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  1. hey I live in the treasure valley, heres the adress to my team's website elatairsoft.tripod.com
  2. I was rushing a fort suspended 5 feet in the air, the guy in it has my MK96, he hits the deck, takes a completely wild blind shot, hits me right in the lip
  3. so buying a CA36k or something will not be the worst decision of my life as people are describing it?
  4. no I mean the BELL g3, I held it, it has an ambidextrous SEF trigger group lol
  5. that actually seemed real for a minute! lol
  6. does the STAR g36 come with h&k trademarks?
  7. the metal might be like that on the BELL g3 SAS lol that thing is a piece of
  8. congress discussing an airsoft joule limit "why would we ban joules? joules are so pretty"
  9. what a bummer I am considering between CA36 or m15 series but CA g36c ( < or >) to echo1 g36c? because I am dying for a g36e
  10. I so want that meat tenderizer kit for the mp5!!
  11. yes I know, but CA's untouched by US customs come with a square panel with real H&K trademarks to put over the CA ones
  12. the orange tip law is BS, I was easilly able to take off some of mine, the trademark law is understandable but unliscensed trademarks on airsoft guns arent disgraceful to the real steel companies, its more free advertising for them, heck, I didnt know about most of the different AR15 companies until I got into airsoft
  13. I wonder if US retailers even get them in with those panels in the first place, I want to take advantage of the price drop, but HK retailers still charge $300 and up, but I WANT THAT TRADEMARK PANEL!! I wonder if and/or how SVT98driver got it with his CA SL8
  14. ive had the privelage of holding the M733 PTW at airsoft extreme, it is dead on when it comes to realism the metal body is as thick as black molasses lol, but I wouldnt want a $1300 m733 unless it was real steel lol
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