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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wevjq_rkWYw...be_gdata_player Enjoy!
  2. I have a hefty box coming to the east coast that's 18.1 lbs I got the ics lube and a flashlight that's only 3.7 ounces with it I'm hoping for the m14(11lbs) or the mk46(14lbs)
  3. Is there still tm g17 mags and free ground over 50? Haha o well placed my order and if all goes well I should be picking up one of those pgc slides for my g17 from you by this friday
  4. Sorry I'm a little late on the reply but the order came in a little over a week and everything was packaged nice and neat with everything in the box I have no complaints and the g&p is a hose, the rof on this thing is pretty nice right out the box I should be chronoing it very soon
  5. Will do And I may even post up a review after a few skirmishes
  6. well I made the order with the 20% off and I got the G&P and a 9.6v G&P deans battery for only 250$. Bangin. almost to good to be true! I will report back as soon as I get the package anyone know how long shipping is to PA?
  7. Hahahah I know it sounds dumb as but I've heard stories of wrong guns being shipped and even cases of credit card fraud And if 100 dollars is a garunteed me getting the right stuff and it's supporting a better company I don't mind
  8. Well the title says it all but I've just heard horror stories of evike and orders so is it worth it to drop an extra 100 for a safer order? What do u think I should do? http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=37369 http://www.airsoftextreme.com/store/index....roducts_id=6076 Any good reviews of evike would be great and save me some dough
  9. ajd0003

    Deans question

    Thanks for the help and I guess I will try the 7.4v lipo Do u have any recommendations on a 7.4v lipo with a deans already on it? Price isn't an issue I just want the highest performance
  10. ajd0003

    Deans question

    The gun I'm looking at has a dean connector stock but I can't find any batteries other them lipos with a dean connector I want high rof but I don't want a 11.1v since ther is to much wear with them, So should I just buy a 9.6v nimhand convert it to a dean connector? Or just get the 7.4v lipo? is the dean connector even worth getting or should I just scratch Getting the gun with the dean and just get the version tamiya?
  11. ajd0003

    Deans question

    Will a 7.4v lipo with a deans connector have a higher rof then getting a 9.6v tamaya small Or if someone knows where to get a 9.6v deans that would solve any problem I had
  12. So ive been on the market for a new gun for a little bit and I finally decided on a G&P m4 ive been looking at this model since it is nice and cheap and I can put some work into when the time comes http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...daa167bd8d6fff7 but my question is does this have the 8mm gearbox? and is the g&p logo on the gun a newer or older model? ive also looked around to see if I could find any info on the model wth the cranestock but I couldnt find it nywhere even the g&p website so any info would be great thankyou SOOOOOO much if you can help!!!
  13. Thanks for the help! And I was also looking a vfc how do they compare to g&g Also money is no issue I'm just looking for quality internals that I can just tweak when I get bored with it over time
  14. Hey everyone I've been outta the game for a few years and have been wondering if I should be good with gettin this bad boy http://www.trinityairsoft.com/p-1516-gg-gr...irsoft-gun.aspx Just wanting to know how reliable g&g has become or if I should stick to gettin a tm, ics, or ca Also I would love to just run a 9.6v and throw a few upgrades internally internally So is this the gun for me? Any suggestions would be great!
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