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  1. Price reduced to $110.00 shipped!
  2. This is a "take-off" from the Custom Talon I purchased from Trinity Airsoft about one month ago. Only about 200 bb's down the barrel. This is too short for me and I want something longer. Check out these links.. http://www.trinityairsoft.com/pc-480-42-cu...irsoft-gun.aspx http://www.madbullairsoft.com/English/inde...;products_id=51 Description: MadBull TALON system is licensed by Gemtech. The Trinity System is a new concept design featuring a barrel extension module with interchangeable adapters for use with many different Airsoft replica. The auxiliary adapter mounts can be installed in the field to maximize versatility. It is designed to achieve full barrel extension potential. Details: Rail System + Barrel Extension Rail System: Special 8 faces R.A.S. Including 9 pcs full/ half rails and cover The rail cover color is "Black" instead of "White" in the photos. NOTE: You can just use the rail parts to apply to your M4. (You don't need to install Trinity Barrel Extension) See Talon Rail for details. Suggestion: On the real gun, the TALON rail connect with upper receiver by gas tube. Toy Airsoft doesn't have gas tube and TALON will be taken off easily. We will highly suggest you to buy our RAS FIX scope raiser mount to solve this problem OR mounting an optic will preclude the need for the riser. I am including with THIS SYSTEM, A 247mm Madbull Tightbore barrel. The total cost to purchase this system with the barrel would be $180.00 ANYWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am selling this entire set-up for $125.00 shipped to U!!! MO only please!!!! US sale only !!! Email me for my info
  3. Searched...found nothing I want to experiment with a few different manufacturers nozzles and run them thru a chrono. What should I expect with different nozzles? Is it worth the time? How can a nozzle change things?
  4. I installed the MadBull Fishbone bucking! Works great!
  5. Well well...I replaced the hopup bucking and nub with new ones. Shoots like a champ now. No more problem. I was surprised to find a plastic hopup in this ICS? thought they were metal. Anyway, problem solved and thankfully I don't have to go thru the hassle of sending it back. The MP5 is a little more complicated that the AR's in the way the hopup comes out of the gun.
  6. Noobie and others, thanks for your input! I plan on removing the hopup this morning and taking a look at it. I do have a new spare hopup bucking if I need to replace it. I will report back later today with my results.
  7. UPDATE on this problem: I swabbed the bore and hopup before I shot it with dry cloths to clean out the manufacturers gunk. I didnt lube the magazines. I tried adjusting the hopup up slowly and then down...no change. What is happening is, "on a single trigger pull in SA, with the gun only cycling once, two bb's fire" Now, when pointing the gun downward, the same thing happens...two bb's fire AND one or two bb's roll down the barrel and hit the floor." THIS PUZZLES ME. What should I check? or should I send it back to SHORTY's? or can I diagnose and fix myself? Thanks in advance!
  8. Just received this new Airsoft Elite ICS MP5. It fires TWO rounds with each SA trigger pull. Tappet plate...Hop-up...whats up? Anyone know?
  9. I just received a NIB ICS MP5. Charged the 9.6 1400mv battery and test fired. About every other trigger pull, in semiauto, two rounds feed and fire????? Any ideas??
  10. What alternatives are there to green gas to further boost reliability in cool or cold weather? Any thoughts or testing that anyone has done?
  11. Hello all, I am new to airsoft. I primarilly bought this AEG to train with but I also intend to participate in the local skimishes. This is a Custom CA Black Talon buit by Trinity Airsoft. Thumbs up to them!! Here is a pic; It features the following; TRINITY Black Talon Kit: MB RAS Talon Kit MB Tightbore Inner Barrel Vertical Foregrip - Black Full Stock - Black CA Heavy Duty Gears CA High Torque Motor CA Metal Spring Guide Full Metal Body Armalite Logo & Trademark 2 High Capacity Mags 9.6v 3600mah battery with smart charger No range report as of yet. I should receive it in a few days.
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