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  1. Newish field in South Boston, check it out if you're in the area. Enjoy!
  2. AJ6 footage, 400!+ headcount event! This was amazing, don't skip out on an IROPS event if you get the chance.
  3. My footage from a WWII airsoft event a couple days ago, I was obviously Axis. It was a blast, great turn out for allied loadouts too. Everyone should Dub DUB two pew pew
  4. Epic smoke, epic fire, epic explosions, epic game. My footage is 5% of what went on. The grenade launcher was cleared by field and game staff, everything is safe and legal.
  5. the money maker is all that matters the darth vaderness is an east german M66 helmet with a sun shade/ mosquito net rain camo helmet cover.
  6. It was actually....awesome. East german helmets are as are the sun cover/ mosquito netted helmet covers
  7. my part 1 footage from that game as well. I had a blast, great field in Maine.
  8. Its only a couple of minutes but the winter conditions were the best I've played in. It was awesome despite a broken arm.
  9. RPC's After Christmas Skirmish held on January 4th, 2013 in Fremont, NH.
  10. apples to oranges here. we're comparing a big fat rock being thrown at a moderate speed vs the teeny pebble being shot sometimes twice as fast. Charlie horse vs bee sting. In terms of overall pain, paintball is going to take the cake. I'll charge into streams of BBs all day long wearing just goggles but I'll never run head on into paintballs with out face protection. That alone should tell you about the pain factor.
  11. It is some pretty cool stuff, I wear the jacket all the time now just as a regular piece of clothing lol I didn't even try to mass up an EG kit, I started buying bits and pieces to fill in my WWII german loadouts. Picked up the jacket last week and then realized I had just about everything but a set of jack boots lol. All I need are the boots, a zeltban, and 40 years of oppression to make it legit
  12. Found the jacket for $10, looking through all my crap I realized that now I have an east german impression. here it is: wahoo
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