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    KWA G19 Tokyo Marui G-Spec (3-9x50 Mil-Dot Red/Green Illumination Rifle Scope)/(3-9x32 Bushnell) Tokyo Marui M4 S-System (Barska ACOG) Classic Army M15A4 8x 100rd MAG M16/M4 Mid-Caps 3x 300rd CA M4/M16 Hi-Cap 1x 68rd TM Standard OD MOLLE Tactical Vest OD Triple M16/M4 .223/5.56 Magazine Pouch (x2) OD Double M16/M4 .223/5.56 Magazine Pouch MICH 2000 Replica. Bello Sport Goggles.
  1. Just found this for $99.00 + 5 shipping. Just for today 8/29/08 http://www.woot.com/ its usually 159.99 + shipping.
  2. At least she knows how to aim. Kinda. http://www.vidmax.com/index.php/videos/view/3074 "its hot" lol
  3. wow. WTF G4 Just dissed an entire airsoft community and I quote. "he went to the Recondo School in Washington to PWN some newbies, paintball style." wowsa. G4TV: Airsoft is NOT paintball
  4. Is there anyway for you to show how to take the front sights off by any chance? I've been searching and this is the only one I've come across for an CA M15a4.
  5. oops see what happens when I type too fast. . I meant I'm not as bad . lol. anyways I took a look at devgru. The ear piece is still clear. Theres no cover and thats what I'm really looking for. I saw it on a guy on the movie Proof Of Life also. and I've seen it on some other guys at some events I attended.
  6. Thank I'm just looking for the earpiece not the whole loadout. hehe. I'm not as badass as Willis is. Though I thought the ending action scenes between the rebels and the Seal Team was pretty crappy. It seemed to me that they never aimed. Just fired at like stomach height. Oh well.
  7. Already Pre-Registered and For Sure going. I was gonna sign up for the U.S Rangers Side but the team was full so I'm I just picked Chinese. Too bad I'm on the team Outnumbering everyone else lol.
  8. I recently bought a Stryker Throat Mic from clearercom.com and I don't like how the ear piece is clear. I've been looking on for days on end and can't find anything resembling a cover for it. Then I watched Tears of the Sun. Does anyone know where I can get a cover like that. Thanks.
  9. I found this online in an airsoft myspace group. I find this to be utterly stupidity. This coverage shows how retartedly they handle airsoft replica's or in their words "toy guns". Given the fact that they were replica's they are the media and they should show more responsibility when it comes to handling replica firearms. They just showed a lot of kids that don't know any better how not to properly handle a gun. It's really great to see how we get stereotyped as the "bad guys" here. "Who Buys These Things?!!" - I Should Punch Her In Her . Her trigger finger should be cut off.
  10. More Pics. 8x 100rd MAG M16/M4 Mid-Caps 1x 68rd TM Standard OD MOLLE Tactical Vest OD Triple M16/M4 .223/5.56 Magazine Pouch (x2) OD Double M16/M4 .223/5.56 Magazine Pouch MICH 2000 Replica. Bello Sport Goggles.
  11. Aww. man I just spent $300 other wise I would put up $400 for that. Meanwhile, maybe next paycheck will go to more gear. I need another vest he he. When I get my new Amex card, just might. When you decide to split off a couple of stuff that I already have PM me but I will keep checking.
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