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  1. It depends. Post picts of the mag.
  2. Guges Mk3

    18V Battery???

    18V is too much. Your first failure will be a PME - PreMature Engagement of the piston by the gears moving to fast. AEG's are designed to run in the 8-10V range under load...
  3. Hi Welcome back to the sport. This forum has died off due to the server failure 2 years ago. All "vets" have pretty much left this server and went to Airsoft Society for US discussions. However, that forum has it own issues and getting the ability to post there is rather monumental at this time. However like 16 years ago...there are good brands and there are bad brands. What did you get?
  4. Home Depot has no parts readily useable for Airsoft. Do NOT use Gas with oils in them. It is a fallacy that this is the proper method for Airsoft lubrication. It is only true for Freon guns from the 1990s. Modern Airsoft pistols should be treated like a real firearm with real firearm oils or greases. And as of late things are diverging for production standards including gases. More impurities are getting into gases and ruining mags with leaks. Just USE dry propane or other commercial gasses. Before you try and fix a leak, it would help to know if you actually have a leak and where it is coming from.
  5. For 360...there are a lot of options. You have stated you want pretty much anything AR/AK or a hybrid of the two. Skip the hybrids. Not many mad and the ones that were are not very good. Focus on the item you want by searching the net and then asking about it. Or if you want a Mystery Box for Cool new stuff. Just send me the 380 and I'll ship you something cool, but you must specify it being an AR or an AK. Other than me...no one with Airsoft Experience is on this Forum...they all went to Airsoft Society when this server crashed two years ago and never came back.
  6. Not on this forum, ASF went down 2 years ago and all the members went to Airsoft Society. There are a couple of GBB Techs that could do this over there...where would they get the parts?
  7. When you buy in pieces...just image all the mark=up on each piece and multiply that by the pieces you are getting. Factory price for an AEG of that type leaving the factory is about 69.00 before export fees and logistic costs...
  8. Your way overspending for parts that are not made to a standard and is sold for less in a set that is already built out as an AEG. https://www.evike.com/products/11406/ LION are inferior for Airsoft use...do not use them in Airsoft. Especially for a pack that is 80.00...and is distributed by Titan. On Airsoft Society (where all the ASF users went went this forum went down 2 years ago and never came back) we diseected their packs and found them underperforming for they hype they use to fleece new players.
  9. Nope...its based on the Ares Magazine system and the retention system is different. You can use CA X9 mags which are exact clones...but those are in short supply too.
  10. So, you are changing the barrel outside of AU and then shipping the item in?
  11. What is cheap to you?
  12. Hi ASF is rather empty now days. All the experienced people went to other sites when ASF went down 2.2 years. They are on Airsoft Society and Arnies for people of the INTL flavor.
  13. You will not get much response here. No one I know of uses and Airbow in Airsoft. Not many people are here after the server crashed 2.2 years ago. They migrated to other sites. Society, Arnies...etc.
  14. They are selling the same items as Aliexpress but at a markup. Items on that sight is mediocre in quality.
  15. You have several issues and your AEG may finally have broken an internal part. However, you need to localize the root cause. -Your nozzle or tappet plate is potentially damaged/broken. -Maximum Upward Curve is Not basically off. And that could be your issue if it is set for maximum upward curve. -Do Not lube bbs. Never lube bbs. You need it to be dry and clean so it takes a good back spin. Lubbing bbs is like rubbing oil on tread of your tires. Do Not do that... If you have greasy bbs and your hop-up is on maximum...there is the feed and firing issue. So, which is it...maximum curve (on all the way)? or Off? -Battery shorts have nothing to do with feeding issues. That is like saying a broken headlight is affecting your tires traction on snow.
  16. While CYMA is a good "value". It's not a good rental gun especially the CM022. That is a MPEG and no one will want to rent it. CYMA CM022 AK47 Semi/Full Auto AEG Airsoft Rifle w/ Full Rear Stock; 7.2V 700mAh Ni-Cd Batter That is a back yard plinker... Another reason why AK are NOT good rental guns is that it's NOT a modular AEG. If you have a problem with the mechbox. You cannot uncouple it and swap it with another one. If you have a problem with the barrel. You cannot uncouple it and swap it with another one. The CM.507 is a RIS Model AR. Skip that and get one with a conventional poly grip for cost savings. Plus 1300.00 is not going to get you very many AEG's as rentals. You need to get them via distribution or at least through a broker so you pay less for the items you need for your business.
  17. Anything can be a DMR. This is due to us all shooting the 6mm ball. Heck...my G35 Pistol has "DMR" accuracy. The SR25 has one flaw...magazine choices. Your options for "good" magazines is slim to none. For the Krytac...you are spending a light premium in name. What is your DMR field speed limits and is is SA only?
  18. People are telling you the right things. And this is why. It's a an "off brand" pistol. No company supports parts for a off brand item. It's a Beretta replica. This is not highly supported in the market place and a pistol of the past. Combine the two your chances of finding something is slim to none. M9/M92 were the thing back 18 years ago...today...not so much. If you want a threaded tip on it...you will have to adapt one from market parts. And before that you need to see the big picture. Does your pistol work with a weight hanging on the barrel. In some models it retards the action and the pistol does not go back into battery.
  19. You really can't "match" anything. Airsoft is not made to a standard. As long as you don't move to a higher impedance wire you should be fine.
  20. No such thing as longer ranges than a "standard" rifle. Everyone drives a blow gun and we all shoot the 6mm ball. What the dispenser looks like has no bearing on "range". Thus a 400fps Barret .50cal has the SAME range as a 400fps MP5. What will improve range at 400fps is the hop-up packing/rubber/bucking...Maple Leaf units can offer range improvements with slip on simplicity.
  21. ASF is seldom visited by "old" players like me. This is due to the issue a few years back when ASF went offline and everyone went to Airsoft Society. Instead of us telling you what's good. Rather...tell us what you like and then we will tell you if it's good or not. What works for us may not work for you and in the case AEPs...waste of money. You will be out shot by every Gas pistol out there and if your reasoning is could weather play...low pressure valves have allowed GBBs to work in 30 degree temps.
  22. That would work as well as a V3 Wire kit that goes out the rear.
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