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  1. He filed a chargeback with the claim that he didn't authorize the payment because someone else got a hold of his paypal account. Now, he admitted that this was a legit. transaction, and was doing this as a precaution, and that he'd send me the money, but I haven't received it yet, and debt collectors are after me. Basically, the way the chargeback through paypal works, is they take 160 dollars out of my paypal account [and attempted to take it out of my bank account, but I was dry,] leaving me with a -160 balance. Paypal gives the 160 to the bank, and then the bank, after taking out a 10 dollar fee [which they added, why should I have to pay for that mistake?] sends it to whats-his-face.
  2. Alright, I'll explain this story to justify my question. Last year, I sold my M4 to some guy for his Thompson and 150 dollars. A couple months later, he filed a chargeback, claiming that he didn't authorize the payment. After talking to him, he said that someone had gotten a hold of his paypal account and racked up a bunch of charges, and that he was filing charge backs on all the charges in these few months, just to make sure, and that as soon as the bank sent him the money, he'd pay me back. I contacted paypal to tell them this, and that I had no intention of paying the amount they asked for until I got the money from whats-his-face, because I didn't have the money anymore, as I spent it on bills. I tried explaining the situation, but the support guy I talked to had the IQ of a retarded monkey, and he kept saying "well you should have kept the tracking information." So, I need to find this guy! It's been a year, and Paypal is sending debt collectors after me for money I don't have. I THINK his first name is Dom? I don't know, it's been a while, but he had a huge thread about what happened to him, about the chargebacks and what not. If anyone remembers this, PM me or e-mail me at dan.wootton <DON'T POST EMAIL ADDRESSES> gmail.com I don't care if I get spam, I've got a filter, and this is important.
  3. Looks like mostly cosmetic differences. Different sights, grips, slide, safety, trigger, grip safety. Both probably use the same magazine.
  4. No trades, sorry. Each pouch holds 1 mag. In the picture shown, those 2 pouches are connected, and I have 2 of them, so up to 4 mags total. And, since there is molle all around, you could stack them. EDIT - Also, I don't take Paypal, it's scam in a box. Money order, check or cashiers check. Also, I am not parting anything out.
  5. If you want specific, detailed pics, lemme know. Also, the AICS body [only the plastic body parts] has been painted Krylon Camo Brown.
  6. Everything must go! I just moved to Geneva, IL and I have some bills I have to pay off before I can relax. Debt collectors are harassing me, so I gotta get this sold. All prices are OBO and do not include shipping. Pick-up would be preferred. Tanaka AICS Export Version 600fps with .2g ammo and Green Gas, 134a would lower this. Comes with one mag and whatever .3g ammo I have left. $400 Marui Thompson Assortment of magazines [one hicap, unsure of how many midcaps I have, minimum of three, possibly five.] Missing the buttplate along with some cosmetic pieces on the right side, just above the trigger. Works fine. $150 Classic Army M16a3 Assortment of upgrades, should be shooting 420fps with .2g ammo, although it currently isn't working for some reason. Could be the motor or needs to be shimmed, I don't have the time to diagnose the problem. $250 ACM Mossberg M500 Shotgun 8mm, each pump/pull of the trigger fires 3 rounds. Uses green gas, unsure of FPS as it's hard to measure 3 bbs on a chrono. Fairly new, although I took off the gigantic, ugly ghost ring sights. [who uses sights on a shotgun, anyway?] $100 G&G M14 Black stock, very nice piece, my second favorite. Comes with 4 G&G Midcaps, 1 G&G Hicap and a G&G scope mount. Unmodified and not used all too much. $270 OETech M14 pouches, olive drab I have 2 of them. $10 each 500mm Dees 6.01 Tightbore, unused $50 For shipping quotes/pickups/dropoffs, I live in Geneva, IL, near Aurora and Saint Charles, west of Chicago. E-mail is dan.wootton at gmail.com EDIT - Also, I have a canvas sling for a thompson, although it looks great on the M14. First to buy a gun gets the sling for free, unless you don't want it.
  7. trade that m249 for a Tanaka AICS export version and mag?
  8. Alpha Company 1st Platoon 3rd Squad 2nd Fire Team Dynamic Rabbit
  9. Trades fell through. Prefer A&K/Echo1/Classic Army. No TOPs. The only STARs I really want are M60's
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