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  1. Ugh, Sold Out at airsoftgi :) Ok, I tried the lube job and no luck.. Also went to Home Depot and found the o-ring you mentioned but they are slightly smaller than the bore up.. So, I will look through a few airsoft sites for a replacement.. if anyone comes across any, let me know. thx!!
  2. I purchased a used bore up set from a buddy of mine and the piston head o-ring has lost compression when testing by hand.. (pushing piston/head back and forth in the cylinder while covering cylinder head tube) It does not hold any air while in motion. I've thought that this might be an o-ring problem and would like to replace. Has anyone ever tried to find one at a local hardware store? I'd hate to have to go and buy a new Piston head just to test. Thx
  3. I responded to a moderator earlier today who was asking whether or not this was resolved. I have received the M4 minus a few items such as the battery and charger. At this point, I'm done with this topic and advise against anyone dealing with Andy. Thanks
  4. UPDATE: Ok, guys. Sorry for the delayed response. It was only due to the fact that I didn't really have one. I had been preparing most of the week for John Lu's OP:NS2 out at Fort Wolters in Mineral Wells, TX. I have just arrived back in town this evening 3/11 to a few emails and voicemails regarding this transaction. (BTW I thoroughly enjoyed NS2!! Was an excellent example of MILSIM and cohesive team work) I have heard from Matt Troung (Andy's Employee??) and he shipped the rifle on Friday 3/9. I FINALLY have a tracking number!!! This package is due to arrive on 3/15 - this Thurs. (NEVER shipped on 3/2) Since Matt's involvement fired up on 3/7, (yeah I know, 3/7??) I have been called nearly daily with updates and status' by Matt. I'd have to say that Matt's a "Good Kid" who's trying to help with Andy's business "short comings" and is involuntarily caught up in the mess. I have also been informed by Matt that for my troubles I'll be receiving an extra Hi-Cap G&G magazine, RIS covers (MFG ?) and TM RIS Foregrip. I'm almost out of this nightmare and hope that the Rifle (M4 RIS) and accessories check out upon it's arrival 3/15 - Thurs. On a personal note. I'd have to say that this has been a horrible experience...and hope that other ASF folks DO NOT have to go through this crap. I'm usually the bargain hunter type and will research, research and research an excellent deal. I failed to gather "good" references for senjin (Andy) and this is my fault. Please be cautious with future dealings and thanks for everyones feedback. If this thread isn't closed by then, I'll update on 3/15. Thx
  5. I really hope so.. I never got a call and still have no tracking number.. I'm thinking, if its usps and shipped friday 3/2. I should receive equipment on Tues / Weds. Will keep ya posted.
  6. You should convince your dad to get a "trial" gun with you. You know, so you guys could possibly start it up together, you never know.. You're dad might get into it with you.
  7. Ok, I've purchased this gun airsoft item FS from Andy Chang (aka Hureinsenjin, aka Peter Chang, aka Senjin) in the middle of February. This is a TM RIS M4 with all the accessories per the FS ad. This rifle was going to be my primary for OP:NS2 (night scorpion2 in Fort Wolters, TX 3/9-11th). Per his ad, I pay him immediately via pay-pal and send the funds over... To this day... no gun.. Here's my story, First off, it was like pulling teeth getting Andy to give me a total on price, shipping and when he could ship the gun.. His ad states that I could select the shipping, so I email him to send via UPS and get me the shipping cost so that I could pay right away.. No replies. So I send a PM / email asking for this info again.. I get a reply that states give me $20's to ship and I'll get it out tomorrow.. This is 2/16. I send him the funds plus the last minute "pay-pal" fee that he requested in his last email.. I thought, ok, things are moving along now.. Should be here next week! I don't here from Andy for a few days and NO gun arrives in the mail.. Surely I've should have gotten it by now or at least a tracking number... I send a few more pesky emails and PM's over to Andy... almost demanding the status and what could be going on... Come to find out there are some personal medical reasons as to why he has been so busy... I felt horrible with what he's going through and apologize immediately when I found out the situation. I shouldn't have been so pushy not hearing from him given the situation (no need to discuss further as it's a very sensitive issue). A week goes by and I get an email stating that he has given the gun to one of his employees (??) Matt Truong to ship... I thought "What!?" this hasn't shipped yet? It's now 2/21, and, it's going to ship via USPS not UPS because he gets a discount through them.. It's 2/28 still no gun, still no tracking info.. I've decided to lay off on bugging him and it is now Friday 3/2. Although almost daily 2/16 - 3/2 you can see Andy (via his profile view) posting and pm'ing throughout the FS forum here carrying on his usual business... I've shared all necessary info to get this gun... email, postal address even cell phone so that he can call me with any updates or issues that may come up.. I'm exhausted about wondering if I've been scammed or am I being too impatient?? At this point, I don't know who has the gun and where it is.. He says he's got to drive out of town to take care of this.. In the few weeks that have gone buy, I've picked up other items, paid for them and got them shipped to me before this gun.. (thanks again kracka1031) Should I be concerned at all?
  8. Still awaiting shipment....and tracking number. Waiting's got to be the hardest part of any deal...
  9. I suppose Lionclaws considers you guys veterans? I hear the scenarios a loads of fun.. Can't wait to engage "Hotel!"
  10. Cheap is a relative term.. try here: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=2097
  11. Excellent, see you there.. I'll be the guy in my avatar, look for me... no j/k
  12. I'm a new recruit with "Commando 53" out of Dallas, TX. I'll be attending my first major Airsoft OP next month at Ft. Wolters in Mineral Wells, TX. Thus far I'm assigned to Golf Co 1st Platoon 3rd Squad. I'm not to far from the AO and I'm really looking forward to attending.. Is anyone else on this board going? If so, Plantoon? Squad? Have you been before? See you on the field!
  13. TM sold to me woot! awaiting shipment thx
  14. lol, more like, I have an inheritance and will give $5000.
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