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  1. You really can't "match" anything. Airsoft is not made to a standard. As long as you don't move to a higher impedance wire you should be fine.
  2. No such thing as longer ranges than a "standard" rifle. Everyone drives a blow gun and we all shoot the 6mm ball. What the dispenser looks like has no bearing on "range". Thus a 400fps Barret .50cal has the SAME range as a 400fps MP5. What will improve range at 400fps is the hop-up packing/rubber/bucking...Maple Leaf units can offer range improvements with slip on simplicity.
  3. ASF is seldom visited by "old" players like me. This is due to the issue a few years back when ASF went offline and everyone went to Airsoft Society. Instead of us telling you what's good. Rather...tell us what you like and then we will tell you if it's good or not. What works for us may not work for you and in the case AEPs...waste of money. You will be out shot by every Gas pistol out there and if your reasoning is could weather play...low pressure valves have allowed GBBs to work in 30 degree temps.
  4. That would work as well as a V3 Wire kit that goes out the rear.
  5. Most Zero to 25 yards with .25g bbs at 400fps. However, note..we have magus effect on our shots...so normal ballistics does not apply.
  6. Guges Mk3


    Hi. Let me preface you with some information, I have been in the Airsoft industry since the 20th century. I have assisted many PD's in getting airsoft for training. Most of the items sold through US distribution is not high quality. This is due to the fact that the industry follows no productions standard any more. American Consumerism does not apply in Airsoft. Now...your CYMA M14 should be fine as a starter AEG. However the P09 in CO2 is not the ideal solution. CO2 is terrible for Airsoft, but distribution won't tell you that...because they want you to break their gun and you go out and buy more items versus buying a durable product. Also CO2 is expensive to use 25 cents a jet for 1 maybe two mags of use is not very economical over say 7 cents per mag for a Green Gas gun using propane. With a GG gun you can top off a mag between rounds...with a CO2 jet...you can't do that and you will need to decide if you want to Waste a half empty jet or go into training with a weak mag. See how this is panning out?
  7. Or an easier trick is getting a 3V LED, a 1S LIPO, a clear hop-up unit like this: and electrical tape.
  8. G&P is a very good platform to build it on. It is an analog mechbox with legacy parts compatibility for DSG's...unlike Mosfet driven mechboxes that need a magnet sensor in the sector gear. However, be ready for a lot of patience, because to under take this venture at your skill level is not going to go smoothly the first 5-15 iterations...
  9. Depends, but due to product safety standards, no it shouldn't cause a fire. Well that looks like a Kyosho connector and you have a Tamiya connector. Issue is that you would be buying the same size connector as the one on your A26. While the listing lists "Tamiya Style", I have some doubt that it's NOT a Tamiya compatible connector. Another thing...Kyosho Connectors are made in Milky White, part of how it was designed to discern the connector. Tamiya was made in a light green tint or Solid White. Couple with that this industry has been polluted by people that know nothing about what is what, it just all adds to the confusion. This is indicative of an industry where American Consumerism does not apply, where items are NOT made to a standard. At least this one is the right tint and the right size (but still described incorrectly) https://www.amazon.com/Venom-RC-Battery-Charger-Adapter/dp/B01N28WZN8/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=banana+plug+adapter+to+tamiya&qid=1610135809&sr=8-5 In comparison to yours which has a noticeably larger connector and the wrong tint. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LZEAHZ8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Yes, they do...but then using your alligator clips, spare wire and logic is nearly free to charge your pack...in a pinch.
  10. Details all comes down to PSI. If the PSI is regulated to 115...its no different from Propane or (Release Restricted) CO2, It's all about pressure and less so of the source.
  11. Thanks, but that isn't the wire pack and I am very familiar with the B6 Class charger. The wire pack is the items on the right.
  12. NIMH is Nickel Metal Hydride, that is NOT a LIPO - Lithium Polymer. It is natural for NIMH to self discharger when not in use. Plus you need to thrown a maintenance charge on them every 90 days if you want the battery to fully function for 500 cycles. Here is a NIMH battery FAQ https://www.batterystuff.com/kb/articles/battery-articles/proper-care-and-feeding-of-a-nimh-battery.html
  13. Uh...yes. How else would you be bridging wires between two non-compatible connectors? However, if you don't feel comfortable doing that, definitely don't. Note...this is only to some heavy gauge wire....like "lamp cord".
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