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  1. I used to work for the company that "sold" that BAR. It's a low cost POS made by Well. It sold for 129.00 on average at retail. So that means Factory cost was about 25.00 Toss it...there is a reason why that thing was in the attic.
  2. And you can buy the same mask under other names for 12.00.
  3. Down to this point it's all looks. Get what appeals to you.
  4. Ugh...he painted it. Good deal...no not really. That APS is a pile...it will fail sooner than later. This is due to it being "used" and you have no idea on how they were treated. I wouldn't pay more than 150 for that set and especially since some of it is painted.
  5. Go simple...a MOSFET is a complex upgrade. What is your current FPS with .20g bbs now? I am surmising you are using your "old" NIMH battery. These packs have a rather large voltage sag, especially if you have the high capacity models. This condition is exasperated by years of storage with no maintenance charge. So a new battery may be all you need. Then add a High Performance motor from Tienly along with that "good" battery. it can increase your trigger response without opening your mechbox. Here is a Tienly 45K motor on a 2S Lipo (working volatage of 8.2V). Go to the 2 minute mark: Yes, that is 25rps on a stock ratio 18:1 at 398fps.
  6. What the gun "looks" like has no bearing on it's "value" to be used. As long as it dispenses bbs at the field and you can use it. That is all that matters. Internal parts are "essentially" the same, for you all shoot the 6mm ball.
  7. Only thing for certain is that it's metric. There is nothing SAE in these toys. As for what...get whatever you like. Most parts are the cheapest lowest grade materials on the market in China or Taiwan. Hong Kong and Japan may use a coated screw...but nothing "fancy".
  8. Get a M90 Prometheus Spring or a PDI 100% However, it's not drop in simple. If you are not mechanically inclined, have a Japanese Airsoft Tech do it for you.
  9. Are you on Arnies?
  10. Anything made by Tokyo Marui will be supported for a very long time. As well as WE "main stream" pistols. WE GBBR's nope...not supported heavily.
  11. If you are running it in the USA...you don't need anything but stock form.
  12. Please provide as much detail when you pose a question to help us better help you. Maker and Type of Battery What type of Charger, again maker and model. You most likely didn't charge the battery correctly. If not that, then you may have a bad pack.
  13. TM is a solid base. Everything is "Made" for TM. AW is mostly show and average go with high rate of failure and parts that are not compatible with other platforms.
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