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  1. If anyone is interested in selling their Tanaka M24 / M40A1 / M700 that has the Pre-ban velocities, I will gladly make you an offer you probably won't refuse. Let me know at bryanzimbardi@(the Y! email place - you know the one.)
  2. Should be close. Most of the PSG springs run about 20 under a "100" mark, if that makes sense. (380,480,580). You will probably shoot between 510 and 540 out of the box, as the spring wears in you will probably average 490ish. Won't be a bad upgrade, just make sure you find the right battery for the job, I'm not sure what that is for a 300%.
  3. What are you shooting on 143a? Have you tested? I'd really like to know, it would be a great way to see if the rifles I am asking about are pre or post ban. Most seem to be shooting around 450fps on 134a, if yours is too - I'm gonna get one.
  4. I found a M24 for sale - it says it shoots 450 with 134a. What will this gun shoot with Top / Red gas? Is there an easy way to figure this out?
  5. I just called Evike again, they are saying 500 FPS with Top gas, which means it's probably the restricted version. From what I've heard on this forum and others, it should be well over 550 with Top / Propane / Red. Looks as though it's either an APS2 or an L96 or take my chances with a KJ M700, huh?
  6. Hmm. So I'm stuck with a spring rifle if I want to shoot 500+, huh? This is starting to suck pretty bad, I was so excited about getting a new rifle =/
  7. So wait - it's actually possible that Evike has a pre-1J ban A.I.C.S.? I was under the impression that none of these models were made without the restrictor, and of course if I call on the phone, they are going to say "Sure! It shoots 500-600!"
  8. Someone tell me if this is bunk. http://www.evike.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv...de=SNIPERRIFLES Evike is showing AICS Tanakas WITH the dreaded PCS system, and they are listing FPS of 500-600? Is this possible? I thought the AICS guns all had the limiter dealy-whozits?
  9. I had a PSG-1 about 5 years ago when I first got into Airsoft. I had an external 12v battery to power the upgrades. I do not remember exactly what spring I had, but it shot about 560 with the tightbore and spring. I also changed to upgraded PSG-1 gears. Honestly - after using the gun in many, many games, I would highly recommend you get up to about 480-500 and stay there. Use the accuracy to your advantage and forego the range of the real big springs, the gun becomes a royal pain with the heavy upgrades. Just my .02, some people disagree. But I ran around with a 5 foot wire that conencted into a mag pouch to carry the big 12v battery. No fun. BTW - nothing short of a 12v would cycle the gun more than once or twice with the upgrades I had installed. And the ones who made valiant attempts would pull the spring back like halfway or something and I would shoot about 250 FPS.
  10. *sigh* Just heard again this morning (AM in HK) that the Rifles I had asked for were not the ones they had in stock and that they had "misunderstood" my message. (Again, this is why I like Japanese retailers - I can speak Japanese, haha) No biggie, I think I found a solution. I'd like to draw on you guys' experience with snipers. I'm debating between: RWC M700 Woodland - This is RedWolf Airsofts Custom KJ M700 (non takedown) it has a prometheus barrel, the G&G striker spring, and they say it shoots 450fps on 134a (Wow, I think? Thats like...550+ on TOP, right?) and of course it's painted (woodland, go figure). Maruzen APS2 L96 Chassis - You all know about this one I'm sure. My main concerns (as are most snipers I'm sure) accuracy & distance. I know nothing about the KJ M700's, but I'm guessing that Redwolf isn't gonna sell something crappy tagged as their "custom" guns. Any insight here would be greatly appreciated. I've shot the spring L96, and I've owned a Gspec upgraded to about 565 that has broken so many sears I gave up on buying them (thus the interest in gas rifles). How will the KJ M700 with the Prometheus PSG-1 barrel stack up against the L96 with a tightbore? Thanks again guys, I really appreciate your time in reading this.
  11. Ok, I am really jonesing for a M24 or M40A1, and I have contacted two HK retailers that both state they have a pre-ban version they will sell to me. Ok, thats taken care of, now heres the next question. The M40A1's on most sites are listed to have a stock FPS of about 320. (not sure if this is post ban) The M24's and some M700's are listed to have a stock FPS of 410. (same) Both numbers are supposedly using 134a. What is actually different between the internals of the M40 and M24? If I get a preban M40A1 (the rifle I actually want) am I going to lose power compared to buying a M24? Or is there really no difference? Thanks in advance! Bryan
  12. I JUST called Aex... They said the best they can do is 450 right now. Forget that, I'm gonna track down a non-limited version from a HK store. Unneccesary mods FTL.
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