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  1. Um another extremely important factor: Make sure you use ALL screws to close the shell. Often people don't screw the shell and their shimming ends up too tight or off. It REALLY does make a difference. Edit: If you're worried about if you used too many shims, post a picture of the gear axle with the shims. I've (as mentioned above) had to use an enormous amount of shims to get the shimming perfect, but from there the next concern was if there were enough contact between the bushing and gear axle!
  2. Yep, got a CA53 and am looking for any kind of mags and accessories. 450rd highcaps preferred, 330 are fine. Also looking for a Nylon polymer/ composite Mp5 light grip. Battery space is a must, external condition is a major bonus. Doesn't even need to work, as long as it looks the part. Also looking for an Mp5 A2 stock. No Mp5 J, mine do not fit CA guns.. Paypal only, open to trades! Please message/ email me. Thanks!
  3. Worth mentioning that the Dboys Scar H is the best clone I've owned to date. The externals are lovely, and as mentioned internals are decent. I would pick up a VFC nozzle however, as the dboys one shattered. The material was a very brittle clear plastic. Swap to 7mm solid bushings and your set.
  4. Title says it. Ideally what I'm looking for is a CA M41 Offizer, the Mp5 lookin G3. However, I'm looking for any G3 or MC51 as long as it has the sliding stock. I would also be interested in purchasing a sliding stock on its own if you have one. If you've got a metal G3 body, or a full stock MC51 I'd be interested as well. Please message me if you have Anything MC51! Thanks.
  5. Alrighty, looking for Good conditioned G36k rail. Also looking for Sound Amplifiers like a Noveske for cheap, and NICE Mp7 sights (two sets). Paying cash via paypal or tade. I'm not willing to pay more than $50 for a K rail and less than $20 for the other two stuffs. I might as well get them new elsewhere. Also looking for cool G36 externals like Army code receivers (lol), outer barrels, poly stock adapters, etc etc. NOT looking for Magwells, external bodies, anything non polymer. Thanks for looking!
  6. I tried testing my setup after getting my Rhop all set up. But then, I just had so many problems trying to feed bbs, I though it was the rhop. Took it out, still problems feeding. Tried two different buckings, but finally I figured out it must be how the bbs are being fed. With light spring tension they feed fine. Otherwise jams or doesn't feed. CA magwell SHS nozzle SRC body 5ku CNC hopup Madbull Red/ Normal black buckings Tell me, does that look as if it's too far into the feeding part, or is it just me? :( (Most dead on picture I could get, from the above view) Does the front lip of your hopup units look like this? I know normally they are, but this much? Thanks for the help guys.
  7. Actually, I bet some of you have. I made this custom shorty AK from a picture I saw of someones cut down gun. This is a custom cut AK47 shorty, and is almost a foot short than normal AKs. The gearbox was just tuned so that it was made to last. Comes with 3 Waffle AK mags, one beat up shorty mag, and normal AK47 highcap. I can also include a parts AK mag aswell. There is No Battery. Only problems is it's missing a butt plate, they cost $7 new, and the selector has to be pressed all the way down (see video). Otherwise this is a SUPER LIGHT cqb friendly gun. Range is 170ft (hopup upgrades) Parts list- G&P 295mm? inner barrel Chopped M14 inner barrel (clockwise threads) Echo1 M14 EBR flash hidder Bucking with SHS nub Dboys 7mm gearbox SHS solid bushings SHS 16:1 gears, bevel shimmed SHS sector delayer Corrected AOE Reshimmed, regreased Chrome type 2 cylinder New electical contacts Rewired Deans Video explaining the gun- Note- This was before the 16:1 gears, now the GB is more quiet. More pictures- http://s195.photobucket.com/albums/z116/Ai...ft%20ak%20sale/ ASKING- $160 SHIPPED! Shipping costs a bit so. Also, will be shipped Disassembled Please let me know guys, thanks. Price is kind fo firm, but offer anyway.
  8. I thought of that, but evike no loner does free shipping to Hawaii. :(
  9. Just paid a nice $295 chunk of change for a WE G39 ras. Now I'm looking to pick up 3 additional mags where is the cheapest to get them from. With shipping I've got AirsoftGI and Airsplat.. Airsplat coming to $119 for 3 with shipping. Yeah yeah I know they can be sketch, but I'm willing to take the shot. Anyone else know cheaper?
  10. Haha, I second the build quality thing. I used to tinker with those Galaxy Mp5ks, your best bet is to upgrade to something at least slightly better. Even a Dboys 7mm shell would be a major upgrade from the shell that broke. With age pot metal just gets weaker and softer/brittle. I Think, it's because it oxidizes or something, but yes it sucks. I also have a TM shell from 2006 that is still going strong in multiple setups. I just don't use it now because the threads stripped. ^lawl, it was an old JG Ver. 2 shell, I think thinner than Ver. 3 shell walls, but same idea.
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