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  1. Has anyone actually installed a Dees Custom in their ICS M4? I bought a 363mm Dees Custom and its too short to fit inside of the brass 0-ring that is at the end of the outer barrel by the flashhider...frustrating..I am now running with a 407mm Prometheus. Stock ICS Barrels are 375mm.
  2. What field do you play on? Thats pretty sweet that you have the distances set up with your GPS's. On another note, I unfortunetaly was on the other end of an incident similar to the one you just described. I had just shot a couple of guys at range, but my goggles fogged up big time. I called blind man and walked about thirty yards away from the firefight and well away from the game to clean off my goggles. It was then that I got hit right above my right eye with a sniper shot. It split my eyelid open and covered my face in blood. It was about a half an inch away from my eye. I did stand up and yell some obsenities, and if I could have seen anything at the time I probably woulda gone over and knocked the guy out for taking a shot at me when I was obviously out of the fight with my goggles off after I had called blind man....IM glad I didnt though...sigh brings back bad memories...Anyways, I probably wouldve gone over and told him what a great shot it was if I had actually still been in the game.
  3. Does anyone know where I could get a stock Star M249 replacement motor. Our machine gunner burned out the motor on his gun last night and we have an OP in two weeks, and we need to replace the motor somehow. Can anyone point me in the right direction, I don't even know what kind of motor is uses. Would I be able to buy something like an EG1000 or a Turbo3000 and replace it? Thanks.
  4. The fps limit is 350 for AEGs, the bb weight for chronos is .20. I am just worried since the ICS M4 anniversary has all upgraded internals that itll still be over the limit. Have you used an M110 in the latest version of the ICS M4? Its shooting about 420 now.
  5. Does anyone know what grade the ICS M4's stock spring is? I have searched everywhere, and some places lead me to believe that the stock spring is an M100 others that it is around an M80 to M90. I recently bought an ICS M4 anniversary, and its shooting over 400 fps. I have to get it downgraded to shoot less than 350 for an OP, and I don't want to buy a spring if its not going to lower it enough. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  6. Ive never heard of an ICS M4 anniversary shooting 438 stock, was there a tightbore in it? Everywhere Ive read its shot 420 at the highest.
  7. The ICS M4 Anniversary has a Complete Reinforced Main Gear Set, Steel Pinion Gear, Steel Bevel Gear, Steel Bushings, Metal Spring Guide, M120 Spring, Aluminum Piston, Bore-Up Cylinder, Strengthened Gearbox, and New Silicone Wiring.
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