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  1. I have been Airsofting since the 20th Century...what would you like to know? I will preface that 80% of the information on the web is slightly inaccurate to down right false. Perhaps you can have a character in your book that has the mentality of what I own is the best...that is prototypical in 1/2 of the new Airsoft player base.
  2. People on Reddit, and other sites like that....not very well informed...sadly the false information churn continues to perpetuate itself as the Gospel. EF1911 as the best pistol ever. You have to silicone oil your gas. and Titan Batteries are a game changer. Those examples and your importation information is all categorically the same...false in so many ways. Now to address your questions: Correct...TM does not have the legal right to sell in USA. But, that does not prevent you from "buying" from overseas. We are still currently part of a Global Economy. Getting seized at the border, no not that often. That is a misconception. As long as it meets "importation" requirements, it gets in. Thus the loop hole that allows the thousand of units that have been coming in since 1999. Does it infringe trade dress. Yes at one time or another. As for being technically not allowed. No, it isn't. Their is no "law/ordinance/statute" that says it's not allowed. Many of these units are in fact in the hands of Law Enforcement too. Not because they were seized, rather they were imported as an effective training tools both in cost and practicality.
  3. What makes you think it's illegal? And what are the "elements" of it's illegality?
  4. Cleaning rod won't tell if if the hop-up is turned on to high and is obstructing the bb path. Also what brand of bbs are you using, I hope it's not Crosman.
  5. If you plan strictly using it as a short range "defender", either is fine. 18C has longer barrel options for range and accuracy 19 is compact and has range already, but lacks burst fire capability. So it all depends on your play style and skill. I prefer range and accuracy over FA fire capability, which is a Nice to have. Thus I run a TM/WE G35 (Custom slide) with an 7" barrel. I can shoot people in the nose at 65 yards with it at 370fps with .28g bbs in 87 degree temps with propane.
  6. It's as simple as greasing the friction points....like a real pistol. FYI, I started Airsofting in the 1980's, imported Airsoft from Canada in the 1990's for Police Training, helped influence US Airsoft Distribution in the 2000's and worked for a US Distributor in the 2010's and I still consult for the Airsoft Industry in 2020's
  7. Army Panda is not a big Shop and with the current lock down it is going to take a bit before it gets out. I broker items from WGC and can get items out easily with UPS. Just FYI... TM G18C is a model that is over 18 years old it is a well proven platform. TM products are very well made and suffer from no issue with "batch" manufacturing for the are made to a Standard. Is it worth...it depends. It won't make you a better player, its great for suppressing fire for ~2.8 seconds with the 50 round mag. Now let me preface the next set of statements with the following. American Consumerism DOES NOT APPLY to Airsoft. Your best interest is not in the mind of the USA Distributor (I know, I worked for one as the sourcing manager). These products come with no warranty from the factory. It's a buyer beware market...so get to know an item by asking a LOT of questions. Of which I will now answer with additional insights. You have a lot of data that is not "complete". Things don't work that simplistically (this is not an offending statement), this is just a fact that about only 13% knows what is really going on "in" Airsoft and how things really work in the Airsoft Market. This is due to a LOT of misinformation that is getting parroted as the Gospel. Let me start with this statement Airsoft guns are functioning systems and there are variability. These items are not video game guns where a new part is an upgrade. Most upgrade parts are just stock parts put in another bag and sold at 30x the cost to put it in an AEG. It is meant to do one thing really and that is fleece the new player for their money. This rolls back to things NOT being made to any standard. You can use Propane in a TM and many TM owners with experience do this. But, they do it when the weather is "cooler". This is to maintain the Optimal operating pressures to allow the pistol to work correctly. TM's are design for 115PSI operating pressures... Propane exceeds this at 90 degrees and thus that is why you shouldn't use propane. 87% of the population can't articulate this fact on why you can't use Propane in a TM at 90 degrees. But, when the temps drop down to say 70 degrees, yes...you can use propane. And when it gets cooler than that...Propene...and then Iso-Butane or a "refrigerant"...match the gas to the operating pressure you need. Again 87% of the Airsoft player base is too "inexperienced" to understand this. Filling a TM mag does NOT require an o-ring. My TM Mags have no rings in them because I can align the fill tip perfectly with the valve tip. A few burst of liquid gas on my hand taught me how to do this properly. The MAIN reason why it spews gas is the American (adapters were copied from) Hong Fill bottles which had a smaller tip. You can put in a "rubber washer" to prevent misalignment spillage...but you don't need it with practice and filling skill of perfect alignment. Silicone OIL...ignore all calls that silicone oil is the correct method of GBB lubrication. Again...the mental experience of most Airsofters is rather lacking and they take it as Gospel that this is indeed the correct method of GBB lubrication. This was the proper lubrication method for Airsoft guns that were made in the 1990s that ran on FREON. To keep the internal seals lubricated...you needed to add the oil to the gas or you had to tear the gun down to the core and relube the seals. With Modern Airsoft guns Oil in the Gas is a BAD thing. It puts oil in places where you don't want oil and it doesn't put oil in places where you NEED the oil. I personally run 4 types of gases and I don't have any silicone oil. Can you imagine how this may be a bad thing? This is an exercise to help you understand the workings of a Gas Airsoft gun that puts you in the Elite 13%.
  8. Can't provide a link unless you tell me what info you want a link too. TM legacy models are the G17, G18 and G26. TM G19 has the new hop-up that makes it range out like an AEG and that should be coming out in the New G17 Gen 4 replica also, however, these two platforms are still in their infancy for new parts support. They work so well...its hard to mess with "Perfection".
  9. Delivery what? Fruit Gums? Tea? Mugs with the Queen on it? Details, please ALWAYS provide details.
  10. Yahoo was on the scene way before Gmail and it's no different. It's and "email" account and that account is linked to my Paypal account. This site CENSORS complete Yahoo email accounts. Like this: Bob - Bob<AT><PLEASE DO NOT POST YAHOO ACCOUNTS IN YOUR MESSAGES> Ronnie - Ronnie<AT><PLEASE DO NOT POST YAHOO ACCOUNTS IN YOUR MESSAGES> Puppy - Puppy<AT><PLEASE DO NOT POST YAHOO ACCOUNTS IN YOUR MESSAGES> UberDWIAI - UberDWIAI<AT><PLEASE DO NOT POST YAHOO ACCOUNTS IN YOUR MESSAGES> actually it censors all email accounts in the text boxes.
  11. This forum "disrupts" yahoo emails addresses when it's typed.. The components are all there for a complete Yahoo account info. Unique identifier - Ehbiker ampersand....yahoo .com
  12. Hicapa, TM Glock and then WE Glock has the most after market support in that order...
  13. None of those. "Special" Name guns...all show...no go...and you pay for it. Rather get the base gun that it was made from for less...like the cost of a spare mage or two less.
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