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  1. I have a jg g36c and I want to know if I can find a cheaper good mid cap mag I don't want hi cap cause of the noise and the bad misfeeding.
  2. selling 2 cans of 1100ml of green gas 8$ plus 4 for shipping paypal please
  3. I know theres gonna be some hate but I like the high capa I have the 5.1 government model and I love it I polished the slides and I have a spare co2 mag which I use way more than my gas one just b/c co2 is way cheaper and easier to get, but I mean when I use my co2 I get about 3 mags with about 29 rounds in each clip just in one of those tiny canisters so I mean its fine for me and I love the all metal, one thing is that it is really heavy probably as heavy as the real thing but idk plus easy upgrades and disassemby on top of it being cheap(I bought mine off ebay for 94 bucks brand new) so I don't think you can go wrong.
  4. I have a high capa 5.1 and I use c02 and personally I like it way more than green gas b/c it seems easier and cheaper to get plus the higher fps I havent had any problems but it is good to keep some silicone spray on hand considering co2 has no silicone built in(I think crossman does but im not sure)
  5. can you give me a link cause I def can't find it
  6. im looking for a mount for my cyma.30 will this work http://www.airsoftatlanta.com/images/lp_cl...catinny_jpg.jpg
  7. I know gunner hass a the cheapest one out thats the one I have and I have no problems with it. http://www.gunnerairsoft.com/newgun/chinese/cm-030/index.htm
  8. not really its a tm replica meaning everything is the same
  9. omg have u guys seen this crazyGunny airsoft
  10. I just bought this gun and I tell u this is at par if not better than the ca g36c right out the box I got 350 fps and it feels sturdy and everything is the same except for trademarks I like this the best b/c of the quality and the price so its win win. even though I haven't done any extensive tests yet.
  11. I really like the HTMI004 and um I have a friend that has that exact model and I know he got it off ebay for about 120 with shipping but thats probably one of those ebay deals um but im not sure were to get the Tokyo Marui Samurai Edge Biohazard 3 from but I know u can easily get the burton standard model from alot of places
  12. the only one I can think of is http://www.evike.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv...RENADELAUNCHERS
  13. I know the utg mp5 rivals the ca and tm ones internally and its like 70 bucks
  14. I have a we government 5.1 basically same thing and it is a gas hog and I got tired and switched to c02 so now I get way more longevity idk if they make c02 mags for 1911 but I know it was worth it for me.
  15. I like both guns but I don't see the point in getting both I would just go with the m93r its cheaper and a little more reliable guessing that ure not buying a cheap version its really cool and has that awesome 3 shot burst
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