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  1. I completely agree with J-man here, my M249's box mag died and the hop-up was horrible. I highly recommend the M60 series as they are 10 times better
  2. From having owned both an A&K M249 and a A&K M60E4 I can safety say that both weapons are solid and that both preform well for their price. However, that being said there are some things you should know about these replicas. The M249 I had didnt have the best accuracy and that box mag stopped working properly after about 6 months of owning it. The stock can not house a large type battery and the gun can be heavy for a smaller guy like myself. Now the M60 also had terrible accuracy but that may have just been my model, however it was lighter then the M249 by 3 pounds and it can use a large type battery. My personal recommendation is to go with the M60E4.
  3. Its been a long time since I was on here, anyway, I would have to recommend the CYMA with my whole heart. I currently own the CYMA .42a or AK47 with RIS system basically and I can honestly say that it is n awsome weapon. Mine shoots around 380FPS now but came in at 400 which is perfect, second no need to change the motor because it is plenty powerful. I can attract metal objects through the pistol grip. I have not touched my AK internally and it still shoots just as good as the day I got it and its a full year later. Accuracy wise mine shoots very well and very consistently but if you have the money I would spring for the new barrel and bucking for sure. If you want specifics about CYMA AK's let me know.
  4. I WANT THIS!!!!! I have been waiting for this gun to come out for a while now and I got rid of my M249 just so that I could hold off and get this one. Depending on the price this will be mine some day lol ... maybe soon
  5. Sweet pics ... where did you get your alice??
  6. This is a rather interseting find for me ... Maybe when I order again in late september I will order one of these.
  7. What kind of M16 is that is the first pic?? It looks like a CQB length M16VN?
  8. I think I will pick up the A&K as it will probably be more quite but I do know a guy who is stationed in Germany that say that the CA is pretty sweet. But people over there prefer the A&K as it is much cheaper.
  9. I really like the PMC one ... I have a tactical AK on the way ( I know it has rails that is AK blastfamy!!! Spelling :( ) and I am thinking about doing something along these lines except I have to do a camo pattern as my team requires that. How many AK mags can you get into the Chicom??
  10. Most of these article do not bash airsoft in any way ... now the kids that are doing these stupid things are what is bad. In the first article I could tell which one was real and which one was fake by simply looking at the reciever. However cops don't have time to do that .. the UK article did say to only use airsoft guns where they were intended to be used. The last 2 articles made the airsoft guns out has harmless and put the blame squarely on the individual using the replicas in the wrong way. Now the misuse of these replicas can be bad but for the most part law enforcement knows that we as a communtiy frown opon those who use these replicas stupidly. I live in paterson NJ and I am friends with a lot of cops. May come over my house and ask to take a look at my replicas. They think they are cool and I tell them about these articles and incidnits and many say that they know me and the group of people I play with arent like those kids and that the community of airsofters around the US is not to be blamed for these irrational actions that these retarted kids are partaking in. So honestly I think if we continue to do the right thing and not be stupid then I don't think airsoft is in danger.
  11. I would expect things made by king arms to be of some quality, and I don't think he knew that said items were not going to work. He did order these items but it is not his fualt that the items did not function as they should.
  12. That was pretty funny, it was obviously not ment to be serious and I have seen that guy do "reviews" before and he does then the same way ... to be funny
  13. Honestly there is no contest when it comes to who would win. Hands down the Marines would have all the advantages. You said that there 100 Marines, I have never known a squad of Marines to go into battle with a support gunner. So if you throw those into this mix a SAW gunner will carry something like 400 to 600 rounds for his weapon. If they are using M240b's then that is again another weapon that is going to be carrying 400 rounds to lay people out. Also there is always an M203 in atleast on squad that will carry 4 M203 rounds or so. Also in some of the shows I have seen with deployed units on the Military Channel I have seen Marines carrying 8 mags on their vest with 1 in the gun but I am unsure of the offcial count that each one is so posed to carry. I think with all this plus all the tactics that were discussed the Marines win hands down.
  14. Hey admin ... I use myspace pretty much everyday. I actually have an airsoft forum banner on my personal myspace page ... if you want I can take command of the ASF myspace page.
  15. Ohh ... I am now going to start saving. I have always wanted one of these and now that a clone company has one .... it makes it way more affordable.
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