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  1. That is a Custom Shop in Taiwan...those parts you are listing are custom made by them...and not sold outside of their shop. Thus that is why I don't consider them an "upgrade" rather it's a custom shop replacement. A very fine line between parts that make it work better versus replacing parts that are just made of a lower grade material.
  2. Why would you think a "Proprietary" system would have upgrade parts? 99% of the sub 100 scopes that you find in Airsoft is "made in china". If you want better...you need to pay more. That 3-9 is a 18.00 Wholesale Scope...18.00 scopes...aren't that good... Another thing is every one shoots 6mm with Magnus Effect. There is no advantage in a 6mm BAR over other 6mm BB dispensers. Rather you should be using a Crossbow Scope with 3-4 reticle points for different ranges. Because your bb flies more like a bolt than a .30 caliber bullet going 2800fps. Here is one for about the price of that non-working 3-9X40 https://www.amazon.com/Skyvady-Crossbow-Five-line-Crosshair-Illumination/dp/B07PR5ZP4M/ref=sr_1_12?dchild=1&keywords=crossbow+scope&qid=1596336890&s=sporting-goods&sr=1-12
  3. Before you go mod crazy...it uses core components from the G Series. With that...most parts don't improve performance. Gas Valves for Mags - BS Upgrade. Barrel - Not really upgrades unless you go longer than stock. Being that this is a GAS gun. Tighter bore on such a short barrel is an unnecessary upgrade. The simplest improvement you can make for range and accuracy is swapping to a Crazy Jet Barrel, use the MR Type VSR Packing and then shoot heavy bbs.
  4. AEG's that have a clean barrel and an oil free hop-up has better accuracy at range. 50' is not something that is remarkable. Guys have been pushing 85 Yards....yes most of a football field with a packing change and heavy bbs with a stock internal AEG around 400fps with 8" groups.
  5. "High Output Valves" are a scam. It's a fleece the new player product and this is why. Nothing in Airsoft is made to a Standard (outside of Japan). If Nothing is Made to a standard. what would deem a item to be normal and what would be an "upgrade" and an improvement. Answer....NOTHING! In most cases the "upgrade" part is a lateral inperformance. In many cases...it's a downgrade and on rare cases...it is an upgrade. So...over 20 years of USA Airsoft...nothing is made to a standard and you get what you pay for. As for why CO2 does not work with a GG Valve...it's called "design" and Physics. A GG valve is designed for operating pressures around 115psi. A CO2 valve is designed for operations around 820psi. Do you see why this higher pressure maybe keeping your valve "shut"? BTW...CO2 is a horrible gas source for Airsoft. There are no advantages to using it in any way regarding: Cost, performance and product durability.
  6. Not sure who OEM"s Begaldi...we don't get their products in the USA. Have you asked on Arnies Airsoft in UK? That is a large EU Forum and many people there are from Germany and have direct experience with their products.
  7. You can't try what doesn't fit. Due to the tolerances (or lack of) you may just have to run a traditional hop-up packing and nub and sacrifice the 6-8% improvement with the ML packing and nubs due to the lack of "fine" adjustment on your AEG.
  8. Try Airsoft Society for this parts request. After ASF going down awhile back...most people left and never came back.
  9. I don't think MAXX makes a hop-up unit for a M14. A stock unit is just fine. If you want accuracy the hop-up unit has very little influence on the performance. Think of the tires on a car. It not the RIM that give you grip...its the rubber.
  10. Yes...also...teh V3 has the square top. Your Hop-Up unit cavity may not have the volume to accommodate that square top.
  11. 1. I have not heard of anyone retrofitting a Standard V3 into a CYMA like yours. 2. Simplicity in manufacturing. It's actually copying an older Japanese design from 22+ years for receivers that you can open to access adjustment. 3. What object holds your nub? This is a Nub Take a picture of that nub holder and post it "in" the message. Yes...they use a conventional nub and packing. But don't assume your CYMA is made as well as a Real Sword.
  12. When posing a problem...please provide as much detail as possible. Does it fire? Which one do you have? Click link and look up model number. https://www.umarexusa.com/search?q=MP7
  13. If you want Average mediocre batteries and a mediocre charger get a NIMH from Amazon - Mini 8.4V and a Smart Charger. https://www.amazon.com/Valken-Airsoft-Battery-1600mAh-Brick/dp/B00E57KTP0/ref=sr_1_12?dchild=1&keywords=Mini+Battery+NIMH&qid=1595617589&sr=8-12 https://www.amazon.com/Charger-Battery-Standard-Connector-Hobbies/dp/B089218ZW9/ref=sr_1_10?dchild=1&keywords=Mini+Battery+NIMH&qid=1595617644&sr=8-10 If you are going to get more "involved" in the sport. Get a 2S LIPO $15.00 with better performance and a logic charger $40.00.
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