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    Primary: Tanka M700 LTR (the one with the wood stock) -dees 6.01mm barrel -Best Gun part 91 -Pax Armamentia hop up system/nozzle -Firefly VSR hop up rubber -UTG 4x32 Secondary: Western Arms SCW 2 1911 Kimber .45 KWA G19 with G & G slide
  1. I have here a Tanaka M700 Sniper Rifle with all the upgrades you could want! There's the rifle itself which has beautiful, dark, real wood (nicer then a lot of real guns), and is a very rare variation of the Tanaka M700 series. It takes all types of gas, although I like to use Green gas/Propane which gets it to about 600 fps. This thing HURTS and will leave nasty bruises at closer range, so I would suggest a 75-100 ft. minimum engagement range. The rifle comes with a Leapers 4x32 Scope, an extra magazine, a few thousand rounds of assorted .36g and .43g graphite coated ammo. It has been upgraded with a Dees custom 6.01mm barrel which works great with every type of ammo I've put it through, even when dirty. It also has a totally new hop-up system which replaces Tanaka's fidgity 3-piece hop-up and allows you to use Tokyo Marui VSR hop-up rubbers. It basically turns the rifle into a gas-powered VSR, but with a much more realistic action and heft to it. I also have a top-quality VSR rubber installed in the rifle and an aftermarket metal hop up chamber to reinforce the whole thing. One of my favorite things about the rifle, other than its awesome looks and accuracy, is its size. Its only about the size of an M16 so you can have the maneuverability of a rifleman in the woods while still having the range and power of a sniper. I also have a G&G striker spring which will improve the power. I never installed it because the rifle is powerful enough already, but I will include it for free. Sorry for the lack of good pictures, I can get quality pictures if someone shows me where I can get the software for a Powershot Sd1000... So, in recap: Rifle: $450 Scope: 35 Extra Mag: 50 Dees Custom 6.01 Barrel: 60 http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...#latest_reviews V-hop kit: 100 http://www.airsoftpost.com/king-arms-chamb...a1-p-28726.html V-hop rubber: 10 G/G spring: 6 http://www.airsoftpost.com/upgrade-striker...le-p-28914.html Metal Hop-up Chamber: 45 http://www.airsoftpost.com/reinforced-tana...er-p-25742.html About 1500 .43g BB's and a few .36g: unknown price Total value:$756+ My price: $500 This is a damn low price, and the only reason I'm pricing it so low is I want to sell it fast so I can buy people presents. Please PM me with any questions P.S. I also have an HPA tank and wire that I never set up. I will add that for another $70 if anyone is interested. Nice dark wood. If you're wondering about the camo you see on the scope and the muzzle- its military gauze. It comes right off but I like to put it on for games because it allows you to be camoflauged without destroying the wood with a paint job. Of course during a game, the whole rifle would be covered with the gauze. Tell me if you want me to take it off. I have to take the stuff on the muzzle off for shipping because the orange tip is under there.
  2. Yes, compressed air is called nitrogen because the air is mostly nitrogen, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nitrogen
  3. I'm not sure if this will help you or not, but you might want to check this out: http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/...ail?prodID=9288 It looks like an M203 but it has the same insides as the Tokyo Marui M3 shotgun series, so it fires 3 bbs at once and takes shotgun shells. It'd be masterkey-like in performance if not looks.
  4. I have an a CA AUG that is in many pieces and one thing that needs replacing is the wiring, right down to the trigger contacts. does anyone know if AK wiring or some other kind of wiring will fit it or do I need the wiring from an AUG gearbox? P.S. whats the strongest spring you would reccomend a stock marui piston coupled with a duracon piston head to pull?
  5. could you list the specific companies that made each upgrade part?
  6. Ill offer you $320 for it and you can keep the high caps PM me back
  7. Trust me ive used both in several different guns and they are different. Propane is stronger/lasts longer but is much tougher on internals, it totally screws up my Western Arms 1911 though it is fine on my KWA G19 and Tanaka rifle
  8. The G19 isnt "newer" than the 17. It is just one inch shorter barrel and a shorter frame, its the excact same action and everything just happens to be a higher number. like the difference between an M4 and M16. If you want a more realistic gun that has the safety and the trades you can buy the KSC model: http://www.airsoftsmith.com/store/product_...products_id=363 only downside is a plastic slide, but it has been known to last even on green gas though propane could be a worry.
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