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  1. Apparently the combination of the two (bearing piston head and bearing spring guide) allows the spring to spin, allowing for a slight increase in the lifespan of the spring and a very slight increase in ROF.
  2. Okay, for the semi-auto problem. When I have started out with my AUG, it was working fine. After upgrading the gears, motor and cylinder and going through about 10,000 rounds, the semi-auto just lags. I try pulling the trigger and it pushes the piston a little bit. I have to push it about 6 or 7 times to get it to go a complete cycle. Full auto works like a charm, I just want semi-auto to work. I have tried both a PHX 9.6 volt battery and the original 8.4 volt battery. I'm not sure what else you would need information-wise to try to see what the problem would be. I also was thinking that the body may have to do with it, although I never messed with the body's trigger system, and I'm not sure if that would be the problem. (Update 2) - I found the problem, it is the trigger contacts. They aren't touching properly, but I also found burn spots on the contacts. I need to know what caused these contacts to burn (probably just from not touching properly). I think what would be best for me to do is to buy AUG trigger contacts (If I can find them) and start over again. Well, at least I know where to look for the part for the backplate assembly. I think I'll end up buying a TM AEG by the time I finally get to fixing it.
  3. I tried a 9.6v battery. It's not exactly getting rid of my problem. Thanks for your suggestion about the backplate nut, I appreciate it.
  4. First off, I've ran into something really stupid. I had taken apart my AUG for wiring and such, then it happened. I lost one of the gold pieces that holds the backplate in. I'd like to get an idea of where I could find one of these, or maybe even a set of these just in case that it happens again. I still have the screw for that missing piece though. I'd also like to ask another question about that same AUG. With and without doing the wiring, I have semi-auto problems. Although it doesn't lag as much as it did with my old setup, it still likes to have fits and fire after pulling the trigger halfway 6-7 times. Is this a cut-off lever error? If it isn't. could there be another explanation for this? I've never had any problems like this until now. I really think it is the lever because of it not doing that as bad as it did before,plus I'm running an 8.4v battery and a Classic Army motor/gears set-up in my AUG as of now, rather than the JG parts. I haven't replaced the cut-off lever, and I'd like to confirm that it is the lever, and not something else, before I tear apart this gearbox again. Lesson learned - Don't lose the gold piece.
  5. The CYMA M14 SOCOM is a very good choice. It can perform as good as a M4 range/accuracy wise without all of the rails and problems that M4 variants face. I think that the tightbore in it will be fine for now, but if even more accuracy is needed, go for a Prometheus barrel. As for the hop-up bucking, try going for either Systema or Firefly.
  6. I voted the Futuristic guns first, and a second place for Evike since they made the Hello Kitty M4 and that P90 with the abominable box magazine. I'm not a big fan of either category. I'm just going to pretend that no one said anything about the AUG though .
  7. I'm guessing your talking about the hopup nub like this - http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=26046 The nub is the piece that presses down on the hop up rubber giving the bb a backspin
  8. If you wish to have a G36c, then go for the JG one. The JG isn't much different than the ECHO 1. IF you wish to get an MP5, I would have to second on the MP5k that Psychobunny mentioned. The Galaxy MP5ks are, in my opinion, more reliable than the other MP5 clones out there. BTW - Why is this in the AEP section?
  9. lol Pink XM8. Anyway, I'd have to say that the M4s put together isn't very practical, it's just like having a ROF craze, instead with two guns instead of one. I would love to see two M2 machine guns put together though, since they would be practical as support weapons.
  10. Alright. Thanks for your opinions.
  11. I'm going to go ahead and buy me a new airsoft gun along with some upgrades for my G36c. I'm going to get the new gun first, then these upgrades listed below for the G36c. The new gun is the D-boys AKS-74 My CA/TSD G36c (TSD Gearbox in CA G36c) G&P explosive piston head with bearings G&P Piston ??? Metal Spring Guide with bearings (haven't found a good brand for these yet) PDI Barrel for G36c firefly or Prometheus bucking and maybe a gripod to help me aim a bit better. Anything else to help me obtain better accuracy (I don't want to go higher than 330 FPS though).
  12. I must say that these series of posts have saved me a good amount of money, both in upgrades and ammo. I haven't considered ROF because of my budget, but now I barely will (as long as it can fire around 750 RPM, I"m cool with it). My G36c has always been about reliability, so now that I have this info, I'll just forget the ROF upgrade and get myself a PDI 6.01 barrel and probably have to get a weaker spring to not go over 330. Thank you all for the info.
  13. In my opinion, I think it is the combination of both a decent ROF and accuracy that can win games, even in CQB. I have a great experience with my G36c and its decent ROF along with it's accuracy (about 15 RPS is good for me). I haven't considered going for a ROF like 30 rps or more because of my budget. I'm sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but I do want to ask this question about rate of fire. I am thinking about getting an RPK around the winter and try my hand at the support role. Would a high ROF like 25 RPS and great accuracy be a good option for my role or would high FPS (the max I will go is 400 FPS because of the different field rules) and accuracy help? Let's say for accuracy, I'm going to go for a Prometheus 550mm barrel, a firefly bucking, and the stock cylinder/piston assembly with the piston o-ring heated up to have less leakage.
  14. I'm a scout for now. Later on I will switch between scout and support gunner, as I will be getting an RPK sometime during the winter.
  15. My old MP5 Tear down 1 - the Gearbox was lubed with disc brake lube in it rather than white lithium grease. The disc brake lube turned into a liquid rather than a goo and eventually couldn't lube the gears, eventually they stripped. I bought an ICS gearbox and reassembled the gun. Tear down 2-4 - The gearbox was shimmed incorrectly the first time I put the ICS gearbox in, and I redid it. The piston stripped the third time, and I bought a new one. My little brother went near the gearbox with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich the 4th time when I was relubing the gun, and I put the gearbox back together without looking at the glob of jelly on top of the piston head. The next thing I knew when I shot the gun, a small amount of junk came out of the gun, which was later discovered to be the jelly. From now on, I am going to look at all of the parts before I reassemble a gun. BTW - the MP5 is now a junker, I tore it down 2 more times and said the heck with it after having enough fits from the Version II gearbox.
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