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    w00t!! i now have the warrior 1 and the de usp.
  1. I'm looking for somewhere to play casually with a small group of friends as close to home as possible. is there any place in lake or kenosha counties that we could just show up and play against each other?
  2. bgugi

    Rofl Copter

    your roflecopters will be useless after I hit your airbase with a ttylnuke, its over 9000kilotons
  3. sorry, but you are stuck using gas if you buy a gas gun. which isn't really all that bad, get a propane adapter. spring guns offer very few advantages over gas, (winter usage and you only have to buy bbs, but gas isn't that bad if you buy propane)
  4. okay, first off, the question should be something more like "How many micro-farads would you recommend for an aug? [subtitle] Where could I place capacitors and a Mosfet" (sorry, too much grammarnazi in me) but yeah, you really don't need much for a mosfet, if I understand correctly, they are about the size of your thumbnail. I don't know how much room you have in your battery compartment, or how much you have for laying cable, but you have several options for capacitors. you could place them in the handles, or, if you have sufficient room, place them in the battery compartment, with a deans on each end (one male, one female, like an extension cord). you can easily source the caps from disposable cameras (be careful!), which can either be purchased or empty ones that will be given to you if you ask nicely.
  5. the one way you could make this not exactly a which gun question, would be to say that you will write a review on one of these rifles, and you wanted to know which one everybody wanted a review on.
  6. jc snaiper, what kind of scope is that?
  7. I am not sure when, however I do not have my hidden access anymore. my request was here.
  8. mesh masks = epic fail shemegas are meant to be worn loose, they are probably the most confortable and safest solution. but I still think that gas masks look pimp.
  9. bgugi


    hmmm... I thought it was an rpk...
  10. one thing I can say - make sure that you can get mags for the thing, I have the double eagle usp, and the mags are near impossible to find.
  11. (it has been mentioned before, somewhere on this forum, I think it was in my sig at one time...) CAVEMAN MILSIM!!!1!!
  12. shemega, or gas mask - just some other options.
  13. I love my aep... metal gearbox - 220fps, best sidearm ever (especially b/c I live in cold land (also known as chicago suburbia)
  14. seems... implausible... though I am not exactly considered authoritative...
  15. only thing I can think of is the hop will hold the bb until the cylinder is more compressed (only a little, though), or possibly increases seal.
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