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  1. List a bunch of useful phrases in different languages and their english translations. Either airsoft related or not.
  2. Any thing you make or find that acts as a cool target If it: Makes a cool reaction to a shot solves any problems that normal targets have is just plain fun to shoot it'll do
  3. Do you know if I could get a good spring ak and upgrade it with the tokyo mauri svd kit? and if so which ak would work? .... If you are stupid this means you could make a spring svd kind of thing.
  4. I'd like to have some info on the pso-1 scope anythinig will do only one specific question how does it mount and will it mount on an ak Oh yeah, and where can I find a good cheap one?
  5. When there is a bigger or better equpipped or just has an advantage somehow what tactics do you use to beat 'em Lets brainstorm some Heres one: Guerrilla tactics the smaller forces always use them and they work too. Examples: Vietnam, Iraq, and the Soviet-Afghan war
  6. Please help me make the csi ak sniper assailant thing more dragunov like with any suggestion and Are the atoZ armaments dragunov mags compatable with the mauri ak?
  7. I really want an svd its my dream gun so help
  8. Battle crys are the greatest there also very good when they are in other languages. What is your battle cry? And while thats up lets brainstorm for a new one.
  9. Any pic goes unless it's offensive and ya you know what I mean.
  10. List all the makeable ak variants u know
  11. Why is your airsoft team so great or just different from the rest?
  12. I don't know how u would get a round filmed its not like anyone would just wanna give up a round and endanger themselves and their camera how would u do it
  13. Russia totally rules so do russians how would yur russian loadout go
  14. Me and some friends are trying to make a pkm out of a mauri ak47 what do u think would help
  15. There was about 4 guys in a car. The car was completely sealed so I walked up to it. Then from about 2 feet away I took full auto to the neck from the window. Enraged I walked to the back of the car flipped up the back cargo door and b4 anyone could turn around I shot one in the back of the head it was all under a second and then they surrendered even though it was one to 4
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