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  1. Admin is Admin. Sadly, after the site came back up and a small nudge to get the populace back, this sight is like the Roman Empire. There is an active population on Airsoft Society.
  2. That nozzle is a gimmick. Don't buy them unless you know you specifically need one of a certain type. What hop-up packing (aka bucking) are you using? It is sounding like you have a nozzle that is too big and a packing that is too "sticky".
  3. Never spray oil into the hop-up chamber...it is not a solution if you defeat the ability of the unit to spin the bb. For an AEG that feeds fine but has no hop-up is rather useless. Did you change the nozzle?
  4. What brand of bbs have you used? Your not cleaning the barrel and packing with an oil are you? Have you changed the packing? Packing is the correct term for a "bucking". Sounds like your have a "dirty packing" One that is gummed up with oil and dirt. With use it stretches, then with no use it shrinks. MOSFET will not address a feeding issue if it's a preexisting condition and if it's just a SSR or AB. Also note. American Consumerism does not apply in Airsoft. Nothing is made to a standard, variances have increased greatly over the last 15 years and mixing parts is not ideal...like that o-ring nozzle.
  5. KWA M9 can use RS 3/5# triggers The analog to the is the KSC M9 which can be found for less. Being that is is for a trainer, I would skip the TM. You don't need to pay the premium for a performance bb dispensing capability when you just need it as a trigger trainer.
  6. Nope...trigger pull is much lighter in Airsoft. By about 60% lighter. With that certain models can have real steel trigger springs installed. The TM PX4 though, the springs are not the same. As for revolver, that market is polluted with low end items that are actually "flimsy" Those would be disposable...the revolver "only" (WIngun, KWC) factories in Airsoft is strictly low end goods.
  7. Good Airsoft pistols are not that fragile. Let's start with which pistol you carry and want trigger practice on. A Glock is a SA only pistol. FNX is the DA/SA, but so is a M9, P226/9... So, let's take it a step further by matching the trainer to the RS you have.
  8. That is a "Max" rating. And the link has this note: "This is a very high current battery, but the 35A rating might be a bit optimistic." Continuous is the more important factor in Airsoft and that is usually 1/2 of the max rating, which put's it around 17.5A of which your 18650 is like "most" other 2500mah cells...it's at it's operational maximum and not the best for Airsoft with a "stock" gun...now that you are looking to install a M130. That cell is going to struggle in FA fire. And the graph shows it...under a normal AEG discharge of 15A. The voltage is sagging very hard at an average 3.3V per cell. Most LIPO...won't even sweat it at that rate and is at 4.0V per cell. And at 20A for the M130, let's say...it drops another .15V on average...that is horrendious.
  9. 18650 are all the same size. However LION cells are not designed for high discharge applications. Vape pens, flash lights and drills...yes...great for LION. AEG's where they need a 20A draw, especially for a M130 spring with an inefficient motor and non-torque gears...a very bad choice for a power source. And if your spring is soft on top of that...that is goinng to bog any LION. LIPO is the discharge king when you need the amps. LION is the capacity king and thus it is only suitable for sub-400fps AEG's with .20g bbs and your M130 is going to far exceed it's operational parameters. Take a gander at the SME's discussing LION's v. LIPO v. LIHV. https://www.airsoftsociety.com/threads/objective-battery-test-titan-lion-vs-kypom-lipo-vs-hv-lipo.161379/
  10. Commercially made...none. Tethers and HPA is a US centric idea...in Asia...they left the tether and they don't want to go back.
  11. LION? Which make and model? LION packs is all hype and very little performance. They are not ideal for Airsoft. How did you test shimming? What spring are you using? You don't need a bearing spring guide and with the wrong spring and a bearing on the piston head...it will cause biding issues.
  12. For your fields: https://www.google.com/search?q=Columbus+Ohio+Airsoft+field&rlz=1C1CAFC_enUS835US835&oq=Columbus+Ohio+Airsoft+field&aqs=chrome..69i57j0.5214j0j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 You have 3 it seems. At the 200 price point you have options. What platform appeals to you?
  13. No not really...mainly the reason is that there is a gap between outer shell and mechbox. That Air layer prevents heat from transferring in. External shock mitigation systems must be used or...creativity.
  14. Not very encompassing and to products that are not very good. Like that B3 charger...that isn't an ideal LIPO charger.
  15. Sadly it's not that defined. It varies on the spring. Length Regular or Irregular pitch Hard or Soft Alloy Spring Steel. Back in the day, I remember installing a PDI 150% in MC51 and I got 355fps with .20 on a double bearing system. A similar install of a SystemA M100 in another MC51 with a double bearing system got the user 370fps. Granted after 1 month the SystemA AEG shot 340fps, but other MC51 with the PDI spring remained at 354fps. However, both mechbox failed about 3 weeks after that at Polar Bear II. What can be discerned from this...lots! -Hard Alloy Regular Pitch Springs that are short are better than soft allow spring that are long and irregular pitch. -Certain alloys become "brittle" in the cold (-10F) and cracks when gets stuck repeatedly in FA when the battery is working (NICD).
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