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  1. I have a Sportline MP5 that has a locked up gearbox but has less that 500 rounds through it, I'm pretty sure it needs to be re shimmed and itll work fine, I just don't have the time to do it. I'll trade it with some cash if your interested.
  2. Uhh, when are you gonna reply to my PM about the MP7?
  3. Replied to the PM about the Sportline, not sure if you got it..
  4. I have a CA Sportline MP5 that had less than 500 rounds through it, but the gearbox locked up, I'll trade it for the MP7 if your interested
  5. Aren't you required to post an asking price? what are you starting the MP7 at?
  6. I'll take your broken Glock but I'd like a few pictures first, thanks
  7. bump,$3 price drop on everything
  8. Have to get rid of some stuff. first, Maruzen M11 $70 shipped,upper reciever is cracked in the back but it does not mess with function at all second, UTG Crossdraw vest in woodland $25 shipped third, Bellsouth 1011 radio, $20 shipped or $25 trade value Fourth, woodland boonie hat size 7 3/4, $10 shipped Thanks for looking!
  9. if you want to I'll trade my KWA G26c with a sanded slide to you for this?
  10. It is KWA notice the lack of trades on the original slide, and the lack of trigger safety
  11. Where in this pm was that mentioned? Yeah, I just need about a week to get the money together,or we could trade I have a Maruzen Mac11 im trying to get rid of. That's ok there is no rush. I MAY be interested in the Mac-11. I don't know anything about the Maruzen made version, so I'll have to check into that real quick, before I wanna do a trade.
  12. Why would you sell it? I said I would have the money in a week and its only been 4 days. Also you said you would wait because you were in no rush to sell.
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