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  1. Hey RPC you play at Ghosttown at all?
  2. alright haha I thought I recognized the gun, very nice!
  3. wow prolly the nicest M4s Ive seen, the simplictiy is elegant. I love the 8 milly gearbox too, I bet that thing rips. Very nice
  4. love the wood...but is that Aragorn's sword I spy lol?
  5. Im pretty sure the "plastic parts" are polycarb, I havent looked into their new guns though so Im not too sure. I doubt they'd downgrade from the previous internals they used though
  6. I think you mean the SCAR H is awesome lol
  7. yes thank you for understanding that and explaining it to everyone else cause for some reason they weren't listening to me. And yeah we're working on light ghillies for our rifles and from our shoulder to our knees. We wanna reduce the amount of jute though so we can fit more natural vegetation
  8. please read my original post before posting, thanks! Yeah it's a fun place to play I you lived in the area I'd invite you to come by haha
  9. I think you'd change your mind if you actually played against us. We're using a light loadout so we can mobile, it works for us and if you can see us it's because the picute is taken 15 feet and directly focusing on us. In acres of woods with tons of foliage it's gonna be alot harder. And like I said we normally use more vegetation that was just a quick teaser shot. Ouch, actually my objective was to show my hiding technique, like many snipers show their ghillies... So therefore I did show my stuff, if I wanted to show pictures of my gear I would have done so
  10. Haha you're gonna be gravely disappointed when I tell you. really? thats good, our objective is to stay as hidden as possible we use hit and run tactics, first we wait for the enemy to come, then we stalk them and cut them off at one point killing maybe 3 of them and we run before they have a chance to counter our attack. There have been matches where they have had 5men plus a medic vs. our 2 man sniper team, and we stalked and harassed them with fire for about 2 hours till they quit. Haha, we would shoot a guy let the medic heal him, and as soon as he stood up drop him again, then call the guys let them know we could see them and describe their actions just to mess with them. Anyway, Im using an upgraded TM G Spec, my buddy uses a A&K SR25 and I have an OETech Jungle vest and he's rocking a LBV. Nothing fancy, just simple and light so as not to give us a more unnatural shape
  11. Alright here's my sniping loadout, I know it may not be the best but in the terrain I use it for it's awesome, I have yet to be spotted by the opposing team so Im gonna stick with it. This isnt it completely finished (normally use more brush) and I am getting some netting and adding jute. hope you like it, if not I am working on it so keep that in mind...if you got nothing nice to say, then kiss my
  12. my most recent pic Im the guy closest to the camera with the weird face... I don't remember what was goin on then...
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