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  1. We are looking for more players in our area. We are putting together a serious team. If you are 18+ and want to be on a team that takes milsim seriously then our team might be for you. I will email the team member guide to those interested. SOT has always been a team that sets the bar high. We desire to train people in basic team and squad tactics as well as personal battle drills. I promise you will love the game even more. kick me a PM if you are interested.Agathos
  2. I led the SOT team in Mississippi before moving. I am looking for players in the area. As I have been looking around online it seems much of the infamous TN airsoft seems to be fading. Let me know if you are in the area. I am particularly interested in those over 18...but if you are 16 and older give me a shout.
  3. I have been considering an M24 but have been told they break easily. Is this true?
  4. Hope we can hook up sometime. Hope to see you guys on the Mississippi Airsoft forum that Doc (an SOT team leader) had mentioned. Let us know what games you have on the calendar, especially beyond August. If you check the forum (www.mississippiairsoft.com) you will find us posting our upcoming games. We are definitly looking for some "adult" competition. The teams we generally play are 95% teens. Our team is 75% adult w/police and mil background. Look forward to meeting you guys.
  5. Central MS Games We have had one official area game already. 22 ppl showed up. It was hosted by Clinton/Jackson Airsofters. Sat, March 17 we will have another, this time hosted by YCA. There are to be over twenty to this one as well. Let us know if you are in the central/western MS or Central/Eastern Louisiana area. We'd love to tie you or your team into our events.
  6. There are several guys in the central MS area. Our last game racked up 22 in attendance. We had a great game. If you are from Central MS or eastern LA get involved. Teams that I know of thus far SOT-Vicksburg-10-13 guys--Uniform Tiger Stripe Force Recon- Jackson- ?--Uniform Marpat YCA-Yazoo County Airsoft- 9 guys ???-Clinton/Jackson- 7-10 guys ???-Gulf Port- ? Some teams are primariily adults while others are High School teams Any other teams out there? Sound off!
  7. Hey, we are gradually hooking players together. Hope to hear from some more of you.
  8. The New and Improved SOT site. S.O.T. Website Training videos, tactical instructions and more.
  9. I think you will find horror stories with most guns. there are always lemons. The striker spring and rubber chamber SOUND LIKE his two major issues. another thing that I have found may be true is that some of these guns seem to have weaker springs. this spring is what releases the gas...weak spring equals weak shots.
  10. Maybe we can put together a big game during spring break or in the summer where you guys can come down.
  11. Thanks, I will check it out. It would be great to get everyone connected. This brings the total of around 6 teams so far.
  12. I am a former team member from the 101st Airborne Div. I was in the 1/327th INF Battalion. Yes, I am new to Airsoft forum but have a lot to offer. My passion is in small unit tactics and patrolling. My favorite manual is the 7-8. I have an interest in teaching what I know, develop realistic scenarios and pool information on real world situations that can be reenacted or played out to see the potential outcomes. I am attempting to contact various law enforcement agencies in our area and have a team willing to help the police special tactics teams train. We will allow them to draw up real world situations that they must train to deal with. We will then play out these scenarios further ensuring the future survivability of our law enforcement officials. Thanks for your consideration. I believe Airsoft can have a bigger impact than just playing games. Catch the vision/ live the dream!
  13. Go to 2bitgaming.com/bbs for a Mississippi Airsoft Forum site.
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