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  1. there's a lot of conjecture going around on this thread regarding these rifles. I have first hand experience on the receiving and giving end of these. They ARE worth the money. It is not just a tanaka running on HPA, Mike reworks the reciever, mod's the hopup, free floats the barrel, and does several other things that makes this truly custom rifle. Since they are HPA and run on a regulator, they can be adjusted from 300 fps all the way up to 800 depending on where you put the regulator, so they are NOT set at just 600 fps. Not only are they adjustable, the variance in FPS is within 2-5 EVERY shot. While yes, some rifles can go out to 300 with a lot of modifications, the groups at those ranges are VERY hit or miss. Even my rifle had some pretty wide groups at that range, but I had experience with my rifle and knew what it was capable of, these rifles just have fantastic groupings at that range. I know that my old M40A1 had a lot of reputation on this site, but I can tell you, Righthook's rifles out shot mine by a good 50% These are not mass produced rifles that run off a line, they are hand made and custom worked. At 100 yards, it did not just feel like a small *thwap*, it stung me through the BDU's. Point being, don't knock it till you tried it.
  2. Sorry guys, no trades, just looking for cash or M/O. Anyways. BTT. Any offers will definitely be looked at
  3. not on eBay yet, but 1 final price drop. $465. This is a complete rifle that is ready for the field. I need it gone.
  4. Bump, someone make me an offer. About to put it on Ebay.
  5. Major price drop!! $500 This rifle is worth well more than that and is still in excellent condition.
  6. thanks, so have I It has seriously been my pride and joy for over 3 years and still performs as nicely as it looks. That's the good thing about Tanaka, with the price comes great quality. Plus all the little things I've done to it have made it that much greater.
  7. Up for sale is my pride and joy, my M40A1. I've had this rifle for almost three years and its still a tackdriver as most of you have known/felt. I have had confirmed shots at 90+ yards and this thing is stronger than hell but fully adjustable. It can be adjusted from 300 fps to 660 fps. I've created several at home upgrade guides for Tanaka rifle's based off of this rifle. Upgrade lists as follows: Tanaka M40A1 Pre-Ban with PCS Bolt(fairly rare nowadays) King Arms Impact Plate Best Gun hopup kit Best Gun Nozzle Dee's Custom's 6.01 583mm barrel Creation Part 91 (full steel) Taped barrel teflon wrapped screws King Arms striker spring (almost twice as thick as the original) Epoxied shim's made for magwell to increase seal to o-ring Sealed the magazine with silicone so there are NO leaks whatsoever a few other small things here or there for better accuracy BSA 6-24x 40mm Illuminated Scope with Uncle Mikes Rings This rifle has been my baby for the past 3 years, overgoing several accuracy tests and working flawlessly everytime. Total I have put well over $800 into this rifle and it fires better than ever and consistently. I'm asking $600 for this rifle/scope package. Here are the groupings at ~90 feet, don't mind the 2 fliers, those were to zero the scope. More pictures/questions answered upon request.
  8. I don't get this concept. "I want something of AMAZINGLY realistic quality, but I want it cheap." It just doesnt happen like that! Airsoft sniping is relatively expensive in the large spectrum of things. My M40A1 has about $800 dollars thrown into it, well deserved, but still a lot of money. Silent Soul, thank you, I didnt realize that people were still interested in that guide or remembered it, hah. As true with most other things in life, you get what you pay for. To answer the OP's question, for you, get a KJW M700, its cheap, powerful, not the greatest internally, but with a few mods it can do great things.
  9. So I recently received a SRC Harris Bipod (non swivel). I honestly don't know how to install it. I've tried searching google, but I didnt really come up with anything. Can someone help me out. I'm installing it on the foreend of a Tanaka M40A1. It's the standard sling hole stud. Thanks in advance.
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