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    Ca m15a4 carbine upgraded to ~450 w/ .25's with: Systema m16 boreup set Guarder hardened steel grear set Madbull tightbore Guarder 70% bucking Guarder tappet plate systema m130 deep fire titanium full-tooth piston
  1. figured id let everyone know, that the Bioval .40's are available at Airsoftextreme (online) , and is $12.99 for a bag/box for 500 . They are brown in color like the Madbull ones. Not sure if these are the same or differ then the reported BBB-Trex (as those were supposed to be .42) Just giving everyone a heads up
  2. hey guys, quick simple Q : can real Pmag ranger plates fit onto the 120rnd PTS Pmag's?
  3. wow, well if the whole system is vsr compatable then I might go for this instead of the traditional vsr (assuming the hopup on the w2000 is the same as the vsr or works just as well)
  4. if you are doing that remember to get the appropariate cylinder to coincide with the longer innerbarrel
  5. I know you mentioned an AUG before; CA does make and AUG. My friend had one as a dmr and was hitting 250ft easily from what I remember correctly. Other route you can take is buy a "cheapo" (not garbage) G36 series and get the Star SL-9 conversion kit; my other friend fan this and it really turned heads on the field as it was the only one. It was shooting something like 400 w/ .43 or something like that. He hit a glow stick (about 1in width) at 100ft. Granted it was heavily tuned and upgraded (believe a m160 spring in it) Always try: Rs Svd Ares Tavor (railed version; put a Acog and have a nice unique dmr) G&P/Area Xm110 m14's (many differ types: dmr, mk14, ebr, proto) Sig 556 those are all option; granted I don't have any exp in them but just trying to expand the list for you to look at
  6. as the title saying was wondering if the PDI b-up parts would work with the M-trigger mainly (that is if it is even being produced anymore), and would I only need the 90 degree piston cap for it to work; or would the trigger mech need to be completely differ (meaning just stick with the PDI b-up trigger unit)
  7. id vote for the Prommy Neo Hopup w/ strike unit over the KA
  8. I got give my vote to katsu; has alot of guns; and anime too :D
  9. ahhh, yeah; I actually totally forgot about the motor, id either use the guarder like u, or a G&P. my other "concern" is I would want to add a silencer for looks but I know the m14 is already a long gun. I would want to use an ops type that can cover part of the barrel so it doesnt extend out even futher. my question was can I use the KA ops spr silncer (and get the spr flashhider to replace or stock on, to get the effect I would want? ), or would removing the stock flashhider and using a regular m4 ops silencer work too. Thanks and ill look into the G&G cyl-head/piston set too
  10. ok, so if go the G&G root id be adding (mainly b/c I wouldnt keep it stock): missing anything or anything need changing (that is what I would do...) Prom torque-max gears Supercore Piston Systema type O cylinder Promy piston head Promy v3 spring guide Promy aug air nozzel or guarder Anti-reversal latch (which v.) Edgi/PDI 6.01 tightbore Guarder or Madbull m140 guarder tappet plate (which v. mechbox) G&P or the other Aug hopup to replace stock possibly SCS
  11. hey all; have been playing airsoft for about 3-4yrs now and really wanting to get a new AEG and have it be a dmr/long range rifle. I have looked at the m14 line for probably the last year as still need clarification and help. I know there was a good topic on this a bit ago, but some reason no matter what I type into search it doesnt work and I went back 13pgs and didnt find the topic and good posts on it. I am looking b/t the Tm 14, G&G, and the G&P dmr m14 (not the kit, the whole aeg). Now I know the TM uses a full v7 gearbox; what I am curious as to EXACTLY what parts the G&G and G&P use (as I know the G&P uses the reinforced gearbox u can buy for the TM, but not sure what gears and whatnot it can use); so for the part if possible list each internal w/ appropriate version, as I have seen peopel post differ things. Thanks for the help everyone
  12. use either the Deepfire Fulltooth Titanium (if can find) or the Supercore; and get an STS as might help save the gearbox from the stress * and gana want to use quality bb's and probably at least .27+
  13. know this is a bit different, but can look into this (link): it is a full G&P, but has an 8mm gearbox and all G&P parts. So by saving money on the extra body, gearbox shell and some other parts, could probably just get a CASV (which correct me if im wrong, is almost the same thing as an S-system). It also has a crane stock for easy and bigger battery storage; and it might already house the G&P m120. This is just my personal opinion but a 6.01 is pretty tight for a assault rifle (I understand want a good grouping), but usually a 6.01 is used in DMR setups; but it is your choice. Just trying to help and give u differ options http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=28183
  14. Ashes, Not sure if your decided on what you want; but there is another option for a XM110. It is made by G&P, but it is $83 more, but you get a scope and different type of stock http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=26048 <--- theres the link for ya; just another option for you
  15. I say wait maybe a month or two to save $50-70, and you can buy a new marked down on sale CA m4 (not used or anything) from some sites. Now I own a CA, so im trying not to bias here, but when I got mine I never had a single problem with it; granted though some people havent been as fortunate as myself. Some may ask save, others will say spend the money you have; it all comes down to the type of person you are. Are you able to wait for something in the future that is better; or the type of person who needs what they want now.
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