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  1. I'm looking for a spring version of the kg9 like this http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/arms-revolution-kg9-gbb.html#.VifomH6rSUk but in springer form. All I can find is the long barrel version like this http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/itm/355-FPS-M306A-TEC-9-Spring-Airsoft-Shotgun-BB-UZI-Rifle-Gun-BLACK-NEW-IN-BOX-/161572039411. Has anyone seen the snubby version in cheap spring form?
  2. Seriously made this exact thread, look two threads down. From what I got, your best bet is to look for used stuff. I'm probably even going to buy some broken guns that were initially of higher quality. Or someone said cybergun was decent.
  3. This summer I am going to be doing some filming and need some replicas. They don't need to shoot well at all, they just need to look the part. Can anyone tell me some good brands that make good looking stuff, regardless if they shoot like crap? I once had a both elephant AUG and that was pretty decent for only like 30 bucks. I don't really know any other brands in the low end realm though. Thanks!
  4. If you are going to play exclusively milsim/recreationally, and feel uncomfortable taking apart your gun, get a tippmann. If you plan on playing any speedball, do yourself a favor and get something that actually performs well without the useless milsim options. Try the proto PMR or Sp ion, you will be glad you spent the extra money. As for barrels, never ever ever get a rifled one, and don't bother with anything over 14in, it will not help you. Try the CP barrel line for a cheap but decent upgrade. As for mask, check out profilers or the good old JT proflex which both go for cheap now. HPA tanks you can get used for like 30 bucks online or around 70 new. HPA will be your most important gun upgrade. And I wouldn't recommend a remote setup unless you are constructing some milsim contraption. And don't even think about drop forwards. I know milsim people will hate me for it, but basically just look at what good speedballers use. Theres a reason they have their guns setup like they do, its the most correct way to have a pb gun and will give you the best performance/form. hope this helps.
  5. I was just talking about the phantom in terms of reliability vs. AEG's I wasn't suggesting you use a poppet valve. A spoolie will still sound much better, would go well with mock silencer. And co2 is going to give you a lot more shots but it will give you just as many problems as in a pb gun. It's going to be much less consistent and remember that you're making a spool valve, so watch out for liquid co2 trashing the noid.
  6. I too have thought about this exact same thing, but I have neither the resources, skills or time to machine something like this. I think the first person to make this gun, if you're able to mass produce it, will have the ability to really dent the AEG industry. If you could actually make something like this it would have so many advantages over electric guns. I see why people left classic airsoft, but there is no reason at all to have a huge bulky tank. I personally hate the design of AEG's. They whine, they are slow and they are a pain to work on. Not to mention they usually die after a while even when taken care of. Paintball guns are simpler, have few or no plastic parts and will last for as long as you take care of it. I have a phantom from 1990 that shoots like I just bought it. But back to your design. They even make small airtanks(hpa not co2) for milsim markers. You could put this on an airsoft gun (it fits in the stock) and it'd last for a really long time given how much less air a bb would need. Now you'd have a gun that is actually much more realistic than an AEG. It would be faster to respond, it would pop instead of whine, and you could make it out of all metal instead of plastics. I'll try to find a link for you of that tank. Its like a 4ci airtank. good luck with your plans, I hope you can get this to work.
  7. I'm more or less in abq. If anyone wants to play some woodland let me know, not a big fan of abq airsoft due to the amount of cheating and idiots I usually see there.
  8. I'm pretty sure I've seen this same shotgun in person. I was at Oklahoma d-day and there was an airsoft booth. This was lying on the table. It feels pretty durable, along the lines of the tsd utg shotguns. So its plasticy but not too cheap feeling. They had no air so I didn't get to shoot it. The guy was also talking to someone and I never bothered to wait to talk to him, but from what I gathered, it shoots around 350-400 and the rest you know, runs off of a 88g and can shoot 3. I wanted to check it out and I'm glad you found this because I'd forgotten what it was. I may get one and review it as soon as I can sell my mp5.
  9. It's nimh so I don't think its a charging problem.
  10. I made a thread about this a while ago actually, but I was more refering to the shape of the pellet and how it could be applied to airsoft. Just make a cylindrical bb with spiral fins and maybe add a rifled barrel. They would be a helluva lot cheaper than the paint version too. Just made in a mold. I heard the paintball ones were around 1 buck a piece. I don't know if it would be as ranged as hopup though. We'll probably never know.
  11. A few months ago, I bought a new 1400mah 8.4v intellect bat from airsoft gi. When I first used it, it was great, had great rof and everything. I only used it a couple of times, then I didn't use my gun for a few months. Now I plugged it in, it was dead so I charged it up but when I plugged it in, the rof was super low and it sounded like the gun was struggling to get enough power. I Charged it for the same amount of time as before. Does anyone know what could have happened to it? It had some charge in it when I left it a few months ago, but that shouldn't matter should it?
  12. Me and two friends are in the Allied first infantry, its gonna be a good one this year. anyone else?
  13. Well these things just came out for paintball so that you can actually use rifling effectively. They are made to increase range and accuracy so that you can actually paintball snipe, so what if something like this was made for airsoft? They are like a buck a piece because you have to mold a paintball to the front of them but for airsoft, you could just have a mold for a cylindrical bb with a rounded tip and grooves for air stability. I doubt they'd be that expensive in airsoft form, and you'd shoot very few of them while sniping anyway so they could be plenty affordable. I don't know that they'd shoot further than a hop-up system already does but its just a possible idea for a better sniper round. Of course you'd also have to mod your gun a lot to get it to accept a round like that.
  14. I'd say that you're correct in the similarities between milsim and airsoft, just not in your generalizations that all tourney players are cussing punks and that all milsim guys are friendly honest people. I've seen of cussing and cheating from the milsim/scenario side, as well as amazingly friendly and honest people on the tourney side. It just depends on who you play with. You're gonna get a-holes no matter where you're playing or what you're playing. I've seen it plenty in airsoft too. You just can't sterotype anything in either of these games because they are just so versatile. And I know you're trying to defend paintball from stereotypes but you were also kinda stereotyping against people that enjoy the speedball scene. Otherwise I agree with what you said
  15. well since this is alive again: I'd buy that.
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