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  1. CA is not a good company...I know...I dealt with them as a supplier to a company I worked for. The Sportlines they make are absolute garbage...skip this product line always from CA.
  2. KSC stop with their RS markings a long time ago. What is available now is the KJW units with the proper markings. Not expensive either at 130.00 shipped.
  3. Guges Mk3

    well that is a surprise...

    Not much and many of us going to AS-Society when this site was offline.
  4. Guges Mk3

    help finding battery pack

    That would be your best bet. The only option is RC stores...or ebay where you can buy 6 cells and fab your own pack.
  5. Guges Mk3

    Which Colt SAA Should I buy ?

    Best... a Tanaka.
  6. Guges Mk3

    well that is a surprise...

    It was offline for a bit, but it's back up now. Whether people come back that is another issue...
  7. Guges Mk3

    Wells mbo8

    That is do able with .28 and a good hop on it. No need for a barrel yet. Heck...AEG"s have that range at only 400fps.
  8. Guges Mk3

    G and G m14 EBR accuracy upgrades

    That facility is rather small. They have their off the shelf recipe that get rebranded under multiple names. Then they also do "custom" recipes like Azimuth, which are made at the same facility, but the bb recipe for their bbs are "not" shared with other brands. Swiss Arms is also made there and are the same bbs as KA.
  9. Guges Mk3

    AEG vs. GBB thread sizes

    Yes, they are milspec too.
  10. Guges Mk3

    Kwa m9 ptp, real steel hammer spring?

    The trigger spring is part of it. Did you put in a 5# spring in the trigger? That will make a significant difference. As for the hammer spring there are 130% units floating around, the real one is to strong. Remember these are toys...some parts are just not meant to be over driven...in this case...the hammer spring.
  11. Guges Mk3

    G and G m14 EBR accuracy upgrades

    G&G and KA bbs are both made at the Kai Chang facility in Taiwan.
  12. Guges Mk3

    G and G m14 EBR accuracy upgrades

    Valken is Mediocre at best. They contract to the lowest bidder to have the bbs made. Its the same for Elite Force. One batch can be good, but they get it for .002 cents cheaper per ball they will switch to another supplier and the tolerances change or level of finishing.
  13. Guges Mk3

    Well g74b gbbr

    None...other than GHK. Cheap GBBR's are just piles of junk.
  14. Guges Mk3

    Well g74b gbbr

    Anything made by WELL is NOT Recommended, ever. In Airsoft you get what you pay for and if something is that cheap...its a pile of junk,.
  15. Guges Mk3

    Wells mbo8

    As mentioned, better bbs and a better hop-up packing and nub. Start with the bbs...see how they shoot out of your cleaned barrel and packing. If still poor range and consistency. switch to a better packing of a suitable degree, I prefer soft 60 degree. Allows for finer adjustment at the sacrifice of durability. Who cares if you need to change the packing after 10,000 rounds. Hey are you seeing a pattern here? Its not alike a video game, where you snap in parts and you get performance boosts. The gun is s system and you have to adjust in small increments based on the items and material that you use.