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  1. Well all I can offer you is my personnal experience. I just bought a pre-ban Tanaka M40A1 from Redwolf. $407.00 shipping included. Redwolf still sells the pre-bad Tanakas', so does Den Trinity. shipping will be a bit different for you, you live in America, right? (I live in Okinawa).Right now its friggin cold here and I have had no problems with it except with my scope. I fixed the scope problem by adding pieces of electricians tape to back end rail to elevate the rear of the scope. Now dead on at about 60-70 meters.
  2. Well In Okinawa, in town about $250, online $180 + shipp. I might think about starting a mailorder service....HAHA Im not sure about shipping from Japan to the States.
  3. I just came across this thread, pretty cool. I have been living in Okinawa for three years and have been playing Airsoft for 2 1/2 yrs. Im on a Japanese team (mosly half breeds) I don't know alot of Japanes, enough to get by. Im the only full American on our team and due to the fact that most guys speak fluent English helps. I still feel presure to study more. Every single Japanese person that I have meet is patient in helping me understand whats going on. Do any of you guys ever get over to Okinawa???
  4. From what I have heard and read, the ICS and G&P are week and unreliable. G&G are much more dependable. Keep in mind this is only what I have heard from friends that own one. Have you looked in to Classic Army? They have quality AEGs. Where I live about 98% of players buy Tokyo Marui.
  5. I know this is a late reply, but I just received my Tanaka M40A1 from Redwolf with the PCS. LOVE IT. I live in Okinawa and right now its friggin cold, I am still able to use this rifle with effectivness. I keep the mag in my armpit until the game starts, I swear this works, considering that it hold 11+1 rounds. I also use those handy hand warmers in a neoprene lined pouch for my spare mag, also works well. There are minor probs with the M40a1, which you may have seen in previous postings. One that I have trouble with is that no matter how I adjust my scope, the BB always goes straight but also always is seen in the bottom portion of the recticle. So I elevated the rear of the scope with electricians tape, Works like a charm. The new shippments of Tanaka rifles are all limited, unless you buy from a Hong Kong Co. Just e-mail and be sure to ask if these are the old version or the new version. Con1 out
  6. The utg 87 pump shot gun, is this a clone of the Maruzen M870, pump, single shot, shotgun? I believe it is, and several Japanese and HongKong sights have this Pump action Sniper. Longer barrel, everything. Several of my friends have done this MOD as well, the one problem that we seem to run into is the Hop Up, never seems to dial in right and stay at the setting. One friend actually superglued his Hop into place. Im sure of the utg version, but as several post have said, I suggest buying a G-spec because of the low cost. JMO Con1 out
  7. mine came in yesterday from Japan. I have tried it out and so far it's great. The rifle seems easier to dial in the HOP UP than the original version??????? The location of the red dot is superb for quick target shooting. The one thing is that a large 9.6v batt 3300 Mah will not fit, so im using 9.6 1400 mah mini batt (works great) I play CQB here in Japan, and this rifle works wonders. I tend to stay in the back ground and snipe for my team. Ive tried single shot sniper rifles, both gas and spring, and this SOCOM16 is really outstanding. Comparing the M16A2, well I feel that the Socom is more stream line and more manuverable, pluss the hicap mag has about 140 more rounds. Alot of Japanese have the M14 only a few own the SOCOM16, However several also have the M16A2 mainly for the look of an ARMY soilder or a Marine (they love that crap here). One group of Japanese actually dress up as WWII German SS soilders, many Americans here do not like that, but hey, they don't know any better. Con1 out
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