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  1. Ive made numerous transactions with T tiger in the past. Ive been trying to contact T Tiger for an order. He usually responds promptly via private messages, but he's gone quiet. Is he still a valid seller on this forum?
  2. I have the CA AR10. The gearbox can really take a beating. Ive owned it for over 2 years of continual use and its still working great, shooting over 450 fps.
  3. Do you have the M6 TacLight with Laser Pointer for Pistol. Comes with pressure switch in black? do you have the shark skin hoodie in xl and do you have the X300 light?
  4. Ehobby is awesome when it comes to shipping things. I got Mk18 mod 0 as well as my XM177 e1 from them without any altercations to the trades. IDK about G&P usa, but I know that Gun Mall Japan has most of their selection and they will mail everything from TM MK23s with foam filled suppressors, glocks, MBKs ect without getting hassled by customs. They ship fast and have a large selection to choose from plus they are very respectful to customers.
  5. do you have the M6 TacLight with Laser Pointer for Pistol. Comes with pressure switch in black? and do you have the shark skin hoodie in Alha green or coyote tan in xxl?
  6. Contact the better business bureau. In the future you should set up a paypal account. I use paypal, their buyer protection has made short work of "misunderstandings" Nothing makes a seller sing to your tune faster than when their account is frozen.
  7. Fps works in tandem with other upgrades. Like I said you can have the best hop and everything else, but if your only shooting 300 fps the bb wont travel as far as the same gun with the same upgrades shooting at 450 fps. This isnt speculation this is something I have have to do with my guns. You will see a plateau at roughly 450 fps, but you have to build your gun to accept the higher tolerances of a harder spring. The problem is most of the people on this thread don't have a need for a gun shooting over 400 fps since again once you go past 400 fps your getting into "precision" shooting. I cant speak for the rest of the world, but in the USA most of the people will upgrade their bolt guns to shoot over 400 fps, but will upgrade other parts of their gun accordingly. You take that same bolt gun with this method and have it running 300 fps since "fps is over rated" than surprise, the people with 400 fps guns will be out ranging you. You wont see to many threads where people try to build a DMR to shoot 300- 350 fps, it will just be another aeg that will be out ranged by other AEGs. Most people who build DMRs try to aim for the 400 to 450 fps since that will give them the extra power they need to out shoot the regular field AEG.
  8. I smell a troll...... but I love this topic. My M40 will push a bb to roughly 250' with roughly 180' of straight bb flight . Its all about your role and experience. Most of the people on this forum havent been playing long, or use high caps and just spray a portion of the field until someone yells "hit." You don't need fps to do this just ROF, and ASF's demographic rings true when you look at the posts. ROF+gearbox>FPS. If you are doing the sniper role and actually play with some degree of tact than FPS is a factor. Yes, it isnt "everything" but its important once you get into precision shooting. People are so quick to put a hard spring into their gun that they overlook hop up tolerances and other aspects of their gun. After overlooking these factors their gun shoots inaccurately then they make these statements because they overlook the basics. Higher fps is important if you want to hit something hard and fast at distance. You can have the best hopup in the world with the best gearbox, but if your gun is only shooting 300 fps you will be struggling to hit people past 150' without arching your shots and your hold over your target will look like something out of battlefield 3. My CA AR10 is shooting 450 and the extra 50 fps +good gearbox+good shim job+good hopup does make a difference. I had to down grade my spring for a field and actually lost between 30 to 40 ft of straight bb flight before the bb dropped. Yes, fps IS important, it works in tandem with your other upgrades.
  9. Im interested in joining the private forum. Yes, I have under 100 posts and am not an authorized seller. I was a member since 2006, before the bst requirements, but lost my account when they revamped the site. My account originally had positive feedback from all my trades and over 100 posts. Ive been playing since 1998. During my time in airsoft I have run Connecticut's only official airsoft history and firearms safety panel for 3 consecutive years at Connecticon. I used this panel as a way to educate parents on the history of the sport as well as directing prospective players to insured fields and the proper use of their airsoft replicas. I have run the panel with retired SOF, GORDAK, and members of Filforce. I have attended countless national events. At Climb To Glory I was DRK's spotter for OPFOR forces. When Im not playing airsoft I am volunteer EMS. I can provide input on gun modifications and health related issues.
  10. Evike has a history of doing that. The only group that is worse is Airsoft GI. The way to get past it is give it 5 stars and write a scathing review of the product with a disclaimer that the only reason you gave it 5 stars was so it gets posted. I managed to slip a review past them doing this.
  11. Im starting this thread as as simple one stop thread to get everything for materials needed to the actual techs and places to mail your gun off to get modded. If you could post any links as well techs in USA or EU that do complete R hop mods I believe this would be a huge benefit to the community as well as myself.
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