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  1. bat21win is punishing me for calling him a retard on youtube, not for anything I did on ASF.
  2. Hey, I just moved to Big Rock, so I'm about an hour outside of Chicago. I'm down for whatever. PM me for my phone number lets shoot some plastic.
  3. I'm Exitwound556, and I'm an alcoholi-, I mean addict. America's Army addict. I just love my active army icon next to my name. I'm not even in the army yet...just a depper. We should get a game going in a few nights... I gatta setup my main PC (just moved) then it will be on LIKE RED DAWN!!!! FTW!!!!
  4. http://img519.imageshack.us/img519/6041/45619155uh5.png/img] eh wtf?
  5. If you've seen Office Space, you'll understand. *Don't click this if you haven't seen the movie, or if your parents are around. they drop the f-bomb like a hundred times in the song that plays in the background. All I gatta say is I'm bringing my sony digicam with me when I go to Iraq!
  6. I like to think of myself as G.I. Joe personified.
  7. Just a quick comment... This airsoft thing is supposed to be milSIM, then as long as he's not going around talking about his days in 'nam, who gives a crap if he wears a unit patch? Maybe he's doing it out of gratitude, or a sense of "I wanna be like that", or something. All I know is that I wouldn't do it, but if I decided to put calvary sabres and a 82nd airborne patch on my junk, if you gave me crap about it I'd tell you to go piss on yourself. I say the boy has a right to put anything on his ACU's he wants... It's a form of free speech.
  8. I lost the teeny little 1mm machine screw that holds the selector switch on my TM G3, so it's been down for a while. I have a CA MP5 sitting around, and I was wondering if I could just use it's lower & gearbox as a direct replacement for the TM lower & gearbox? Already have the cylinder swapped out as the MP5 already has a G3 length barrel.
  9. I bought like 8 of these packs when I saw them on clearance for $5 apiece. They are like 1000mah, and I've used them on AEG's. They work fine but don't last very long. You'll want to replace their wire leads with something slightly thicker though. For as cheap as they are, who cares? Good backup batteries, and they also work well powering some of my other little projects.
  10. Theres an SMG rig that Blackhawk made... It's an SS style, where the strap goes over your shoulder, and another goes around your waist. It's been discontinued, but if you can find it, it's worth having. I think it holds 5 mags. I really like mine.
  11. Looks like I eat concertina wire and piss napalm in these pics... Woodland is so effective where we play..I just stay out of the lighter areas of the field. I'm not looking forward to ACU's when I join the Army.
  12. 762delivered

    .25g Vs .30g

    You'll be running lower actual FPS, but you will have a MUCH more accurate gun and more usable range than a .25... I've never used .30's, but I've used .28's several times in my old G3 that blows 440fps with .20's...That .03g difference can be felt!
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