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  1. Very puzzling indeed! I would sure like to know what causes this. locprecision.
  2. That's for sure! About 2-3 years ago, I purchased around 5 of these through different boneyard sites. All were in excellent condition. Wish I would of saved one. UGH!
  3. Looking to purchase a M89 UMP by DOUBLE EAGLE and this specific brand ONLY. Reason being I found a few extra mags that fit this gun only. Must be fully functional and in good condition. Price will be based on condition. Thanks, locprecision.
  4. I sand the whole front of my tappet plate all the way across. I place some 120 grit emery clothe on a flat surface and slowly run the front of the tappet plate across it checking every so often. Dial verniers help out a lot here to check the width before starting. I usually take off about .025"-.030" from the front. locprecision.
  5. Hey friends, I have for sale some brand new Daisy Soft Air guns that were just recently found! These are the guns that started airsoft as we know it today. These represent the best in detail and workman ship not really seen today. Since these are around 30 yrs. old., they have no red barrel markings and are sold as such to preserve their collector authenticity. Each gun is in its original packaging with instructions. Long guns are in a box and the pistols are in a blister pak. All guns come with casings, 6mm round bullets, and steel magazines. Upon firing, a casing is ejected when the gun is being cocked and then reloaded with another from the magazine. I have 1-UZI and 2-TEC-9 machine guns. Each one of these is going for 79.00 PLUS 9.25 shipping. I have next, 3-Smith & Wesson model 59s. that are 60.00 each PLUS 9.25 shipping. I also have extra cartridges for each gun as well. I take paypal and can usually ship same day payment is received. I can send photos of these to your email address. Thanks for reading. locprecision.
  6. No, mine work the opposite. Loads a round like a normal semi-auto pistol.....pull the slide back and a round is chambered. You pull the trigger and the B-B is shot. Then you pull the slide back to eject the empty shell casing. Repeat process. Sorry for the long delay in response. I couldn't get back on this forum. locprecision.
  7. I have some NEW Daisy(THAT'S RIGHT) pistols 35 years old. Copies of S&W 59s. Metal mags with plastic bullets. Topped off with a 6mm plastic B-B. Fires and ejects shell and then reloads another with each pull back on the receiver slide. locprecision.
  8. to help with finicky AR latches, I clean the spring and AR latch and then place the spring in position on the AR latch. Then while in a vice, I dab the spring with a little CA glue onto the latch. Let set for an hour or so. This keeps the spring in place while assembling the gearbox,
  9. When I upgrade my G&G M4s (just like the one purchased) I keep the hop-up stock but seal the hop-up rubber to the barrel using a silicon type adhesive. I then add one tiny O-ring on the barrel right in front of the hop-up. This keeps the hop-up chamber nice and tight against the gearbox front.
  10. Hi, in the first basket of mags in your pic, are those G3 mags?
  11. Have a brand new echo 1 GAT in the box with front grip and battery. It also comes with 4 new hi-cap mags. 160.00 plus 13.00 shipping. NO TRADES PLEASE. I take paypal and can usually ship same day payment is received. Thanks for looking. locprecision.
  12. APS UAR is SOLD!!! PRICE DROP ON NEW AK 47 Spetsanaz now 67.00 plus shipping. I have 2 to sell. Both are brand new. Will sell both for 145.00 SHIPPED. locprecision.
  13. I have a new Cyma AK47 Spetsnaz with a 9.6V battery. It's light and compact and shoots about 345fps. with 18rpm. Also battery and charger have deans on them. 95.00 shipped.
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