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  1. I've been in the game of airsoft for a few years now, and after building my AEG to absolute perfection, I'm now looking for a new project. I've always loved the aspect of stealth and conservation and I've been able to effectively play the role of a sniper, but now all I need is the equipment. So after looking at my budget and sifting through pages and pages of conflicting views, I've decided a good outline on what I want. That led me to the "Enhanced" CA M24 and the Tokyo Marui L96. Now this is important, I AM willing to invest parts money and time into these guns. Although, my plan is to do that slowly. So which rifle in your opinion would be the best with only a few upgrades at first, so that I can at least skirmish it without putting outrageous amounts of money into it. Also what parts would you recommend for that. Thanks, AA002
  2. I know that somewhere on the internet theres a site that tells you how to make those but im not sure you can do it wih ...someone on this forum may be able to tell you the site or how to do it though.
  3. I want to buy any tokyo marui type mp5 anything besides an mp5k
  4. want a nice mp7 for around 120. also accepting mp5's (mp5k's would be great) but any mp5
  5. Hi Im trying to figure out how to make my G&G M14 semi automatic ONLY, so that I can make it a higher fps and still be able to play at my field. Help is appreciated.
  6. Hey, I was wondering what other brands of magazines I can use for my Rk 47. They make G&G hicaps for it but I need some midcaps/standards. If you could give me a list of brands that will work with it, that would be great (preferably metal). Also, if you could tell me if G&G M16/M4 midcaps would work for my Marui Sr-16 that would be good too.
  7. Go for the crane stock, the PEQ is cumbersome, holds a smaller battery, and only has one use whereas the crane stock holds a big battery and is lightweight.
  8. Dang dude... this thread was up when I was still on the forums...
  9. Need moar gloves, your fingers are gonna freeze. I wonder if anybody still knows me here....
  10. Due to my Signature A.D.D., I require a new sig. You can make it lhowever you want, just make sure it includes "AA002", and is 115X600 pixels. Thanks.
  11. Chillax dude.... it's funny to some people...
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