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  1. Get a M90 Prometheus Spring or a PDI 100% However, it's not drop in simple. If you are not mechanically inclined, have a Japanese Airsoft Tech do it for you.
  2. Are you on Arnies?
  3. Anything made by Tokyo Marui will be supported for a very long time. As well as WE "main stream" pistols. WE GBBR's nope...not supported heavily.
  4. If you are running it in the USA...you don't need anything but stock form.
  5. Please provide as much detail when you pose a question to help us better help you. Maker and Type of Battery What type of Charger, again maker and model. You most likely didn't charge the battery correctly. If not that, then you may have a bad pack.
  6. TM is a solid base. Everything is "Made" for TM. AW is mostly show and average go with high rate of failure and parts that are not compatible with other platforms.
  7. I came from paintball...and I continue to wear my thermal lens JT Full face paintball mask... Many of the Airsoft items are not rated as high for impact as Paintball. How much do your eyes and teeth matter to you and their worth, I wouldn't skimp... Your two combo items is is pretty safe.
  8. Then the rest is really up to your cinematic creative capability. Another tactic is Tree Dancing.
  9. It is very hard to convey tips in writing. I would say start watching videos on how to "slice the pie". And minimizing exposed profile.
  10. That barrel will not work with the ML hop-up Packing. That is a traditional window cut and ML Packing need an enlarged window cut.
  11. Regardless, a heavier bb at a lower FPS would travel further than a light bb at high fps. This is due to two principles in the Laws of Physics. That is Inertia and the Magnus Effect.
  12. Being that this is a National Board, you are not going to find much about Vermont here. They do have a FB page in VTAG - Vermont Airsoft Group.
  13. Not hitting past 20M? That sounds like your hop-up is non-functional. What BB weight are you shooting. The biggest improvement to range is hop-up "packing" (also known incorrectly as a Bucking, which is a no such word that was made up due to a translation error and distributors are too "dumb" to know better) and a medium polish "heavy" bb.
  14. As you may have found out...your Tech number 1 is not so good. Stop using him. Fact number two. No aftermarket part is a guaranteed drop in "upgrade". Many is a lateral, no difference. Many may not work well together...a downgrade. I would point the issue that the bb is having an issue getting past the hop-up packing (bucking is not a real term and its a made up word from a translation error from 20 years ago.) Or your new hop-up unit may not be seated correctly. With that...welcome to "real" Airsoft troubleshooting, where your AEG is a "system" and one part may not work well with others due to there now being no "standard" for aftermarket parts.
  15. That model is considered "Disposable". CYB has no intention of supporting it with Spare Parts. I know...I worked there. You will have to find a doner gbb with some other issue and get the parts from there. Do you have the original manual? There should be an exploded diagram there.
  16. Please specify additional details as to which model you have.
  17. I know of new full MK23...but no one I know is just selling the LAM unit.
  18. Sounds more like a mag issue. Same thing happens with the AEG when it is in an inverted position with a full mag?
  19. In the Sub $100 category...you get what you pay for. Nothing is Good AND Cheap., Mediocre...most likely, decent...a stretch. AN AEG could be quite fun and you can disable FA mode in some models with a removal of a spring.
  20. It gets "political". Hop-up is the P2P on a phone - IOS/Android. Store forums and such are monitored...anything bad about a product pops up...it gets killed for the store doesn't want to be stuck with junk inventory. They survive on buyer "ignorance".
  21. Tienly is the top choice for Torque motors that are just ungodly durable.
  22. Or go middle road with a GE or a E&C like the one below with a QD sping change mechbox for 200.00
  23. The Minnesota Airsoft Association has 3000 members and plays over 3-5 fields in the Metro Area. There is the MAA Con in the spring where suppliers bring stuff to sell cheap or at sick prices. I.e. cool items you can't get State side or at prices below online retail.
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