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  1. Somehow I lost access to the special forums. Had it when they were first introduced but whatever. Reason for coming back is I'm looking to kill time before my ship date.
  2. Check out SoCal Airsoft and feel free to PM me if you have any other questions. For "woodland" fields, check out Expanding Empries V. It's a big OP coming up where you play Risk with airsoft players.
  3. I'm looking to get into the WWII scene now that my modern airsoft kit is completed. I have a TM G36C and some other airsoft gear I'd be willing to trade for and maybe cash if it isn't too much. PM me if you have anything interesting.
  4. Just be glad it isn't 2 hours some other poor airsofters.
  5. Buying in bulk is usually minimum gains. You can get a bag of Matrix/G4s .20g BBs for around .002 cents a round. Bulk at Pointact with shipping, it usually goes to about .0017 cents a round for Goldenball .20g BBs.
  6. Yes. $20 + shipping ($5 shipping by itself). Also, G4-18 is completely gone. Sorry if it's taking long to reply to PMs. School has been keeping me busy.
  7. G4-18 is gone. To clarify above, if you see it in the picture it's for sale.
  8. Bumping. There's been some confusion on the OP (mostly because I wrote it at 11 at night) and I can't edit it. If there's any confusion just PM me if you need clarification.
  9. Nah, there is no delta ring otherwise that would be to easy. It basically the same as this which seems to show you basically need a barrel wrench to get it out.
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