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  1. Think of your replica like a sports car. Do you honestly think 60.00 Passenger tires will help your performance over say 180.00 sports tires? Same applies for bbs and real firearms.
  2. Correct, you will never get a 400FPS with a M100 for one reason. It was never designed to hit that speed. A M100 is a 330fps Spring. 3.28 feet per meter. Thus 100 times 3.28 is ~330fps. Get the the PDI170...in real life you will get around 393fps with a matched barrel and cylinder. With bearings...it may creep up.
  3. This market main goal for the USA is sell cheap stuff to new users. All the good stuff...from Japan does not make it into US Distributor channels.
  4. It's a Cybergun product. They make their items the cheapest possible and not for disassembly. They Glue some of their parts and if you break those bonds they don't go back together and work correctly again.
  5. These springers are "disposable". They are not designed for durability. The heavy cocking issue could be the piston cup coming unseated and blocking your loading action.
  6. Both should do the job. Plus a motors performance is just not about TPA. That is like classifying the capability of a motor just by cylinders. Best motor is an AEG that hits it's sweet spot fast and stays there. Lonex motors are dated, over priced for it's 12V performance level. Tienly 25K is the best HT motor on the market for most DSG builds. But not many people can afford a 65.00 motor...
  7. Nope. Not one that I would pass around. And you need to look at it as a big picture item and not a single part that will affect your speeds. A general rule of thumb works in this manner based on 30 years of Airsoft knowledge. Spring Quality, best to worst: Japanese Czech/Hong Kong - Custom, batch springs Taiwan China Then is the spring Hard or Soft? Then is is irregular or linear pitch? M is meters per second on .20g bbs S/SP is meters per second on .25g bbs % is a ratio over 250fps, +22fps with .20 per 10%. Thus a PDI120 - ~294fps, PDI130 316fps...etc. Additional factors like barrel length, cylinders and OB components affect the numbers also. If you chrono with .20g bbs, each .01g change in bb weight drops fps by roughly 10fps in a static AEG. So...if your AEG shoots 398fps with .20g, you will be at ~348 with .25g and ~328 with .28g. That is why major events chrono with their bbs and mags. So if you get a M120 Spring and you barrel is matched to the cylinder you should get 400fps. This is true for: 375mm with Type 2 455mm with Type 1 509mm with Type 0 etc... Thus true AEG tuning is an "art" and not so much like a video game gun where you snap in parts for a "programmed" upgrade and you need to know your parts. Put in a SystemA M120 with a double bearing (good luck snapping up that mechbox without a third hand or the not knowing the spring guide trick) You will shoot 450 if your mechbox turns over. Then 2-3 month with proper FA compression...you will be down to 400fps. But oh the unnecessary stress on the mechbox...and in cold temps...mechboxes exploded.
  8. That is an old chart and it is incorrect in many of it's data sets, it is dated 2004 He has soft springs on there that are not settled yet. Thus that is why his SystemA M100 is hitting 365fps. It takes 3 months for a SystemA to settle to it's "rated" speed. There is NO Way a PDI 130 is 3 fps lower than a PDI140...and a 150 is 40 higher than a 140. At Savage Garden III (2003) my PDI140 chronon'd in at 344fps on the official field chrono. His double bearing setup is messing up his numbers. Which is the biggest culprit that his data set being so wrong. He double bearing system. All spring are made for a "no bearing" system back then.. Thus with irregular pitch units and such...the speeds are going to be far higher than they should be. Another case of bad info being used as the Gospel.
  9. Go to Airsoft Society, when this site crashed 18 months ago that is where many of us went and we are active there.
  10. PDI 150% is not near 400fps. That is a 370FPS spring. You want a PDI 170% Also if your lonex motor is over 50.00 your paying way too much for a middle of the road motor. You can get better quality and performance for the same price or comparable performance for less.
  11. It's intent was never to be a high FPS pistol. It's what they call a Boys Model in Asia. As for cheap mags, low maintenance and good functionality in any weather, a GBB can do that tool as long as you don't follow the mis-inforamtion from the "current" Airsoft industry and by via "distribution". GBB can be set up to run in 30 degree temps with relative ease.
  12. Go get this at a hardware store. https://www.grainger.com/product/6TFG2?gclid=CjwKCAjww5r8BRB6EiwArcckC49GeZFpJvyK5LzfaThfA6To15W1lzzHCoTNy--dhuV-jMxhV7OAfRoC4NYQAvD_BwE&cm_mmc=PPC:+Google+PLA&ef_id=CjwKCAjww5r8BRB6EiwArcckC49GeZFpJvyK5LzfaThfA6To15W1lzzHCoTNy--dhuV-jMxhV7OAfRoC4NYQAvD_BwE:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!2966!3!264955915862!!!g!461779184394!&gucid=N:N:PS:Paid:GGL:CSM-2295:4P7A1P:20501231
  13. Supplies for this type of item is minimal to none. Market is just not there to make TBB's for AEP's, plus your short barrel and it being a compression gun and not a gas gun a TBB will not help much. You may gain 2fps with a barrel swap. I would recommend a gas sidearm for your MED needs...not an AEP.
  14. So it's caught on a hole and the threads are just the same diameter and thus it doesn't fall our nor does it bite to back out?
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