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    OLD- -Double Elephant SL8 with custem tiger stripe paint job,PDI120 spring, Madbull piston, Guarder piston head, metal bushings, and shim job. And thats only the start... - Stock DE UMP with Red Dot Current- JG Sig552, with Guarder bucking +SCS nub, Madbull piston, Guarder Piston head, Metal Bushings, and PDI 120 spring - Tighbore, Red dot, and more soon...
  1. Im in the exact. ame boat As the op. I love ar(rs or airsoft) but I HATE the monotony of everyone having an ar with a diff rail system(wheb 98% look the samr minys logo/brand names). It really bothers me but I understand this is how people work(in any walk of life) they go with the easiest/cheapest most hassle free things they can and change a few small details that most change but call it custom/my style even tho everyone has done that before and its played out. / my monthy rant
  2. Lol, I think you guys are funny. I've ordered various items from evoke and have never had a hiccup besides the whole they ship to your billing address. Living out in ga ud think I'd have shipping problems but everything has gotten to me within 5days. Just because you have had ONE bad experience doesn't mean they are a terrible company. You have to understand that they get hundreds of calls a day from ppl about stuff they broke/mistakes they made with their order. And too the guy who got a wrong mag for $5 bucks or w/e suck it up. They rant making any profit from selling you a mag at 5 dollars. Cliff notes: Ppl love to say that one bad instance out of 10 good ones make a company bad. Also talking bout ehobbyasia, I've ordered once from them, paid the extra 16 bucks to have my stuff here in a week. And what do u know, 5 days later it was at my door. Prices don't get too high if u order in. Bulk so they can fit a lot in one box. Too the op. Call them and ask. Be polite and they prob will refund your money unless you want to wait for them to have it in stock. They should be generous and just ship it as soon as they get it.
  3. Should've double checked the address before u hit order... They give you two screen before it's final to checked and fix it. But on to the problem at hand. U need to give more information on the item. Is a speed loader or a evike custom gun because every order will have a different restock time. And as far as the restocking fee, they might not charge you if u end up canceling the order while it not in stock as long as you are respectful to the reps. They have the power to say yay or nay on some things based on your attitude.
  4. That's pretty cool! I love when companies/stores do this kind of stuff.
  5. Ehhhh I'd say it's about the mil-sim at the core. Some use it as an escape(many do with most hobbies) but it's about doing all of the things we've seen in movies, on tv, or even reenacting events. Sure some take it more seriously then others, but many use it as keeping their skills sharp(first cqb game I played had a few active and ex military members and a member of the CIA present[and she was pretty good looking too haha]) Edit: also airsoft is the most realistic sim as far as gear, guns, size, weight goes. Hell 90% of the stuff people use for airsoft can be used for real firearms.
  6. The cqb gun is sick, I love the pararescue receiver. Do want if I ever get a ar rifle lol.
  7. Thanks to a bonus right before black friday sooo..... Got this guy as a christmas gift for me
  8. That was pure sickness. I loved it haha. Y'all should just make movies.
  9. Got a new part then got artist with my cell phone haha
  10. Bump for a good deal. Wut fps is the 552 at. I might pick it up if my money is right
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