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  1. I'm going to chip at Evike for a bit because I need to. Last month I gave Evike a run because I liked their prices and never ordered from them before. I disregarded any warning people gave me about the site and went and ordered a prometheous TB (which they said they had in stock when no other site did) and 3 other things. I'm on the east coat, and in 2 weeks I got 2 of the 4 items, the TB and a hopup bucking were on backorder. After calling every week for 5 weeks, and having them tell me every time that it wasn't in stock, I told them to finally cancel the order and refund my money. Ironically, that's the same day when I get a confirmation email the backorder product gets shipped. What a bunch of dirtbags. Long story short, before you throw any money that way, make sure they have the item in stock by calling them first, and then you're still taking a risk on your money. They're just not worth it, even for the cheaper prices, I would refuse to buy from them just to piss them off. Go to airsoftGI or walmart, at least you do not have to deal with the Evike risk factor. /end rant/
  2. I originally got into airsoft for the CQB, but since then have gone to a more woodland setting. So my E1 M4 commando just can't get that range that I need. Imagine how frustrating it is to see a fella 50 feet in front of you and lock your sights on him expecting an easy out, only to have every bb fly over and around his body not hitting him! After several irritating games, I decided to go with something to compliment my desire for long range accuracy. Since I luuurve the M14 curves, I had my heart set on that and was originally in the market for a TM-like quality beast but got easily sidetracked by car issues (what else, right?). So now with a very finite amount of cash and the penny-pinching attitude of a college senior, I decide to lower my quality bar. To my delight, I find a UTG M14 on airsoftgi for $75 (a sale on top of a coupon on top of a sale) and grab it. Now I have read quite a few reviews before hand, but obviously, performance to one person may be different to another. So I find that now I have the range I need to hit someone from a decent distance, but it feels as if 3/5 bbs (.25s) go awry when I'm trying to hit a target. This is just stock performance as I am aware of, and I just want to install a tightbore or spring modification to this gun. The problem is, that I remember reading someplace that the UTG outer barrel was too narrow to accept a third party inner barrel or that it was a different design on the hop up, so buying a tb was out of the question. I haven't opened her up myself yet, but is there any validity to this? Do any of you have experience with upgrading this gun? And would a UTG box be able to accept a higher spring power or newer gears? I've been searching guys, but my efforts have come up fruitless. I really only resort to posting when I'm at a dead end so if you can offer any morsels of info, thanks in advance! - Cliff
  3. My brother owns one and defo that the LAM that comes with it is lame. It's cool looking and all, but you'd have a hard time fitting it back in a holster. There is a functional LED light on it, which works more to attract attention than anything, and then there are two red dots which are supposed to simulate lasers. We tried looking at real steal LAMs and those aren't worth it lol.
  4. In OP:Irene, I believe they used vehicles as well, but they had defined areas where vehicles couldn't move into and the speed was capped at say 20-mph or something like that. I wasn't there personally, but from what I've seen on youtube and their website, you could also take out vehicles with a "rocket", which is just a nerf football. When you hit the vehicle, all passengers need to get out, and the vehicle is considered 'dead', until it's re-spawned. But with these MILSIM operations, the organization and planning that goes into using vehicles is on another level entirely from the usage of a simple go-kart. It's quite ridiculous really. So I say 'nay' to using vehicles in a small airsoft match.
  5. I used to love going to this place because the shipping was so fast for me. Pricing was a little on the expensive side of the fence, but that wasn't so bad because of the free shipping over $150 deal they had going. I was just browsing some airsoft retailers recently and came across the site again. It seems they have updated the look and feel, but have removed the free shipping over 150 dollars deal. Additionally, they haven't updated anything since October as far as I know. When asked about the free shipping, they said they'd return to it when their site was 100% operational again. It looks as if it's functional now, but I have no idea what's going on in the background. There haven't been any sales or anything to really inspire anyone to buy for quite a while it seems. Anybody have any deeper revelations about what is going on with this site?
  6. Well, here's how I see it: Your dad let's you play paintball in a restricted arena and that's no problem. Tell him you'll only play airsoft in the same, or similar, restricted arena. There is no difference between airsoft and paintball in that regard. You really need a specific zone to play because backyard airsofting is for people who want to test the trigger fingers of over-anxious cops. Maybe you made mention of playing in your yard? That might deep-six you. Tell him you'll play at a field, like you already do with paintball, and show a little more responsibility around the house. That should do it.
  7. I must agree with the Radioshack remark, it's quite true. But about finding some sort of intermediary PTT button, when the setup you have already has a PTT on it, that's difficult. I did a few Google searches for "PTT adapter cable" and came up with one or two things that looked interesting, but for the most part were tough to relate. Like this: http://www.motorola.com/governmentandenter...d_2215i/hln9133 Which, I believe, is something akin to what our law enforcement officials use. Like a chest mounted PTT button, but this is specifically made for one kind of headset though. Perhaps your local Radioshack salesrep can find something like this for you. I think it's a matter of just knowing what the hell the thing is actually called or if it even exists. Sorry that I couldn't be of more help on this.
  8. So wait, you have a headset with a PTT on the headset itself, but you don't want to use that. Instead you want another PTT on say an adapter of some sort, between your headset and the radio?
  9. Thanks! I actually did a little more searching on that site and found out that the makers of TRU Spec is a company called "Atlantico". So when I searched for TRU Spec distributors, I found a few places on the east coast near my place actually. So I'm gonna give a call tomorrow to see if those prices can beat OPSGEAR.com's. Again, thanks for the help! - Cliff
  10. What kind of headset do you have? I have a MOTO headset I just got working. When I plugged it into my talkabout, the thing just went into a continuous VOX mode. I fixed it by keeping the headset plugged, turning the walkie off and then on, then the PTT on the walkie worked fine with the MOTO headset.
  11. Night, you are my new best friend! Thanks for the link, I owe you one! - Cliff
  12. Do any of you fellas know where I could find a woodland BDU top that is designed like this tru-spec brand multicam shirt? What I specifically like about the design is the neck-lining and the velcro shoulder pads. If this exists in woodland camo scheme, I'd be all over it. Problem is I can't find anything like this. Was hoping you guys had some ideas to throw my way, thanks!
  13. Listen for those bb's, man. Plain and simple. Because chances are if he is firing over your head he will still hit something within hearing distance. Although, if you wanted to be really pro. Listen for the "what the fawk!".
  14. Interesting, for me, the 5 oclock position means the hopup turned all the way off, I can move it up to the 8 oclock position to turn it fully on, though. Hmm...and that teflon did the trick, huh? Have any problems trying to get it on the nub? Btw, I meant that you couldn't change the fact the FA-MAS was French, hehe. I have seen some awesomely modded FA-MAS before but I'm just too chicken to do that with mine.
  15. Thanks for the awesome review! I've always felt the FA-MAS was underrated just because of the design it had...and that it's French. Can't change that though, oh well. One quick thing... I have a TM FA-MAS and I think the picture you showed in your review was with the hop-up turned all the way down. Did you just mix up the picture accidentally or is that how you've always set the hop-up? Because if you might be mistaken with the on and off of that hop-up, maybe you just never had it turned on in the first place (no offense, this is a fair mistake to make because the setup is a little difficult to follow). If so, give that sucker a twist to 8 o'clock, because personally, I've never had an issue with the hop-up on my TM FA-MAS with 0.25s. I never got past 6 o'clock with that hop-up dial because then it'd be shooting the bb's skywards EDIT: Sorry, I just noticed you mentioning the counter-clockwise turning, maybe just a typo then?
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