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  1. I think that you should atleast be polite, and not demand for him to do somthing. Obviously you are just jeleous of his sexy Shrike.
  2. The HK416 ris is alot taller than a standard RIS so therefore the upper reciever is taller, so the RIS will raise up higher than the metal body flat top rail. I can't beleive that no one noticed that. Also KA metal bodies seem to be great, I've only heard good things about them so far. Uncompany, and Redwolf, and possibly WGCShop carry them. Order from Uncompany, they have cheaper shipping, and they puty putty over the trades which comes off easily. On my UNCustom glock I got from them, the putty fell off, and I had full trade marks.
  3. pilz


    Goto AirsoftArizona.com for details or AMSOG.com.
  4. I think it that it would look nice with just the stock sights, and the reddot.
  5. If its a sniper many feilds allow a semi only rifle to shoot at that speed. In reality its not as bad as you may think. What kills you is the 400 fps full auto which hurts more than 1 500fps shot from a distance since there are engagment rules.
  6. This should answer your question. You can play in water, but I reconmend cleaning the gun afterwards to get all of the water out so it won't rust.
  7. That is one ugly optic whatever it may be, although the rifle looks nice.
  8. You can't really upgrade the TM fammas.
  9. I like the 3 color dest handguard, now how about the whole gun.
  10. From Airsoft-news.eu King Arms is preparing a type 2 metal body (type 1 being the current crop, which is on the way to the stores). Not a whole lot -except pictures' description- is known at this point, so stay tuned. Click to supersize. http://www.airsoft-news.eu/e107_images/new...body_2_2411.jpg
  11. My KA g27 grip didn't fit right onto my CA gearbox, I would try to mod it to work.
  12. put a warp or two of electical tape around the upper mag to make it seat properly.
  13. A systema PTW that actually has the problems fixed, none currently do so I'll just wait until they do eventually probally a year or two.
  14. It looks good, although some shading and paint would make it look oo soo much better.
  15. Shims are shims, and if you get a Prometheus barrel get a Prometheus bucking to couple with it.
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