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  1. Exactly as the title says. I'm new to gbbs and I picked up a Tm-Hicapa for a skirmish side arm. Now I don't want to go all out on the build but I picked out a new slide and frame already. After that I would like to throw some internal parts into it. I don't know a clue about these things. I would like someone whos experienced and willing to point me in the right direction while building it for me. You'll get compensated. I just don't have the time to divulge into it right now with work hence why I rather go the professional route. Posted this on arnies as well
  2. CB 6094 Flyye, Mayflower APC, First Spear Strandhogg or SKD PIG with pouches! Must be coyote brown. Nothing else! Will also be looking for a polarstar and a XDM in a couple weeks!!!
  3. Will get better close ups of items over weekend or if you pm me. Ill do it asap. Prices do not include shipping Camo NEW Issued Marpat Desert and Woodland combat shirts Large Regular $25 Issued Marpat Woodland Pants Large Regular $25 Gear Pantac Coyote Brown 6094 Kangaroo pouch, made up dummy plates $100 Emdom Sewer green wide load pouch Brand new with malice clips $30 Sewer green M4 mag double shingles $5 Each Coyote brown MBITR Pouch $10 Coyote brown M4 Double Closed Pouch $5 Coyote brown Map with pistol $5 Unknown Coyote brown Phone pouch $5 Coyote brown small utility pouch $5 Coyote brown large utility pouch $20 ESS Advancer V12 Broken in middle where nose is. Includes Lenses $15 3 ITW Fastmag Bungee lost one Gen 1 $10 Each Oakley Assault Gloves Size M Signs of use but in great shape still $25 Magpul MS3 Dark Earth $30 TAG Ranger Green dump pouch $15 6 Dark earth 120 Magpul PTS PMags $20 EACH TAG Riggers belt Ranger Green Size M $15 TMC Airframe $40 2 Red scarfs Red rags $7 Each Replica Eotech 551?? Works great $40 Random Tri rail scope $10 2 M4 High caps $5 EACH M4 and pistol sized speedloaders $5 EACH Madbull Airsoft Chronograph No wire, works $60 Matrix multi Charger $30 9.6 1100 MAh brick battery $10 2 Pas Lipo 11.1 1200Mah 15c $10 EACH Nunchuck Tenergy 9.6V 1600MAH $10 China clone Mapgul MBUs Dark earth $15 Magpul RSA $15 Full Green Gas Can* ICS Silicone Oil Spray* Elite Force .25 300 or so bbs* *FREE to someone who spends $150 or more
  4. I play airsoft in the Albany area. How old are you? Pm me I'll discuss some options
  5. NO TRADES Will not ship anything less than $20 for free ESS Advancers Nose cracked, still held together by rubber All lenses clear as day and no scratches $25 E90 Body shell Has butt plate, no screws $10 E90 Gear box No info, yours to fix $20 E90 stock barrel $5 Madbull barrel $10 X3 Magnifier $30 Sewage green Emdom pouch Includes 2 malice clips, no rips $20 Tri rail scope No info $10 Pistol Lanyard $5 Fake MBUS Sights $15 Green gas 6/8th Full $10 Lipos 2 PAS 11.1 1200 MAH 2 G&P 11.1 1000 MAH $12 each Tenergy 9.6 1600MAh nunchuck $5 Bwwkk Mosfet $25 Fake barrel extension $10
  6. darkwolf0982


    I used to be a paintballer in the Capital region. Now I'm an avid airsofter. I heard of and wished I could go to one of the big games. Just never had the time or money. I've never seen the field and would love to come out for a game though if this does go through. If you want a big crowd, get it on multiple forums, especially WNYAL. That forum is more western and central ny so you should get a good group of people interested. Also NEASG, and NYC airsoft forums. As far as the size. If you get it approved, post it on the right forums, and obtain the right dates. Having a national operation the same weekend will hurt the turnout in a big way. Otherwise I see a good turnout. I would like to see a well written operation. I've seen some good stuff but nothing great. Get the milsim aspect into the game. Have role players, staff or players who can be captured who may have Intel on tjem. Do some research on the national events and incorporate that aspect of realism. Just my .02 Sorry for the long post
  7. F/S ONLY Alien Airsoft MK18 FDE Color w/Classic Army Xtreme Motor, Prowin CNC Hopup, SCS Concave Nub, 6.01 Stainless TBB, Magpul ASAP Sling Plate, SHS 14 metal-tooth lightweight blue piston, SHS Piston Head Burst Wizard King Kong Super 2 mosfet that you can hardwire. Front & Rear Sight, Standard Vertical Foregrip No Flash Hider Sold Tokyo Marui 1911 converted to a metal bodied Hurricane SIS Kimber Kit w/four 40rnd Genuine TM Long mags & FDE Left-handed RS 1911 holster. It functions flawlessly, but does have a few legit looking battle scars Mags do not leak $Old
  8. Pm the seller next time if its more than a month old
  9. Lmg that is working. Needed to my house before Friday. Any kind, upgraded is better
  10. Still looking- Eotech/Aimpoint clones with magnifier. FDE MS3 HSGI TACO Coyote Brown- Rifle, Pistol
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