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  1. Forgive me if this topic has already been covered, but I'm posting this because I keep getting this question: Can I just use the madbull CO2 charger to charge my magazine? That way I don't have to buy all the air rig stuff and I don't have to tap my magazine! Hurray? Answer: This has been a public service announcement. Please resume your regularly scheduled threads
  2. hopup is the Achilles heel off all modern airsoft guns. Its just so dang hard to ask for consistency from rubber. Even spin is the key. I think good buckings do a good job of applying a relatively consistent amount of hop, but the left-right stability is there it has a problem. That is what the SCS spacer was designed for. Just need a way of holding that spacer evenly. Something like the adjustment arm off of an AEG, but with a flat bottomed hole in the top so the hopup arm from the tanaka/kjw can apply even pressure without the arm spinning.
  3. I remember that TCF was very interested in a custom 8mm sniper rifle a few years ago. I don't know what became of it. It would be cool though if you could make an airsoft 50BMG type rifle (barret) that did shoot around 800-1000 fps. You could set up their MED at around 250 ft. Then it would truly be a long range weapon. I imagine that with good ammo and that kind of speed it would be capable of 400ft shots or maybe even 450ft shots accurately. A laser range finder would be important for safe MED verification. It would have to be gas for sure. I also think the hopup, if made properly would be more accurate than a 6mm bb just because it would be easier to apply even hop to an 8mm bb than a 6mm. But that is all just theoretical.
  4. Have you tried modding a hopup chamber to take an SCS? It should yield the most reliable left to right stabilization of bbs if the bucking is modded right. I've got a couple on the way for my rifles and I am using KJW takedown. The takedown chamber is very nice except for the way hopup us applied. It has the space to take any AEG spacer if desired. I modded my rifle to take the adjustment knob of a police version(that adjusts on the top of the weaver rail) and I get tons more hop and more consistent hop to boot. I still get some fliers as well (mostly left hooking bbs so probably from hopup) which is why I'm trying the SCS. I'll let you know if it works. EDIT* DUH! I just noticed that you are using an SCS! boy am I dense sometimes
  5. paintball QDs are not "one way" to my knowledge. Most paintballers have to add a check valve which is an additional fitting that they add right before the disconnect that has to be manually manipulated before the qd is detached or else the air comes blasting out and you loose pressure very quickly. the fittings you want are on mcmaster carr website. http://www.mcmaster.com/#9414k19/=9sjzov you have a couple options for hose attacment. If you want to do microline and push on fittings: http://www.mcmaster.com/#5225k604/=9p1y6j http://www.mcmaster.com/#5225k303/=9sk0mg If you are running a remote line, you may need a female female adapter (1/8npt) and remove whatever QD fitting is already on it. In fact, the qd fitting may come with the right sized nipple for the fitting I listed but I would be safe and order the ones that match. they aren't expensive. Get two or however many mags you plan to run. This type of setup will shut off the gas at the disconnect automatically when the fitting is disconnected, making it very fast to change mags. The only pressure you loose is the pressure that is currently in the magazine. Just like in this video at 5:20
  6. I really like the AICS. It is super solid and takes all the M700 upgrades(except outer barrel is different). lI have the KJW M700 takedown which is good, but I like how solid the AICS is. It has nice adjustable cheek weld adjustment and length of pull adjustments and it has some built in sling loops that are perfectly located. Its a bit more expensive but worth it in the long run. Choose your base gun carefully because your stuck with it and all your upgrades are based on it.
  7. if you are playing well, a side arm is just for those shots that are under the MED. 100ft or less. Don't let it become a crutch. concealment is your primary defense. If that is blown, you should have already planned an escape route. I believe in pistols for snipers. they go anywhere and are ready at a moments notice. GBBs over EBBs. If you can figure out how to carry the MK23 with a silencer, and it fits your hand. go for it. It helps you to remain concealed even when using your secondary. I would encourage you to look at some guns in person if possible. hold them and shoot them if they will let you. failing that, see if soemone you play with has one so you can take a look. familiarity and comfort are very important factors when using a sidearm.
  8. There is a group of people who play in redlands on a regular basis on Saturdays. I've actually not played with them on a saturday but I plan to soon once I get my new GBBR. They play in the same place every week and I don't think they've ever had a problem with playing there. Its at the "end" of california street where it dumps into the wash across from the AFB. I've heard they normally have only 5 or 6 but have had pretty big games occasionally. Redlands is only about 15 minutes from Rancho so not too bad of a drive. There is also a group that plays in mentone on sundays. I think they play off newport ave in mentone at the following coordinates: 34.078632,-117.080615 Just type that into google maps and you'll see right where it is. Its on the right side of the road.
  9. I've carried an HFC M9 GBB, TM mk23 NBB, KWA USP GBB(NS2 system), MP5, and MP7. I've always come back to my HFC M9. Its reliable, cycles well and is pretty accurate. The MP5 and MP7 were both too big and I couldn't draw them quickly enough while staying mobile enough. The mk23 with silencer I carry sometimes, but usually its to primary with since the silencer makes I too big to carry in a holster, and attaching the silencer in an emergency situation doesn't happen. The KWA was suprisingly not reliable, which sucks because that is WHY I bought it. It was supposed to be extremely reliable. The M9 just works. It needs higher pressure in the winter to work reliably, but I can carry my mags in a pocket with a hand heater and it works fine. my .02
  10. +1 WOC is better if you can swing it
  11. woc-x is a good base IMHO. That is what I'm starting with. Fully upgradable. Key to more fps in a gbbr seems to be barrel length and barrel tightness. A custom edgi 5.98 id barrel shooting ONLY bioval bbs in maybe a 363mm length barrel would get you close to your goal. Adjustable NPAS would probably get you the rest of the way there. HPA air rig is not out of the question. In fact it may be necessary to get consistent FPS. Just keep the pressure down to GG levels. Later, either as things break or as you have money, you can upgrade internals to stronger components for durability. check out gasguninfo. There is a thread over there that talks about the HPA rig in depth. he lists the qd self sealing fittings that are perfect for mag changes.
  12. RAP 4 likely sells their grenades to Madbull. Their CO2 charger is the exact same thing as well. eeither that or one is owned by the other. Either way I think they are the same product.
  13. Good deal. Question: Is the reg a CP products? Looks similar. Long bottom reg? Shorty? If so, they have Low Pressure packs that you can swap out I believe. Showing this to a friend...
  14. I realize the war was long, but not many 1777 model FRENCH muskets made it to America during the war. Perhaps near the end when the French were helping us. Mostly earlier style Brown Bess ENGLISH muskets were used, and of course Pennsylvania Rifles. Muskets are made one at a time in this era, and they are all unique. No interchangeable parts. That means it took a long time to make them, and it is unlikely many of the 1777 design were used in the revolution. So for all intents and purposes, it is a POST revolutionary musket.
  15. Is your outer barrel custom, or did you thread it for your end cap? If it's custom, what other differences are there compared to a stock barrel? When you say your hopup isn't stock, is that in reference to the thicker barrel, necessitating a bucking or hop system that needs to accept that thicker barrel? Or is the barrel size at the hopup unit the same diameter as your average barrel and it necks up after the chamber? Nice precision looking rifle.How's it shoot?
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