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    I like to airsoft (obviosly). I also like skate boarding and XBOX360.<br /><br />I'm currently a freshman at Texas High

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    MP5, smith&wesson KWC
  1. there's no sutch thing as a sniper in paintball especially if all guns are set to safe velocity limits, a thirty inch barrel will only show everyone what a tool you are.
  2. I lost touch with airsoft for a while only to come back to way more shotguns than there where just a year or less ago. ECHO & UTG have come out with a few that look good does anyone know about them? Also, is this a joke? http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=2912
  3. some of your info is misleading, incorrect or out of date
  4. apparently all their other models are quite a bit better than the famas,.... get a different model from TM.
  5. It would be very selfish to deny someone their hobby because they're priveledged then you. Plus it's not really illeagal, just not advisable.
  6. don't underestimate your woman (she can prolly carry a bigger gun than you)
  7. they do a little on gas guns but aeg's, no.
  8. no, just no being a sniper is not as glorifying as every one makes it out to be.
  9. Seriosly, a silencer does nothing for an airsoft gun exept a barrel extension. P.S. You can even use plastic soda bottles to silence a gun for one shot but those aren't illeagal. o_O
  10. mark

    Are Non-bios, Bio?

    even Bio's don't really degrade they're only made of 50% biodegradable substances (KSC) anyway.
  11. Airsoft silencers do nothing. Period.
  12. The only way it would be illeagal is if it could somehow be fitted to gun and actually be used to silence it, but airsoft sound supressors don't even work to quiet an airsoft gun so they're ok.
  13. 65 BPS? there's no way.
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