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  1. Looking to finish off my Ranger impression, and I need some Ranger Green gear to do it. I'm looking for; - Eagle Medical Pouch - Eagle 100 rd Pouch (Multicam is alright as well) - Eagle MBITR Pouch These pouches MUST be in Ranger Green, except for the 100 rd pouch, which can be in Multicam. Eagle Industries pouches only please, as I'm not interested in replica stuff.
  2. I have posted these same concerns on airsoft forums in the PacNW. These criticisms were not taken well by their owner, Hellmutt, and he ultimately responded by banning me from the facility (after I made a very jokingly, " his guys for taking all the Ranger spots" at a local impression game), and threatened to ban the rest of my team because of me. Funny thing is, my team used to go there weekly. Now, because of the behavior of the staff and there blatant disregard for their OWN rules, they now play there rarely. In fact, we prefer playing with a group of new players who have major hit-calling problems than going to TacTac and suffering there. To add a similar story of Karland getting shot by a ref; at their old facility, there was a ref (a 17 year old who always walked around in ACUs, wearing US Army tapes), who was screwing around in the ready room (where no loaded weapons are allowed) with a pistol. The pistol ended up being LOADED, and he was pointing it at people that were not wearing eye protection. He was confronted about it by two US Army soldiers, who had recently returned from deployment in Iraq, and he merely talked down to them, shrugged them off, and walked away. It's a waste of money, simple as that. Like you, I stopped going there because I don't want to pay $20-30 to get talked down to by some teenagers and 20 year olds who think they know everything there is about airsoft, when they regularly show that they know next to nothing. The fact that they have made 12 year old kids act as refs because the actual ref couldn't be bothered to do his job shows the caliber of this facilities staff. There are a couple guys that I like there, and are extremely helpful, but the overwhelming majority are arrogant and condescending. It's unfortunate, as it seems that because they are the only CQB facility in Western WA, they feel like they can get away with doing whatever they want, because they have a monopoly on the market. Karland, I would highly suggest that you post this on local forums such as 1st-Sword, AirsoftPacific, and TacomaAirsoft, because a lot of the Western WA community does not frequent this forum.
  3. Nice. Is it the regular RBAV or the RBAV-AF?
  4. Yeah.....those "Tier One" guys don't exist. The closest you'll get are 1st SFOD-D (Delta Force) guys, who are NOT Rangers. If you want to do a Ranger impression, use the link Kelpto posted. If you just want to half it, don't bother, because that'll be an insult to real Rangers.
  5. Need a new MICH 2000 for my CCT impression, so I'm looking for one. Any color is fine, doesn't need pads or straps. Looking to spend about $25 shipped. I'm also looking for Eagle SFLCS pouches (or Pantac/Flyye replicas), so if you have any shoot me a PM and I'll see if it'll work. Thanks!
  6. Ranger Green double mag pouch sold. ALL PRICES ARE NOW BEST OFFER.
  7. It might help to get on the WASHINGTON forums, rather than the national ones. http://taskforcestryker.freeforums.org/ind...19c7031f457329c http://www.1st-sword.com/forum/ http://www.airsoftpacific.com/portal.php http://www.tacomaairsoft.com/forum/index.php
  8. Selling Guidelines: 1. Only accept paypal 2. PM ME. Private messaging is the best way to contact me 3. Prices are somewhat negotiable 4. I ship USPS Flat Rate, and shipping can be combined 5. Please allow 2-3 days handling time Trades: - Eagle Plate Carrier with Cummerbund in Multicam or Khaki (Flyye and Pantac clones accepted) - LBT 6084A in Multicam or Khaki (Flyye and Pantac clones accepted) - RLCS gear ALL PRICES ARE NOW BEST OFFER, SO OFFER UP! First off, pouches: 1.) Tactical Tailor Canteen Utility Pouch (Multicam) - $20 2.) Eagle Industries DFLCS Canteen Pouch (Olive Drab) - $25 3.) Tactical Tailor Zippered Utility Pouch (Coyote Brown) - $25 4.) Tactical Tailor Pistol Lanyard (Coyote Brown) - $15 5.) SOLD 6.) SOLD 7.) SOLD 8.) Pantac Double Magazine Pouch (Ranger Green) - $10 9.) Issued USMC IFAK Pouch, possibly Eagle (Coyote Brown) - $20 10.) SOLD A NEW Eagle Industries RLCS Hydration Carrier - $90 Second, a carrier: Selling a NEW Tactical Tailor Soft Armor Carrier, made in Lakewood WA. This carrier is designed to carry soft (kevlar) armor, and has an insert that can carry a hard ballistic or stab plate. It also has MOLLE webbing on the front and back, so that pouches can be affixed. Color is Coyote Tan (khaki). - $75 Third, my RAID modified DCUs Condition is great. Size is Large Reg for the blouse, and Large Long for the pants. - $35 Finally, a KJW 1911 Parts gun Came across a broken Hi Capa awhile ago, but I've decided I don't really want to spend the time/money to repair it, plus I don't like Hi Capas, so that even further decreased my interest to repair it for myself. So, I'm selling it for parts. Comes with the gun, and one magazine. - $50 I've been told all it's missing are these, however this can not be substantiated; -barrel bushing -front sight -safety -new outer barrel
  9. First off, plate carriers I'm after (clone gear is ok, but only if it's Pantac or Flyye, DO NOT OFFER CONDOR/TMC GEAR) Looking for (any of these, preferred in khkai): - RRV with back plate - MBSS with back plate - HPC - LBT 6094A - RBAV - MBAV (Eagle plate carrier with cummerbund) Now, pouches (khaki, coyote brown, or Multicam): - MBITR radio pouch - Magazine pouches - IFAK pouches - Utility pouches - Hydro carriers If you have anything to offer, PM ME.
  10. Local forums you'll have more luck on. Local games and teams are posted on them. http://www.tacomaairsoft.com/forum/index.php http://www.airsoftpacific.com/portal.php http://www.1st-sword.com/forum/
  11. Looking for a MK18 for my NSW project. Must have metal body and RIS. Body can be in any condition, as long as it's not broken, as I am going to paint it. Looking to spend about $100-$150.
  12. Well you don't need to join, just keep an eye out for the occasional games we have in Olympia. Tacomaairsoft.com/forum might be good as well.
  13. 1st-sword.com/forum/ http://www.tacomaairsoft.com/forum/index.php http://www.airsoftpacific.com/portal.php http://www.wartairsoft.com/phpBB3/index.php
  14. Go to this forum: Spokaneairsoft.com. There are a couple teams near Walla Walla/Tri Cities.
  15. You will be hard pressed to find any regular competitions. There are occasional CQC ones in the Pac NW, can't really talk for anyone else. The reason there are few competitions is that competition implies competitiveness, which usually leads to people cheating (like not calling hits) in order to win. You don't need to have competitions to have fun, the MilSim OPs I've been to are testament to that. The only things I've liked about competitions I've played at was that they were scripted and have actors. Having several teams go through a course one at a time is pretty fun, but hard to put on. Having several teams go head to head to see who'll go out is just asking for trouble.
  16. Looking for a Dboys CQB-R (aka MK18) for a project. RIS is preferred. Internals must be in good condition, body can be scratched but also must not be damaged. Let me know if you have anything.
  17. Did you guys used to be a paintball field?
  18. I've got a UTG MOLLE vest in black with some pouches if you're interested in that. Shoot me a PM if you are.
  19. I can attest to this. ACM gear has rubbish quality. If you're looking for quality on a budget, I'd get Pantac gear.
  20. Pantac makes a replica of the Eagle Plate Carrier with Cummerbund http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...all_CORDURA.htm
  21. Need a new primary, and I'm looking for a CA M4. I'm using it for a project, so it needs to be a REGULAR M4 RIS. So one of these: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.p ... ts_id=4928 It does NOT have to be an X-series, a previous generation is alright, but it MUST come with full RIS and CAN NOT be painted (must be original black with white trademarks). Not looking to spend more than $200. Shoot me a PM if you have anything like this.
  22. Hey man, hop on this forum; http://taskforcestryker.freeforums.org/ind...19c7031f457329c We're a Western WA team with a section based out of Olympia/Lacey.
  23. Check out Task Force Stryker: http://taskforcestryker.freeforums.org/ind...19c7031f457329c We're a team based out of the Renton/Seattle area, and have field games pretty much every weekend in Renton, and we make occasional trips down to TacTac.
  24. What is 'Woodland ACU'? You mean MARPAT? The Marine pattern?
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