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    AEGs ICS MP5 A5 (315 fps) TM Military Aug (400fps) TM Civilian Aug (400fps) TM MP5 SD6 (475 fps) PISTOLS Maruzen M-11 (stock) Maruzen fixed-slide P-99 (stock) TM Hi-capa 4.3 (stock) TM Mk23 SOCOM (450 fps) RIFLE TM G-spec (530 fps) Laylax zero trigger, teflon cylinder, cylinder head, red piston, PDI palsonite spring guide, PDI 6.05 430mm barrel -Barska 3-9x42 compact scope
  1. To fit a 430mm PDI barrel in my Gspec, I had to drill the end cap.
  2. Ofcourse an .01 barrel will increase fps if you switch out your stock barrel to a 6.01 but if you compare the .01 to the .05, you will get higher fps with the 6.05. The .01 will get you better groupings at a closer range than the .05.
  3. I was just wondering if you could use the Laylax zero trigger with a PDI cylinder and PDI vacume piston. I know that you can't use it for the bore-up kits, but what about the standard sized parts? And also, whats better: Laylax teflon cylinder or PDI palsonite cylinder?
  4. The .01 isn't "the best". It all depends on what kind of performance you're looking for. The .01 is good for accuracy but isn't as good as the .05 when it comes to fps and range. I have a 430mm 6.05 and it is still pretty accurate and I get a decent amount of headshots out in the field. There are some problems with the length of the 554mm because of it being so long that there's more air volume in the barrel than the cylinder but this can be solved by using the PDI vacume pistons. I would still recommend the 430 length barrels because the accuracy is still adequet but it won't be so ridiculously long.
  5. I have a teflon cylinder and all after market parts, so I didn't even need to open my stock cylinder. The only reason why I want to open it is to get the o-ring out.
  6. I hear a lot about how crappy the zero trigger o-ring is. Well thats what I have in my gun right now and I would've put the stock o-ring in but I can't get the cap off of the stock cylinder. I tried drilling into the pin but after about 15 minutes or so of drilling, it seemed like I was getting nowhere. Any suggestions?
  7. I don't know what kind of fps you would get from that setup but I have mostly laylax parts (zero trigger, cylinder, piston) but my spring and spring guide are both PDI. I have the palsonite 9mm spring guide along with a 9mm spring (I think its the 240%). I haven't had any problems mixing these 2 brands. With my set-up, I'm shooting about 520 fps(with spring broken in).
  8. He's right. I wasted money on the g-spec because I eventually ended up installing a 430 barrel covered with an aftermarket silencer thats just long enough to cover the inner barrel so I'm basically left with a gspec that has a vsrpro barrel set-up. But what I do like about my g-spec over the pro is the beefier barrel and the cocking handle which is both more ergornomic and it doesn't flip up past 90 degrees like the pro bolt handle. I would definitely go with the 430 over the 303. In my opinion, the vsr pro is the perfect length because the barrel isn't too short like the 303, but the gun isn't too long either with the gspec silencer equipped.... those few extra inches make it that much harder to stay mobile and concealed on the field. I have a PDI 430mm 6.05 and I'm pretty happy with the range and accuracy. And since I had my old stock gspec barrel lying around, I got it installed into my TM socom, and now the thing is shooting 450 fps lol.
  9. lol its $10? throw it away and buy something that will last a little longer.
  10. I just recently purchased a UTG brand M3 shorty shotgun which is a replica of the tokyo marui benelli shotgun. I love the gun so far, but I think it would be much more effective if I could mount a reddot onto it. only problem is: theres no rails on the thing! and I havent been able to find any websites that sell somekind of rail kit which mounts on to this particular shotgun. anyone seen a rail kit for this gun? let me know, or just send me the link. thanks!
  11. hmm... thats pretty interesting. I think it would be a lot more effective if he put a longer barrel in there tho. I wonder if that shotgun is compatible with any of the aps/l96 barrels.
  12. I've heard stories of guys converting their Maruzen 870 shotguns into sniper rifles by switching out a few internals, puting in a different barrel, and attatching a silencer. So basically what you're left with is a rifle that has the range and accuracy of APS's and VSRs, but with a shotgun-type pump action. I really want to try this if its not too expensive. Has anyone seen this done before, and do you know what kind of parts you would need?
  13. go with the pdi barrel if you want more accuracy. Go with the laylax one if you want more power/range. I would recommend getting a 430mm pdi barrel.... although people have told me that they actually prefer the laylax 6.03 over the pdi 6.01. I personally have only tried the pdi 430mm 6.05 which is effective in the field and a whole lot cheaper than the 6.01. I like the shorter length of the 430 length because it keeps the rifle more compact= greater mobility.
  14. if you've already spent 100 bucks on that teflon cylinder.... just use that until its no good anymore. whats also good about the laylax cylinder over the bore-up one is that the bore-up cylinder is all chromed out which makes you that much easier to spot in the field. you may think that because its only a 2 inch piece of shiny metal, it wont stand out but I can't count how many times I've spotted other players only because of their exposed bolt, or their nickel-plated pistol. well I guess u can always paint that part over, but I prefer not to paint any moving parts of my gun.
  15. do you know if you got an increase in fps, or a decrease in fps when switching to the 6.01. someone told me that you'll get better distance and fps with the 6.05, but more accuracy with the 6.01.
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