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  1. Would you be willing to part the tube and hardware? I don't need the stock...
  2. I hope it found a good home, haha. I'm planning a build similar to that for the future -- if I would have bought it off you, I would have only kept the body (the main thing I want to save on) and the RIS. So, I guess it's better off not being gutted.
  3. Great googly moogly, that La Rue carbine is absolutely GORGEOUS. If I hadn't just dropped tons of cash on my current build, that would be mine. Free bump.
  4. Those sights are all rear sights -- not front flip sights. Just thought I would let you know. Also, you might want to specify which is which -- there's a replica GG&G (the one that's thicker up top) and a replica KAC (the cylindrical one). It's pretty much impossible to tell which one was manufactured by whom in the picture. Good looking stuff, though.
  5. That thing looks absolutely gorgeous. Too bad I'm poor. :/
  6. Bump for the only set of PenCott I've seen for sale!!!
  7. I am interested in buying this gun and I have the money
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