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  1. Have any of you played at Go Big Paintball? They have opened their back field to airsoft, I play paintball there and making my way back to Airsoft and was hoping that we could get some big games in the near future.
  2. 60 UD Priest (tier 1 gear random epics) Wildhammer 60 Human Pali (zg gear random epics) Shattered Hand 43 Rogue (full of epics) Shattered Hand 33 Warrior (rare gear) Shattered Hand trading for 1 Aeg and 1 Gbb not too picky I just hate this Darn game and might as well get something useful out of it. I am open to anything if I get no hits I will just put it on Ebay. Pm me offers Mods if you want to take this down please do but please pm me so I can put it on Ebay. Warning : I am not responsible if WoW turns you into a mindless idiot
  3. Ess Turbofan are the best non fogging goggles for the money, I have personally used JT w/vortex fan, Ess Turbo Cams, Bolle T-800 and Oakley SI with the Fan and all but the Turbofans Fogged. While you can never be 100% fog free in the rain if you mix Fog Tech w/turbo cams you will only fog in extreme conditions. I highly reccomend the ESS Turbo's. I am 245 pounds and sweat like mad so if they work for me they can work for anyone.
  4. as the topic states. must have olympic arms logo... pm me with your price.
  5. Onebun

    Sup Guys

    Justin "onebun" Moat here, just found these forums thought I would hit em up. I am in my 3rd season of Airsoft playing in British Columbia Canada as well as Washington State. Hope to shoot some of you soon.
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