appreciated. Oh and sorry I didnt just ask this in my first post about the ICS but I found out about the G&G M4 after I had posted for the ICS. thanks again.
  6. Is 800-900 RPM considered fast in airsoft? I'm switching over from paintball so ROF is measured by BPS instead of RPM.
  7. yeah I searched but like it was stated before, I couldnt figure out if the reviews were very recent or not. From the research I have been doing the old ICS weapons were bunk. The new versions (version 4) however seem to hold up and own. I read somewhere about a screw coming loose in the gear box? but I didnt know if they were talking about the new ones or not. Anyone know what problems to look for from a new version and remedies for them? Here is what I am looking for; an M4 that can shoot around 300fps stock, metal body, very durable, not alot of quirks that I'll have to deal with out of the box(I understand I'll have to maintain the weapon and keep it clean, shouldnt all weapons be treated this way?) is very sturdy, costs around $250- $350 initially and it has to be upgradeable. I'll need it to grow with me in terms of performance and styling as I get more involved and learn. So far ICS and CA M4's seem to suit my needs. I am leaning more towards the ICS though because of the modular gear box(easy to clean and mod) and the forward assist feature. I don't want to pull my gun apart when it jams which seems to happen alot in airsoft(from what I read and have seen). Thanks for the responses and help. I thought for sure I was gonna get flamed cause I'm new to this.
  8. Cool, thanks man. I wonder if I should even bother since the gun is a cheap pile. I only shot it twice(maybe 30 rounds total) with two pulls of the trigger. I just want to see what it could do lol. thanks for the help.
  9. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knew of a place to buy some spare parts for a Palco Sports(WELL) MP5SD3? I busted the hop-up unit I think. its the part that the mage feeds the BB into. Here's some pics... Thanks for looking, any help would be great. EDIT: Sorry for the pic size.... I don't know how to reformat the size. would this part work for my piece? http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...products_id=142
  10. Hey dudes I have been looking around for a good high end AEG and I am really diggin' the ICS 2006 M4. But everywhere I go for reviews and such I get the guys who like ICS and the guys who don't. I need some no B.S. assesment(sp?) of this AEG. Is it very reliable? how is the performance I.E. ROF, Range, Accuracy etc..? Known problems or things to be aware of? Any known upgrades that are considered a "must"? I hear the barrels are a must to upgrade. Any help and/or info on this brand and model would be nice. Keep in mind its the 2006 Version(version 4). thanks again.... Thanks for havin' me on here.
  11. Spud


    Hey guys I'm new to the forums but I have been browsing for a little while. This being my first post here, I want to know if there are anyone in the central to northern Utah or southern Idaho area?
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