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  1. Greetings: The New York Recon Marines have members who live in NYC. If your looking to take your gear home bear this in mind. Airsoft is on the gray area of NYC Adim Code. On the books is a NO NO however because airsoft uses a plastic bb/ Bio-bb city cops may not bother you. However LIRR Police at Penn Station may be a problem. Take it apart and pack it in a gift box and wrap it like a gift. Go on off peak trains to avoid problems.
  2. Welcome to the world of Airsoft & Military Simulation....... You should start with that G&G M-14 AEG Reason: You can play several roles. Sniper, DMR, Point-Man. Unlike gas that can be affected by weather and other factors. The AEG platform is more bang for your buck. Small Mod's like a tight-bore barrel and improved hop-up can make your transition from Paintball to airsoft more enjoyable and easier on the wallet. I hoped this helped...
  3. Well I run OP's at PSI Paintball in Highland NY..... Before the main event we all warm up at the KILL HOUSE for details PM me.
  4. Well I'm putting an OP together for late September early November in Highland NY. What do you have in Newburgh?
  5. Josh whats in the hopper on your end?
  6. Dear Event Participant: Please take note: The New York Recon Marines is canceling our Saturday's Feburary 25,2012 EVENT program . Due to limited participation of people registering... Refunds have been issued for players who already paid. Please watch for our next event scheduled for Saturday March 31st,2012 . We are sorry for any issues this may have caused. Col. DeLaRosa, Founder The New York Recon Marines
  7. OP SUB ZERO II SATURDAY FEB 25, 2012 AT PSI DATE: SAT 02-25-2012 OPERATION SUB ZERO II From CIA Headquarters Langley: Former CNN Investigative correspondent Cyan Madoff (New Earth: A Journey Through Russia After the Fall) is researching the remarkable story about Uri Loggings, a Columbia University undergraduate who joined the Communist Party in 1980. Recruited by Soviet intelligence in 1986, he went to Europe in the guise of an academic; his residences acted as centers for Soviet espionage. After 1986 he sailed to China and Manchuria for various undercover schemes, and then traveled to Moscow in 1989 during Moscow’s purges. Despite long, loyal service, he was arrested and sent to an Arctic gulag and despite frantic pleas for Logging’s release from his wife, and more modest U.S. government efforts, the Soviets murdered loggings in 1997 to keep his secret from getting out. In Soviet archives, Madoff stole a heavily censored fraction of Logging’s 162-page file, supplemented by the FBI's massive records, compiled thanks to the FBI’s lifelong fixation on Communists. These files plus Madoff’s extensive research have produced a rich account of communism’s expanse as well as the bizarre, tragic odyssey of an outsider who devoted his life to serving the U.S.S.R. While fleeing Russia, Madoff now pursued by KGB agents who are intent on recovering the stolen archives. While being pursued, Madoff placed the intelligence in a tubular container and hid it somewhere in the frozen arctic woodland. Moscow has contracted a band of mercenaries to recover the container before the Western Hemisphere learns the REAL TRUTH. Registration is now open for the MERCENARIES/OPFOR elements. To register please email NYRECONMARINES<AT>Excite.com with your request. Copyright © The New York Recon Marines Productions Group, a division of NYRM holdings LLC. All rights reserved." PLAYER COUNT WILL BE CAPPED AT 100 PLAYERS SO REGISTER EARLY NOTE: SNIPER WEAPONS, AEG's , OR SPRING GUNS.* NOTE: COLD WEATHER CAN AFFECT YOUR GUN'S PERFORMANCE. SO YOU MAY WISH TO LOOK AT C02 GUNS , SPRING OPERATED GUNS. INVEST IN LIPO BATTERIES as AEG's can be affected by the cold. LOCATION Paintball Sports 200 Camp Sunset Rd., Plattekill, NY www.paintballsportsny.com/index.php?mmc=2&lmc=4 COST: $20 Per player To pay in advance email me at NYRECONMARINES<AT>EXCITE.COM for details and waivers. WALK ON FEE $35.00 Equipment: Sniper Rifles < 550fps w/.25, Automatics < 400fps w/.25 Ghillie Suit or ARCTIC WHITE MILITARY CAMO Highly Recommended for Snipers Snipers may work with a spotter very suggested. Schedule: Arrival: 7am CHECK-IN STARTS DRESS WARM 8:30 END OF CHECK-IN 8:35 SAFETY BRIEF 8:45 YOU HAVE 30 MIN TO FIND YOUR START POINT 9:15am THE GAME STARTS 13:00 ONE HOUR BREAK 14:00 END OF BREAK GAME RESUMES 5:00PM END OF GAME DOWN LOAD PAINTBALL NY WAIVER : www.paintballsportsny.com/pdf/waiver.pdf EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: READ NO B/S Pen Watch FRS Radio READ - Must have 22 channels with sub channels - Period. Hydration system Full Sealing Goggles only Red Death Rag REQUIRED UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS: SOC ALLIED FORCES - Woodland, OD, MARPAT, CADPAT, ACU, Tigerstripe, DPM GREEN, , FLECKTARN T-Shirt color -, GREEN OD. ONLY. OPFOR REBEL FORCES - BLACK TOP WITH ANY COLOR BDU PANTS
  8. Sounds good I'll notify the 4th BN of the New York Recon Marines Team. PM me the full details so I can add it to our book.
  9. YES..... The New York Recon Marines 3rd BN is looking for new members to fill it's ranks. If interested PM me.
  10. NOTE THIS EVENT IS BEING HOSTED BY COUSINS PAINTBALL NOT N.Y.R.M. http://nyreconmarines.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=946 I am looking to attend this event. Sending a Military Simulation S.O.S. to all HARD CORE Mil-Sim SPECWAR operators for the formation of a squad of true warriors. I will be one of the snipers....I am looking for a spotter to work alongside me. There will be another sniper/spotter, A SAW gunner, DMR, and the rest infantry. I will try to get clearance with the host to allow us to stay together. One thing I will say is be really prepared. When N.Y.R.M. members attended we were better prepared then other groups. Not to be critical but I've always said chance favors the prepared warrior. So if your looking to hook up with the N.Y.R.M. Coalition Squad send a PM with your request and contact info. The more the merrier. Thanks. FYI Our sources say there will be more players at this event. Plus camping is allowed camp rules to apply.
  11. This event will fill up fast.....The last PILOT DOWN event we turned away players who did not pre-register. Please do not be that person register today. And stock up on plenty of ammo.....YOU WILL NEED IT.
  12. It started in 2007.....the turn out was crazy, Then again in 2008 you wanted more your got it.....2009 it just got better with more challenges...2010 I reprized my role again. And for 2011 do I have the ultimate Special Op's Mission.... ARE YOU UP TO THE TASK? I hope so... AND NOW OUR FIFTH INSTALLMENT " PILOT DOWN V RETURN TO WAR SPECIAL OP'S MISSION.....With more challenges to test your skill set. Are you SOC material? Can you command and lead your forces to recover the pilot and his RIO? Are you prepared to deal with a hostile tango force trying to capture the American pilots and TORTURE THEM? Then sign up and get ready to battle... Or are you a MERCENARY? Mercenaries have been around since the dawn of time. As a soldier of fortune you have a mission a client and money to be made....Capture the pilot and collect the assets. MISSION BACKGROUND: While on patrol, a U.S. Marine fighter plane is suffering engine failure. Both the pilot and his R.I.O. punch-out deep into hostile enemy territory. Just before ejecting, the R.I.O. pulled the camera card from the planes camera recorder. The camera card contains classified data, this data cannot fall into enemy hands. However a large tango force is en-route to capture the pilots, and recover assets. HOWEVER ANOTHER CHALLENGE AWAITS...... MISSION PARAMETERS: Your SOC team includes yourself, Your SOC team members, and one GOD sniper and spotter. The Merc force will be of the same make-up of men and assets. PILOT DOWN V THE NEXT MISSION 2011 A TACTICAL COMBAT EVOLUTION A New York Recon Marines Production. All Rights Reserved Located on the NY RECON MARINES TRN. CENTER Paintball Sports Inc. 200 Camp Sunset Road Highland, NY 12528 (845)691-1979 GAME DATE: SATURDAY JUNE 25,2011 AT 0830hrs SHARP HOW MUCH $20.00 TO ANY AND ALL PARTICIPANTS ATTENDING YOU MUST BE REGISTERED EMAIL : NYRECONMARINES<AT>excite.com for your paperwork. WALK ON'S $30.00 SPECIAL NOTE GAME WILL BE CAPED AT FIVE SQUADS ON EACH SIDE 120 PLAYERS IN TOTAL PLUS 4 ROLE PLAYERS. So I urge you all to register early.....NO BS. VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ BELOW Itinerary: Saturday JUNE 25, 2011 0700: Arrival and Team set up. *BE ON TIME NO EXCEPTIONS WE AT THE N.Y.R.M. RUN A TIGHT SCHEDULE. 0730: Weapon chrono by NYRM field staff. 0800: Operation & safety briefing by squad leaders 20min 0820: Photos 10min 0830: Official start time. 1300 LUNCH PERIOD 1330 END LUNCH 1335 RE START OF OP Game runs through Saturday Morning and ends at 1600hrs. Saturday JUNE 25, 2011 Game continues till the whistle/horn is blown. THE TALLY OF SCORES WILL DECIDE THE WINNER. 1600: Official ending time. 1615: We all leave for home... Thanks for coming! Waiver & Medical Form: NY RECON MARINES Staff & Field Staff will have all related forms to be filled out. PLEASE NOTE: TO PRE-REGISTER, PLEASE SEND A DETAILED EMAIL REQUEST TO NYRECONMARINES<AT>EXCITE.COM REQUESTS W/O A CONTACT PHONE NUMBER WILL BE REJECTED. THIS IS TO AVOID SPAM BOTS... SAFETY: ALL PARTICIPANTS SHOULD BRING OWN HYDRATION SUPPLIES AS NONE WILL BE PROVIDED BY STAFF. FIRST-AID KITS ARE VERY SUGGESTED. LOCAL INTEL HAS ADVISED THAT THERE IS LUNCH WAGON ON SITE. HOWEVER THERE IS NO GUARANTEE IT WILL BE THERE ON THE DATE OF THE EVENT. HOWEVER WE WILL OUR BEST TO KEEP ALL IN THE LOOP. EYE PROTECTION POLICY IS STRICT. PLEASE REFER TO NYRM FAQ'S FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. OR SEND AN EMAIL TO NYRECONMARINES@<PLEASE DO NOT POST YAHOO ACCOUNTS IN YOUR MESSAGES> to request our event policies. EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS PLEASE READ...... Pen Watch FRS Radio - Must have - Period. Hydration Full Sealing Goggles only Red Death Rag * required FACE PROTECTION RULES: 18 and above - Insurance regulations require Full Seal Goggles AND face coverage, shemagh, balaclava NO EXCEPTIONS CADETS OF THE NYRM WILL FOLLOW EYE PROTECTION GUIDELINES. Below 18 requires full face mask. - I.E. - Paintball Masks, JT-Sports DELTA MASK for Airsoft, NO EXCEPTIONS BARREL PLUGS/COVERS ARE MANDATORY. BIO-BB's ARE MANDATORY NO EXCEPTIONS Smoke may be used with prior consent and approval of OPCOM Control. Fire rules apply. And subject to final approval by the field master. Minors not permitted unless accompanied by a parent to sign the waver. Objectives: The primary objective for the weekend is to maintain control & HAVE FUN. Should any one have any questions please send a detailed email to NYRECONMARINES<AT>excite.COM
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